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Jun 7, 2010

...it was a beautiful day!!

...cue music

~Beautiful Day~
 by U2
(but sung in my voice)


You're on the road ~
seeking your destination... 
You're full of hope ~

In a maze of imagination...

Your heart is a bloom ~

a garden of endless possibilities
...see all the beautiful colors
it's all right here in front of you
...just waiting to unfold

~ remember dear ones
to lend a hand...

and know that it will be
returned in grace
by HIS hand!!
What a beautiful day!

...happy day dear readers!

these are my lovely ones ~
Sunday was "dress up day" at church.
As we live in the west,
Everyone is, shall we say
and the attire is less than semi-formal
as in jeans and t-shirts

wayyyyyy less!!

which is such a shame
that these beautiful young people
(all the young adults, not just "mines"!)
are not fluffed up on a regular basis...

Everywhere we went,
people would say
"OK...I just have to ask~
what's the special occassion?!"

It got to the point that I just wanted to say
OH, we're from out of town and this is how we always dress!!!
Well...we really are from the east coast!!

It's amazing to see what a crisp white shirt, a pretty little dress
 a SMILE can do...
maybe I'll start a random family dress up day!!!!
I think I shall!!!

OH ~ what a beautiful day!


  1. Oh wow! Your children are very beautiful! So happy to see that you guys are having a great Sunday. In my family, Sunday is also the day for dress up and I love it so much! haha..

    Have a wonderful day Rosemary! >_~


  2. I think I need to start one of those in my own family! Getting my kids to dress up for weddings is getting to be a major pain, they argue all the time, I think they have totally forgotten proper clothing etiquette that I once taught them.

    And don't even get me started on my hubby!
    PS- your kids looked amazing! So sweet!

  3. Dear Rosemary,

    Your photoes are lovely, and your kids so sweet, and beautifull.Love the sweet dress,your daughter is wearing.
    Yes it`s a pity that the young don`t wants to dress nicely any more. Exatly the same here in Denmark, ,would be so nice, if they for special occations would dress up a bit.

    Hugs, from Dorthe


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