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Jun 14, 2010

...I'm leaving

...on a jet plane!!


but seriously
a fresh
 french pedi
and now...

I will travel!

one of my fav summertime treats,
I'm not really sure what it is about a fresh, french pedicure that makes me feel like I can take on

none the less ~
I adore french painted kitties!!
(that's what I called my childrens toes when they were tiny ones...)
....aaahhhh...soft little pink baby toes : )



sweet litte baby toes
 to kiss


~oh dear~
are you thinking what I'm thinking??
nnnnnnoooooo waaaayyyyyy
nnoooooo hoooooowwwww

moving on!!

as I was saying,

when I look down
my kitties (toes) just look so darn
happy to me

I mean come on
who could not be happy with ten little white smiley face tips
smiling back at you???
add a rhinestone toe ring or a crystal foot adornment and
all is right with the world
and I am ready:

less than 50 pound bags x 4 packed and weighed-
house timers on-
house sitter lined up-
mail/newspaper on hold-
trash out, dishes done...
~check, check, check~

(I need a vactation!!!HA!!!!!)

and just why is it
that I always feel as if I am forgetting something
when we go off on holiday?

it will be just a short little visit to Ohio this time around
the reason for this adventure is because
Jim will be the trophy presenter at the 
Summit Racing NHRA Norwalk Race
on June 24th-27th
now you see why I needed
pretty pink kitties!!

A major bonus as far as I am concerned,
is that we will be staying at my moms adorable
 farmhouse cottage
it is truely like a doll house!!!
(plugging back in to your roots is like an energy charge for your soul)
and I am soooo looking forward to this break!
I think it will be just what I needed!!
She built a "chicken chapel"
 for her two silkies
~ pitch and lily ~
(one has beautiful black feathers
 and the other has fabulous white feathers
can you guess who is who?!!)

this is them last summer
as baby chicks
I know!!
tooooo cute!
... I can't wait to sit in the rose garden with them and watch the mahem that ensues!!

I have other wonderful things planned for these few little days
a fairy picnic,
a rose garden tour,
and lots and lots of  hugs and kisses...
I always get extra squeezes for a rainy day
: ) 
 I will be taking lots of pictures of our adventure to share with you!!

...but for now
I leave you with the view from our new living room:

...blue skies

nothin` but blue skies
~ do I see...

nothing` but blue skies
smilin` at me

( as performed by: Ella Fitzgerald)

isn't the view just magnificent???!!!

many smiles to you dear ones!!!!


  1. Oh I thought you stopped blogging..;((
    But you are going on a litttle vacation;))
    Have fun and till soon

  2. Hi dearie~! What a nice feet you have! I would love to have some pedicure myself... Have fun on your little vacation~!


  3. Just look at your pretty frenchee kitties! You are ready for anything and everything!

    Have a wonderful time with your family and get some rest and have tons of fun.


  4. Oh Rosemary....have a wonderful time and we will see you when you get back!

    Your view is WONDERFUL!


  5. Sweeties pinkies ever! Blessings and happy travel thoughts.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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