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Sep 2, 2010

...he loves me, he loves me "KNOT"??!

...I know, I know
that's soooo "knot" funny!!!


I suppose I need to show you this
in order for you to be able to understand any of this "knotsense"

yes, it's true
I have a thing for knots!!
very random, I know,
and believe me
the others on the Pacifica Pier that day
thought I was absolutely "knots" too

okay, okay, I promise to stop with the knot so funny puns
I did it again
but I pinky swear
last time!!!

there I was
bending over like a foreign tourist
(I know you've seen them too!!)
taking photos of the planks at the beach pier!!

mind you ~
 this was a very

in my photographic haze
I thought I heard someone say ~

"Hey! Crazy tourist camera woman,
What are you doing??"

I turned around...
thinking it may have been someone from the local paper
that maybe wanted to use some of my carefully taken knot shots!!

no one but my love
was standing there
  THE biggest, orneriest grin he could muster!!

he totally denied saying it
I KNOW it was him!!!

he was lookin`
kinda how these vintage sock monkeys were 
at the local antique shop earlier that day!

just look at them ~
  lined up,
all quilty
like they are up to no good!!

Well...I still think wood knots are absolutely fascinating!!
and these have been weathered, worn and walked on
to the perfect degree...
if they could only whisper their stories...
oh what a tale it would be,
of that I am sure!!

we headed to the actual beach!!

the sea breeze blowing through our hair,
the sea saltiness upon our tongue
(that could have also been the saltwater taffy!!)
the gritty sand beneath our feet...

so off we went,
with our picnic basket and beach blanket in hand
a few 42 steps down


whooooaaa there nellie!

wait just one cotton` pickin`minute!
What's this?

I must inject here ~
I believe it is my God given, motherly duty
to read ALL signage posted
ANYWHERE that I traverse with my children!

but let's say if it's just hubby and I
well then, all caution is thrown to the wind!


are you kidding????
High Heels????
Roller Skates??

the fact that this even needed addressed was a little worrisome to me!

and no dear ones,
this is NOT my sandal!
I just wonder if the owner ditched lost it coming up,
or going down!

I do think about these things you know!!


so there we were
all happy...
on the beach

just chit-chatting away 
unsuspectingly like

see that wave behind us

as you might have guessed

it tagged us!!


and the best part was
I got a seaweed wrap!!
(I hear they are very skin softening)


my sons facial expression pretty much sums the experience all up!
 say what??

let's just say
after that refreshing splash

the salty sea did "knot" see our backsides again!!
(my bad?!)

al least on that afternoon!!!

here's to salty sea surprises!



  1. What wonderful pictures Rosemary! Makes me smile!

  2. It looks like you had a very nice day at the beach even though you didn't wear your high heels (LOL)!!


  3. The picture of the sign about high hells & roller skates was terrific! No high heels or roller skates? Really?! LOL I love it!

    What a gorgeous day for the beach today too! I'm envious of you, Lucky Duck!

  4. I so enjoyed your post! Ran across your blog on Common Ground. Will explore some more! I also wanted to tell you about our new Giveaway Friday (goes up Thursday evenings). It's a convenient place for bloggers to link their giveaways and a one stop shop for readers to find them! Hope to see you there.


  5. Oh Rosemary,

    You are just so KNOTTY! hehe. could not resist.

    You and your beautiful family always look like you are just loving life and having a beautiful time.

    YOur smiles add to the wonder of this amazing world.

    I must tell you though. (I would sooooo wear roller skates on the beach in the sand.... and only because of that sign now.)

    Just wait. I will let you know, next time I get to a beach.

    Have fun,
    Spells and wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  6. Your blog is pure heaven Rosemary!!! Love, love it!

  7. I can't wait to get to the beach next month. You look like you had a terrific time and weather! Thanks for leaving those sweet uplifting comments on my blog.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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