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Sep 10, 2010

...i've got butterflies ~ and the blues!

...hello dear ones
and happiest friday!!!

curious about what's behind the lace curtain today???
(I am!!!)

come on...
don't be shy
come in, come in!!



here is my new blue chair.


technically it is NOT new
it is blue
and velvet
and has carved roses on the top

I just love that detail
(hhhmmmm, I wonder why!!)

it has now officially been cleaned, steamed and placed into position...
right here!

when I spied it with my little eyes thrifting,
it had a halo around it...
no lie!!
and I was thinking
oh Rosemary, you most definately did NOT need
another chair...
but at the same time
OH! Rosemary ~ LOOK at that!!!!

and I struggled with myself for all of about 5 minutes awhile
until someone else started eyeballin` it too...
and normally, dear readers,
when that happens,
I walk away and say allllll for you...

not that day!!!
not THAT chair!!
I also have the butterflies...

as I need to ask you
what YOU would do
you were me ~

when I initially saw this blue chair,
I envisioned recovering it with burlap...
as it is all the rage right now
I do adore how it looks...
really I do!!
so, off to the fabric store I go...

 yah....`bout that.....
here is the honest truth  ~

I can soooooooo
take the smell!!

could someone
tell me...how is that working in their home???

that ~
and it is
scratchy on my legs, and arms!!! 

I will not be defeated now!!
so I hunted....
...and hunted
and I'm pretty sure the ladies at the fabric store thought I was the new security guard
as no fabric bolt was left unturned!!!!
I am happy to report ~ 
that I did find an alternative that I can be happy with
(and so can my nose and legs!!)

It is a linen toile de jouy
with the same blue color on the chair...
and an elegant lady feeding
are you ready for this???
A SWAN!!!!

I absolutely adore swans, and have many of these
oh-so-elegant creatures in my home
...fake ones of course!!
although, on my farm someday
I'd love a little pond with a few floating around!!
(focus Rosemary!!)

anyhoooo ~
I'm flounderin` like a fish out of water on this dilemma...
and need a different perspective.
that's where YOU come in!
I value your opinions

here it is ~
do I strip it all off and burlap and stencil a french image?
do I strip it all, and paint the wood a creamy white and cover it with the toile linen?
not paint it and cover with toile

I'll just be over here...
sitting in my blue chair...
floating in the possibilities!!

...here's to friends like you, and vintage blue chairs and butterflies!!!

I've linked up to Vintage Inspiration Friday


  1. This chair is sooooo gorgeous "as is" I know,I know, that's not what you wanted to hear.....but it's so purty. Sorry I didn't help....heeheehee

  2. I love it the way it is, but if you want to change it, I would paint it and go with the toile. I don't always get the burlap thing...its rough and it smells!


  3. I think it's pretty without doing a thing to it ..But if you must.. How about painting it a creamy white and covering it with a linen (much softer and prettier). Then I would add a little accent pillow with your toile.


  4. I'm sounding like a repeat but I like it the way it is too! I'm sure it would look pretty white with burlap fabric too. I would be too chicken to change it myself! Either way it does and could(or will) look pretty! Yeah-I'm sure that really helped yah!


  5. I've run out of words to describe the beauty you create here for us to see. Your home must be fabulous......sigh

  6. I think you are hilarious, I giggled all the way thru! If I had been in that store, there may have been a possibility of an arm wrestle over that chair, since I am like a moth to the flame when I see the colour blue, ultimately I would have lost though, no darn upper arm strength LOL. You have a beautiful blog and I am your newest follower

    Happy weekend to you!

  7. A VERY cute post! I LOVE the chair as is, I would go with white, and also use a linen, you can stamp it too!

  8. Hi Rosemary,
    Well, if it were me (and it's not)but I wish it was)) I would paint it creamy white and go with the linen. I think that would make it timeless. I think the burlap, while stylish right now, will be passe someday, just because of the discomfort and yes, the smell. I love the look. I really love the look!!! but I also like to sit on my chairs.LOL! What ever you choose to do will be great...or you could just send it to me and be done with it!
    hugs to you...

  9. Oh, I love the chair!
    How beautiful!
    thank you for sharing!

  10. Hi Rosemary, what a gorgeous chair. OK, if it were my find I think I'd paint it a creamy white, make some slipcovers, so you could go back to the blue at any time, and then make an accent pillow out of the toile, but hey, that's just me. Love it btw, and thanks so much for linking up with VIF, this is great inspirataion. Can't wait to hear about what you will be doing!

  11. Rosemary,
    Oh I so know your dilemma. Sometimes I do not get a project done because I can see it 3 or 4 different ways, all beautiful, and cannot decide.
    So, that said, here is my 2 cents worth:

    1. It is beautiful the way it is. (sometimes I just live with something for awhile. If it keeps feeling like i should change it, then I do.
    2. Love creamy white too. And with that fabric, gorgeous!!
    I love Debra's idea to paint it and slip cover it. Then you can have it either way.
    Now i know that was no help at all. Take your time with it, it will be beautiful, is beautiful, any way you do it. It is a gorgeous piece of furniture!!


    barbara jean

  12. This chair has fabulous bones... all the ideas here are wonderful... if it were "my" chair, I would antique the wood a bit, and cover in toille, or linen, or maybe even satin... how about a "quilt" effect using different fabrics that you love, in the same hue (creams?)... or better yet, a quilt/collage of laces in ecru shades? A bit more work, but you'd have a work of art! :) mercedes

  13. What a wonderful dilema to have!! My favorite chair is a cream which was heavily antiqued(for the wood). Then the first layer is burlap. Then there are feather filled cushions with white duck fabric for the seat and back. Confusing? But I love the cream antiqued wood and white duck. It's a great combo because you can put any throw pillow on it to change the look. I know you'll make it outstanding. You have that romantic touch that chair needs. It's going to be fabulous!!
    I love the picture of your caravan. Where is it from?


  14. Oh my goodness!! I have that chair! It is almost exactly the same, except mine is upholstered in this lovely very pale green, sort oh half way between the colour of lichens and sea foam. It is my chair that I sit in to dream up my creations. I really enjoy your blog.



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