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Sep 30, 2010

...suds happen ~ even in this lovely little space!

...the laundry room

 Welcome dear ones!!
Won't you come along with me,

~ for a birds eye view tour
into this lovely little room?!
(wink, wink!)

dear dollie and I would love to share!!

this is where she resides...
atop a silver champagne bucket...

full of missing socks!!
(has anyone ever written a thesis paper on this mystery???)

if so,
I'd reallllly like to read it!

dollie says she is interested too :)

at different times of the day

the lighting is different...

casting an ever changing glow in this work room
these are a few vintage linen hand towels...
"L"  is for laundry of course!

jars with baking soda and lavender buds
along with my lavender linen spray
tied with lace and a tattered vintage image...

wooden pestles

some glass jars in the window sill

an organic lavender bar of soap

lavender in the window...
perhaps a theme is going on here???

laundry essentials on top of the dryer
including a jar of distilled white vinegar... 

my kids ABSOLUTELY hate the smell of it
it makes our laundry very soft!!

a vintage teacup fairy

she is a music box doll
sometimes I wind her up and sing along with her!

the angle of this room is very narrow...

which makes for difficult picture taking!
...an inspiration board

close up...

these jars hang underneath it
one is full of vanilla dryer sheets
(Nathan's favorite!)
and the other is full of my favorite...
bet you can't guess what that is!!

here! smell!
can you tell now?!
~ it's lavender ~

these cone sieve's are great for holding those lost things
such as buttons...

or loose change...

...or keys!!

I adore vintage doilies...
can you tell???
but really,
this is the perfect place to use them

~ don't you agree??

this is the top of the laundry cupboards...

ooohhhh, look!!!
...more lavender ~
and it's pink!!!

I spend a lot of time in here
and the pretty things surrounding this space
are just visual reminders,
 of romancing my home life
even in the most mundane chores...

...an embellished vintage bell jar
a garden statue of a girl
gathering LAVENDER (teehee)
a metal screen dome that covers some lovely
dried hydrangeas

and this vintage baby scale...
I originally wanted dollie to sit on it with her pile o` socks
it was a little to big for the counter...

I have come to really like it right there!!

and last but not least,
a vintage feed sack bag!

I hoped you enjoyed your visit with me
today in the laundry room!!

Thank you for allowing me to share another
Vintage Inspiration Friday with you!
be sure and stop by Debra's blog
for some more inspiring posts!

here's to a lovely, sunny room to do laundry in! 

the end!


  1. Oh Rosemary you make even doing laundry beautiful! I'd be ashamed to let anyone see my laundry, my cats hang out there if you know what I mean... Dear Dolly is precious on her champagne perch and I'm in love with that feed sack laundry bag!! Thanks for linking up! and your VIF button is gorgeous!

  2. Oh Rosemary,
    This is purely dreamy!!! Wow, I love it all!!!

  3. Silver champagne bucket for lost socks???? Are you kiddin' me???? Martha DOES LIVE in this laundry room!!!!

  4. This is probably the prettiest laundry room I have ever seen! Every detail is not only beautiful but practical! Love the silver cones for lost buttons and champagne bucket for lost socks....
    It's all in the details!

  5. Now this is how to make an everyday chore something to look forward to! Lovely touches.

  6. You certainly win the award for the Sweetest Laundry Room ~ Ever! Love all the Beautiful Photos.....

  7. Hi Rosemary thank you for your visit, and noticing all my littel details, this way when I come to visit you i too will notice all your little details as well :)

    Indeed this is a pretty laundry room, your making me want to do something with my small very small room for laundry!

    Well will see what I can whip up :)





  8. This has to be the prettiest laundry room ever!!

  9. I agree with everyone else, your laundry room is a dream and I wouldn't mind spending lots of time in there.
    I better get working on mine....you have inspired me so much!


  10. Rosemary,
    I want to bring my dirty laundry over & wash it at your house!! Absolutely beautiful, prettier than any room in my house. Thanks for such a yummy post. Lisa
    PS I can smell the lavender from here.

  11. Rosemary, your laundry room is as pretty as you! I love what you've done with it.


  12. Romance sings in your laundry room, it sings along with the washer and dryer...how divine.

  13. This is a room I'd love to do my laundry in. Everything looks so dreamy.If dolly ever finds out about the missing sock theory be sure to let me know..xx

  14. Dear God I would never leave. My laundry might even get done ~ I thoroughly enjoyed going through your blogs. Just gorgeous - Have a great weekend ~ Dee

  15. This is what a laundry room should look like! My husband does the laundry around here most of the time. We've got our little washer/dryer in my shack and I'm thinking it needs to be prettied up a bit more after seeing this. Thank you for sharing, it's always wonderful to find a blog and be inspired to get up and move things around!

  16. I totally love your blog, it is so inspirational! Your Halloween decorating is great. My friends and customer say I'm a little twisted and crazy when it comes to Halloween. I would like to list your blog as one of my favorites!

  17. Loved visiting your gorgeous laundry room. The old cone sieves where such a great idea to use there. I am a lover of old doilies and lace too so your little room just made my heart sing (unlike what my laundry makes me do!)

    bee blessed


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