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Oct 28, 2010

...~ All Hallow's Eve Vintage Inspiration Table ~

Enter all
who wish to hear...
this short story that
Lizbeth wishes to share...

She is Princess of
~ Pretties of the past ~

and She will be the first to tell you,
that it's all gone way to fast!

Here today ~
& Gone tomorrow...

Don't live with regrets
or hearts full of sorrow.

But spread your wings
and learn to fly ~

Believe in your dreams,

You have to try!
and NEVER give up
even when you hear them say

Give it up girl, find some other way...

Raise your glass
and salute all that you have today ~

and walk in gratefulness

for the rest of your live long days.

For Lizbeth says
that if this you do

the blackbirds will fly by
and not attack you...


Happiest Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Joining along the table setting party
hosted by Debra over at Common Ground
Stop by and see all that awaits you...

here's to Lizbeth's story!

p.s. a few wee hours are left to enter the Gratitude Giveaway here


  1. What a fun post! Thanks, it IS inspiring. Lidy

  2. Rosemary,
    This is a beautiful post. I couldn't agree more, let's live for this moment and give thanks for everything we are so fortunate to experience in this short life.

  3. Oh Rosemary, you are simply the best,girl-
    what a lovely poet you are,
    I love all that came from Lizbeth`s mouth, I love your bird, and your wonderfull glasses-and ofcourse princess Lizbeth.
    If you ever think of selling the craws in your shop, I will be first in line---
    Kiss and hugs,Dorthe

  4. Just wonderful Rosemary! Lizbeth is so wise!

  5. Oh such lovely words....
    I would love to raise a glass with you on this, but that spider.......brrrrr....;(
    Fine weekend

  6. Oh, Rosemary, I LOVED this post! And thank Lizbeth for me, please!


  7. Now Rosemary.....
    You can't blame the four and twenty Black Birds baked in a pie
    seeking a little mischief, especially at Halloween now can you??????
    Spooky Sparks My Pretty......

  8. What a spooktacularly beautiful post! Have a Happy Halloween.

  9. love these pearls of wisdom. straight to mon coeur mon amie...straight to mon coeur!And your music is sooooo enchanting!!

  10. Great post! Love your awesome blog!
    visited from Debra's VIF!
    Happy Halloween!
    Tammy :-)


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