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Oct 7, 2010

...winged stockings?!

...Won't you come in my dears???

there's nothing to be frightened about ~


as I have only started putting up
our fall/hallows eve display

I must be secretive you know
for the neighborhood CC&R peeps are always on the lookout
(Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)

So here we go...

This is a wreath that I made because I simply
couldn't find the size or shape that I wanted.
I took grapevines, 
(those are about the only thing that grows out here)
and formed my shape,
the added a few olive garlands
I really liked how gnarly and twisted they looked!
~ see ~

then a little sphagnum moss, black sparkle tulle
and a black chiffon wire ribbon bow.
and the feathered owly,
 a real nest that I found
(yes, it had long been abandoned!)
until I put a white baby owl in it!
(I need balance I tell ya`!)
and Voila!
my "gate keeper" wreath!! 

shall we see what is going on in the courtyard??

what have we here??
I see some spooky black gauzy fabric with purple lights
gleaning out from underneath ~
they look eerie at night!

This is  "Princes-s Kelli Ton"
looks like she has a few guests!!

have you ever seen a skeleton wearing a tutu??
or a mouse with a crown on for that matter?

how `bout a mouse-hole chandie??

these are
 just the kinds of things
 that you see in the land of odds!!

a crepe paper garland...

Princes-s Kelli  Ton up close.

...and over here
 we have
Goose Goddess all glam-ed up!

She is a fountain!
Some day when we find our rose/lavender farm house
we will put her in the cement pool base and run her...

.... someday

doesn't her crown say it all?!

I love her wings!
I wore these last year for tricks or treats...

I wanted something romance Goth like
to finish off my costume
(well, I had LACE eyelashes!!)
so I cut up some very slinky,
black Victoria's Secret,
 lace top thigh highs
cause those darn things would never stay up on me!!
(Jim was sooo not happy about that!!)
((I wonder why???!!))
ha ha

as I was saying,

I just took my trustee scissors and cut away!

 I showed them!!

 when I look at them now,
I can't believe I did that!!
the tops ARE pretty...

I guess you COULD say
that I was a "V.S. Angel" after all!!!!!

well, that's all for today
(or is it?)

I  hope you enjoyed a sneak peek from my seasons display!

for more inspiring fall porch posts!!

here's to mouse hole chandeliers!

...a sneak peak of what's coming up next ~

can we say ~ music sheet pumpkin carriage?!!


until next time...


  1. Rosemary, you do have one brilliant imagination. a skeleton with a tutu and crown and black stockings and wings, amazingly awesome!!! What inspiration you've pulled out of your hat. Love it all!
    So glad you're joining in, I can't wait from week to week to see what you come up with!

  2. I love all of it, but as I tell my son it is the details that make it special. The tutu and crowns, angel wings and that crown she is wearing. Beautiful or should I say BOOtiful!

  3. Tutus, crowns, angel wings, spookey hoot owls, black lace....oh my, all the things that I love about the season.



  4. Such fun and spooky holiday decor...I just love Princes-s Kelli ton!

  5. Love the fall decorations ~ for a moment I thought it was a Real Owl! Love the Statue with the Add Ons.... Perfect

  6. Love, love the owl, one of my favorite things.
    Great porch party.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. oh my goodness! we love that sekelton in a tutu!! What a great way to greet family & friends into your home!!

  8. That skeleton is awesome. I have never seen one wear a tutu before. And the owl wreath is very cute also.

  9. Dear Rosemary,
    oh you have a wonderfull imagination,- skeletons in the yard, visited by mice,- wearing crones,-beautifull fauntain staute, with the most incredible stocking wings-wow, how I love this post,-realy love them all....

  10. What a bewitching post Rosemary! lol Love it!!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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