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Oct 19, 2010

...wedding gown ribbons ~ oh yes I did!!

Hello dear ones...
my White Wednesday posts won't get any whiter than this ~
for today, is my wedding anniversary!

an·ni·ver·sa·ry   (ăn'ə-vûr'sə-rē)
The annually recurring date of a past event,
a celebration commemorating personal importance.

I look at this number and take pause:



20 years??
Can't be,
In some ways
 it feels like this was soooo long ago...

and yet,
If I close my eyes,
it feels like just yesterday
 that I walked down that aisle,
covered in gardenia's and roses,
to merge our two hearts
and join in spirit with my beloved...

we are two of a kind

a pair

but oh-SO-different!!

I love this journey we are traveling together.
Life with my love has been beyond my happiest dreams.
Not that there haven't been hurdles...
Have there been hurdles!!!
~ and many a times I felt like riding off into the sunset ~
on a ducati...
like maybe to Hawaii??!!

obviously, I haven't
(and not because I don't actually own a ducoti
or the fact I have never been on one in my life either!!)

((note to self, add to bucket list ~ Ride on a Ducati to Hawaii.))

I haven't because...
read this and see...

~ Loves Journey ~
Run your fingers through my soul, beloved,
and trace the love for you that resides there ~
Tie your ribbons of hopes around my life,
ribbons of your dreams
the ribbons of all your strife's...
I desire all that you are
in happiness
in sorrow
~ For it is when I look into your eyes
that I see a reflection of the 
woman I aspire to be...
because of your patience,
your adoration,
your authentic love.
See the waves of joy wash over me
...covering every part of my very core 
anticipating what's to come,
but already knowing
there is no one other than you, my beloved
that I choose to share this journey of life with.

p.s. I love you


`scuse me while I mop up the floor....

where was I??

I've started a class for photoshop over at:
Kim Klassen Cafe
trying to learn all the technical concepts.
btw ~ she's having a gratitude giveaway this week too :)
so if you've ever wanted to try photoshop, go enter
she's giving away classes!!!

The first top two photos are done in photoshop using her instruction ~
These are my very first attempts...

These next few pictures are just straight up shots:
it's going to take me awhile to just whip them up!!!

This one is of my wedding day crown
hand cut ribbons out of a vintage satin wedding gown!

NO ~ not my gown...
but I imagine it was originally oh-so-lovely.
I've been making some cuffs and necklaces out of the top of it,
the bottom was big enough for me to cut many beautiful satin ribbons.
Today I will be hand dyeing a few more of these silk and satin ribbons ~

for on Friday,
we are off for a weekend getaway to the sea,
for these glorious ribbons last dyeing step...
I call it the kiss of Neptune!

I'll be showing you those next week :)

I've linked up with Kathleen's
~ White Wednesday ~

Stop by and see all the pretty posts!! 

~ and if you haven't entered "The Gratitude Giveaway",
sign up on the previous post!

here's to ribbons of love!


  1. Dear Rosemary,
    congratulations, with your 20 years of happiness.
    This post of yours, is so very beautifull,and you express true love so wonderfull,-
    I wish you a happy tour to the sea, sweetie.
    Big hug,Dorthe

  2. oh happy anniversary dear rosemary! Your wedding crown and added ribbons are divine! And a trip to the sea sounds enchanting! You'll "wet those gills" and come alive again now won't you? Have fun mon amie!

    P.S. Your pictures are lovely as always!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Rosemary! 20 years is something to brag about!


  4. Congratulations on your special day!! may you both be blessed with MANY more

  5. LOVELY post, and congratulations!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

  6. Happy Anniversary Beautiful Rosemary! 20 years, you must have been 3 years old when you married, tee hee.

    Love your ribbons and crown, stunningly beautiful.

  7. Many Congratulations,
    Sounds like you'll have a beautiful romantic break by the sea, enjoy.
    Fab ribbons!

  8. Happy Anniversary! It is so beautiful to see people still so happy after 20 years together.

  9. 20 years is quite an accomplishments! You two should pat yourselves on the back and my guess is that is part of your success you actually do.
    Happy Anniversary.

  10. Happy Anniversary-wonderful 20 years-quite an accomplishment-goes so fast !

  11. Happy anniversary! A beautiful white post!
    ~ Julie

  12. Lovely post... Happy Anniversary, my husband and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary on the 11th of this month... Happy White Wednesday. Blessings~~~ Daphne

  13. Hi Rosemary,
    I am trying once again to leave a comment and HOPE that it works this time. grrrr
    Anyways...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You are to be congratulated for sticking it out for 20 years. YAY!!
    I can't wait to see your ribbons all finished!!

  14. Oh, my gosh. Happy Anniversary! This is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen or read!
    Very best wishes to you both!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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