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Oct 26, 2010

...white washed wings and hydrangea faeries

...hello dear readers!!
I wonder,
have any of you
ever seen

a hydrangea flower faerie??

They only come out when it rains you know.

Do you think
 that this is how they wash their lovely wings?
and all their beautiful colors,
 wash away ~
into a pool of shimmering water
Later to rise again
in the form of a rainbow.

I've heard you can catch a fairy...
by pinching her wings at the back ~

...but with my luck
they would tear off as she struggled to fly away!
I'm soooo not going to be responsible
 for yet another set of tattered wings.
My tattered wings are quite enough ~ 
thank you very much!

The weekend at the coast was WET!!
For three days
and three nights it rained,
and rained,
and rained some more!!


I was on a mission!!

a sneak peak of what I've been up to...
soon to be revealed!

I'm sharing this over at Kathleen's
Faded Charm Cottage
Stop by and see her fabulous new blog make over,
and all the other inspiring w.w. post pretties!


there is still time dear ones...

to enter the The Gratitude Giveaway

here's to wellies for puddle jumpin` in the rain!!!


  1. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower! I'm loving this fairy imagery and great pictures!

  2. I'm gonna try this again, blogger wasn't letting me comment earlier :( Anyway... I pruned my hydrangeas today and I did not see a single fairy anywhere, they were probably afraid of my big scissors! I can't wait to see what you have been up to, and I love your saying up there... Fearlessly be Yourself, perfectly said! Theresa xoxo

  3. Blogger must be having a hiccup today! I have tried leaving a comment but it wouldn't go through so I am trying again :)

    I love love love hydrangeas...I have a huge bush in my back yard. I just wish I could keep my 90lb Labrodoodle from "watering" it! Naughty boy!


  4. What an absolutely charming post! I love it! I do have you marked on my Google Reader now so I don't forget where you are. Ah, I love it. What a great substitute for a memory! Your pictures of hydrangeas are awesome. I love them...they are not real happy here in Minnesota.

  5. I love your music, I love your writings. Your blog soothes like no other. I know where to come when I need to dream.

  6. I love the butterfly wings. You also got my curiosity up. What are you doing with that bag in the sea?


  7. Just adore that first photo....and perfect musical selection.

    I enjoyed my visit so much. thank you



  8. Those photos are mesmerizing! ....but the one of you in the sea...puzzling...hmmmm?

  9. Dear Rosemary,
    Your Hydrangea fairy card is fantastic, how did you do that-clever girl?
    and all your photoes are gorgeus, can`t wait to see, what you was "catching"

  10. Love the fairy post-so magical!

  11. Beautiful photos...love the hydrangeas!!!!!
    I did see Kathleen's new look on her blog, gorgeous!!! I hope to get back to the White Wednesday posts, I miss joining in the fun!!! I still love to see all the whites, I never tire of everything white!
    This has been a lovely post....awww faeries, nothing quite so magical!!!!
    Margaret B

  12. Really nice pics and post! Hugs, Liz

  13. What an adorable post... and such lovely photos!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments.... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  14. All of your images are magical! Such a beautiful site to see on this cool gray day! Hugs! ♥


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