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Oct 21, 2010

...Mary, did you know??

...vintage lace delights


photoshop work ahead

I'm hooked!!
~ and there's noooo turning back now

~ Mary, Did you know? ~

~photoshop-ed image~

~original image~

my instant collection of french lace holy card items...

~photoshop-ed image~

~original image~

Now I realize,
 that this look is not for everyone,
but I simply adore the vintage feel of these reworked photo's.
I used to hand tint black and white or sepia photos
very meticulous work I tell ya`!
but baby, this is sooo much easier...
welll kinda,

I'll keep practicing!!

But for now,
I'm going to look at these
oh-so-beautiful bottles
that I have simply fallen in love with...

I knew immediately that these beauties
would be the inspiration for my christmas theme this year!

You can find your very own collection over at 
etsy shop

but you better hurry ~
these are selling like chocolate chip hotcakes!!!

I'm sharing this over at Debra's

may the inspirations never cease!!

here's to vintage lace delights!


  1. Dear Rosemary,
    These are simply lovely. I adore vintage holy cards ~ especially those with Mary.
    Beautiful work!!

  2. Mary is lovely on the bottle. I also love to edit photos. You can loose an entire day to editing images! hugs♥olive

  3. You did beautiful work! One day soon I plan on getting photoshop! You made those bottles look even more vintage...love your photos.

  4. Keep practicing??? Why....These are gorgeous!!

  5. I only wish I had photo shop, I have been having fun with picnik and am thinking that I will buy the premium membership so I an add texture and more goodies to the photos. Your photos are beautiful! I love those bottles, so gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa xoxo

  6. Those bottles are beautiful! Your pictures look great! I have never tried Photoshop but I see that a lot of bloggers use it and love it.


  7. Beautiful ~ Love the Vintage Photo Image.... one day, I think I want to try Photoshop Too!
    Thanks for sharing....

  8. Rosemary, these are just exquisite. Thank you for sharing these. What wonderful inspiration for Christmas and the photos you have taken are beautiful! I so appreciate you doing such wonderful posts for Vintage Inspiration Friday!

  9. Oh yeah, photo editing is sooo addictive. Wonderful bottles.

  10. OMG, your photos are gorgous... and those bottles are just beautiful!!!

  11. Those bottles are beautiful! Both in Photoshop and out! (though I love that aged look on the corners of the first photo so much!!)

    It will be a lovely Holiday :)

  12. These are so pretty, and your right, I've recently discovered playing with pictures, and it's so much fun.
    You have a beautiful blog :-)

  13. you crossed my mind yesterday for some reason... & there you were....always nice to have you visit. I would love to learn photoshop too one day..have fun! xoox Laura

  14. Once you learn PhotoShop there's no going back! It's so addictive, LOL! Great job with those pics. And the bottles are to die for too :)

  15. Oh my gosh...I am gobsmacked...they are so beautiful..I love that look but have never seen any quite as lovely as yours!!! WOW! All the best,Chrissy

  16. Your blog is so beautiful! I'm new and I'm enjoying looking around! I entered you giveaway but I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway, too and I hope you'll stop by! ♥


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