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Jan 18, 2011

...step into the light!

... sunrise

a new day to seek ~
with our arms open wide...

another opportunity to be grateful, 
for the things that we have ...

another quiet miracle before us...

as we step into the light

and see ~

...what will this day bring?!

while we are on the subject of light...

living in rental homes,
I am often challenged by pre-exsisting light fixtures.
I have a small collection of beauteous crystal chandies
that follow use wherever we go!
hubby o' mine is most proficient at hanging them,
I think he's only ever been shocked once...
he did look like Doc from back to the future for awhile

in my studio,
there is a cathedral ceiling
(ie. it's too much work to change the pre-existing chandie out!!)
so what's a girl to do to glam it up???

well, add shades for one!
embellished ones!!

I simply added my rose petal ribbon garland around the bottom of these linen shades,
and then gave each one a bow made out of vintage lace and my sea silk,
and of course, some bling ~ vintage rhinestone earrings!

each are a little different,
and I just love how they turned out!!

I'm thinking of adding a french damsel to each one too!

 for extra romantic adornment...
I've also started adding strands of pearls and crystals on the arms of this chandie

it is quite convenient when looking for just the right faub, having them all within reach! 

what do you think??

here's to a day in the light!

* sharing this at Kathleen's White Wednesday:)
* Sarah's Good Life Wednesdays
come see if there is anything that lights you up!!



  1. Hi Rosemary ..you do a Beautiful Job Glamming up your rental home ..It's astounding !!!

    Your shades are ever so sweet ..I did a little something similiar a while back but more farmhouse style with Burlap and crochet lace ..don't you love the warmth it brings to the chandelier !

    Wishing you a Beautiful Week ..Sara

  2. stunning! breathtaking..enchanting...j'adore mon amie!

  3. I love your beautifull photoes Rosemary,-the little greens, the feather, and statue-everything -and the chandelier, are totally breathtaking.

  4. Your photo's are sooooo beautiful. I love the chicken wire cage type thing, not sure what to call it but I love it!!!

  5. I love how they came out and the fact that each one is different makes them all the more special:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Hello Rosemary! What a sweet post, very inspirational and your shades turned out beautifully! I LOVE the chicken wire cage... so cool! Theresa xoxo

  7. Rosemary, you have such a poetic way with words. Thanks for bringing 'light' to my dark and snowy day in the Northeast. I just love your new banner and your addendums to the light fixture. Ahh, such romance...
    Happy WW
    - Susan

  8. Adorable. There is always a way to make it work when you have such talent!

  9. Beautiful post...i enjoyed looking slowly at each photo. Just adore your personal added touch to the lamp shades - beautiful!

  10. Hi Rosemary,
    Yes, here's to a wonderful day in the light. I think you should put French ladies on all... you are amazing and your inspiration is contagious. I want to stay here it's so peaceful, been a hectic week already.

    Take care, sweet one!

  11. I love your chandy shades. They are so YOU! perfectly pretty.


  12. I would put the ladies, or ballerina/faries images on all of the shades,,and more sea silk, and natural things, shells and dried roses....although, they "are" indeed pretty as they are. Your very creative.

  13. I am loving the chandlier. Good job sista.

    Linda at lindarubin@centurytel.net

  14. What a great way to beautify the light fixture!!
    We have a house we had to take back and are reselling. When we went back home to get it ready for market again I had forgotten about the pretty little chandy I had left- Well it's not staying this time- I am yanking that pretty out for myself to use!

  15. Truly beautiful! I love your new header too!

  16. I just love all of your lovely whites you have shared today... and love what you have done with the chandelier, your touches to it really soften it and made it more feminine!!!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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