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Dec 5, 2010

...angel whispers and white tulips

...hello dear ones!

can you hear them?

The angels ~
hear them singing??

whispering melodiously
...joy, Joy, JOY!!

There are two flowers that I always try to have around me at Christmas time
the first is paper whites, and the second
~white tulips~
I just love their graceful lines,
these seem to be nodding along with the angel whispers!!

this morning the sun cast a glow around them that was oh-so-lovely
I snapped a few photo to share with all of you:)

and to wish you a Sunday filled with happiness and cheer
as you buzz around preparing for the holidays!!


here's to glorious white tulips!!


  1. Aah, your dreamy and surreal blog just relaxes me like no other.

    Your pkg. is on it's way sweet friend, along with a surprise for Christmas.

  2. These photos are so ethereal...heavenly. I love the tulips. Thanks for reminding me how important fresh flowers are in the home. :)
    - Susan


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