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Dec 4, 2009

calling all fans of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine!!!

...yesterday in the studio, I made linen, french fairy treat sacks! They are so lovely...my inspiration came from the last issue of this year from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine. Oh My ~ what an absolute treat!!

I love this inspiring magazine, my vintage chandelier windchime was also inspired from those pages! You can see them in my shop at http://www.ozmaofodds.etsy.com/
BUT~ today, I found out from dear Ruth ( who is the owner from The Beautiful Life, and where I order these lovely magazines from), that they are stopping all shipments to the states, due to custumes. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Are you kidding me????!!!!! Sure, get us addicted to an oh-so-lovely, simple ~ beautiful concept of home & heart and then


Ruth, after contacting them, was able to maybe negotiate to keep the magazines coming....BUT... there will be a price increase to $35...oh my!
hhhhmmmmmm, well..... it is like nothing on our newstand at Borders, ...and the pages are oversized and like a thicker cotton paper that feels nice as you turn the pages... and the pictures are gorgeous and inspiring...and  is now being printed in English (also due to Ruth), so we can all make that tasty recipe correct!...okay~

I think I know my ?'s answer...(did i even ask one:)
it's YES! ~ even at the price increase to $35, This magazine is that awesome!
So dear Ruth, as long as you can keep them coming, I'll do my best to push that "buy me" button at your beautiful, virtual shop!

...this, of course is just one,  inspired girls vote! Sooooo.....if anyone else is out there, now is your time to say yah or nay at Ruth's blog spot:  http://thebeautifullifeblog.blogspot.com/

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