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Dec 22, 2009


...of course I had the best intentions to be diligent and decorate lovely for this holiday,
but this year, everything seems to be off ~  (probably just me!)  But there have been so many other things to fill my days that I just didn't get around to pulling down all those beautiful, once a year pretties...sigh...
I've been randomly putting things on my mantel throughout the month,
and as I was quietly enjoying my coffee at 4:00 am this morning,
I  gazed beyond our christmas tree and looked at my mantel.
hhhmmmm I thought as I snapped a few pictures before the birds were even up!!!!
This isn't how I saw you decorated...but for this christmas, I will love the white tulips in a vintage ball jar and adore the lace covered glass jars with candles in them ~ taking note in my mind that sometimes simplicity can be as beautiful as all the fluff!  xo

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  1. Rosemary, I think your mantel is stunning! I looks perfect. I love how elegant it is. The picture hanging above is AMAZING also! I love flowers in a ball jar!!! So cottage pretty and better than a vase!
    Merry Christmas sweet friend!


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