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Dec 7, 2009

....snowed in

When I woke up this morning to pour my 1st cup o' dark roast coffee(mmmmm, the best part of waking up - is organic coffee in your cup) anyway - I glanced out of the kitchen window and low and behold....snowfall!!!! Now you must understand that in Sparks, NV we rarely ever get snow on the valley floor, especially this much!  If you like snow, drive 1/2 hour to Tahoe and ski baby! But here, we are perfectly happy knowing it's up there, in the mountains if we want it, not outside our door! BUT~ my two kids, (16 and 13 mind you) are  loving this because ~ school is cancelled for the day! Now being originally from Ohio, we are all used to this sight, but after living here for 5 years,  we are spoiled to say the least.
SO, today we will be baking cherry tassie cookies,  sewing baby socks into stuffies ~ (funny little animals for "operation stockings", a project my daughter's school is doing for the Ronald McDonald House), drinking hot chocolate, and decorating our ~ "I'll have a blue christmas without you" tree (pics coming later) TOGETHER!!!! (loving this)
so for now, I'll leave you with happy thoughts for this fresh snowfall day!!!!

hug! hug!  

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