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Jul 9, 2010

...inside a cottage farmhouse (part two)

...welcome to the cottage farmhouse again dear ones!!
this is part two in the series

and oh what a doll house it is!!

this is the living/family room...
it's a cottage ~

let me begin with a basic "given" for every room:

a chandelier is in EVERY room
(even the tiny bathroom!!)
and each,
has a dimmer switch ~
an absolute must for just the right ambiance!
the original wainscoting is still on the walls complete with chair rails
 painted wooden floors
(so scandinavian!!)
she swears by the boat paint she uses
and trust me,
she knows about such things!!!
as she is constantly moving furniture around to suit each seasons light path!!
each room is painted in our most adored shades EVER
it took a very loooong time to discover them



gallons later
~ but ~
 after just one swipe, 
and that glorious first look ~
 angels voices melodiously sang

(no lie!!)

and we knew it immediately that this was the color pallete for us
 like a second skin!

I guess you could say that these are our signature paints

would you like to know what they are?

( `my bad!!)
do you see the feature wall?
it's the only one with the wallpaper on it...

it is vintage, handblocked paper wallpaper
and that is how we were able to stumble onto those perfect paint shades :)


here we have the dinning room...

the two window treatments allow for maximum natural light
~ while continuing that simple, elegant feel
they are made from a gorgeous shade of pink silk
and compliment the swirly stained glass windows
a window necklace is added for whimsy...
these windows look like one fabulous wedding cake to me!

she has a few beautiful antique pieces
that are sentimental,
sprinkled throughout her charming doll house cottage
and she simply adores little red riding hood

(or maybe the wolf!!)

~ moving on ~

 if you would,
notice every room has an armoire of sorts
because this old farmhouse originally had only one
I said ONE
closet in the entire house!
you see the need for creating a space for these armoires!!

we are off to the studio/bedroom area

this is where my mom creates
...and rests
as I said before
it IS a cottage
and although there is a second floor with two rooms
she likes being on this first floor


oh-so-lovely storage bins
filled with supplies

and a view from the window
what's not to love about roses everywhere??!

and a few pretties on the bookcase top
my favorite is the beriboned basket
it is made entirely out of french ribbons!!
 I loved making this
gathering all the yummy ribbons
creatively tying them on and filling it with pretties :)
~ now it is full of...Ribbons of course!!!

romantic farmstyle decorating
where simple elegance meets functionality!!

and now we have
the kitchen...

always a work in progress
and small,

...this is the dancing fairy chandie ~

see her shadow on the wall?

in the very earliest moments at sunrise
the ceiling looks like rainbow prisms are dancing from the sunlight
hence, why we call it the dancing fairy chandie!!

well my dears
that concludes this chapter of
 "inside a cottage farmhouse"

I hope you enjoyed your visit

~ next up in this series ~
(I'm just bursting at the seems to share it with you!!!)

the Chicken Chapel!!!!!!
you just gotta see it!!

so come back soon

~~ favoritest paint shades pallete ~~
Behr premium plus/in eggshell enamel finish
 * card # 210E bella pink/antique pearl/almond willow
I've used them all, a different shade in each room

Behr premium plus/ in semi-gloss enamel finish
 * card # 8075 polar bear
I use this on the trim

Behr premium plus/ in satin enamel finish
* card # W-B-720 oyster
I use this to paint furniture pieces


  1. What a beautiful cottage! All of the chandeliers are gorgeous and add so much character to the home. I love the window necklace, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  2. What a magical place...I am just in love with everything and especially the chandies!

    I can't wait to see the Chicken Chapel!


  3. This cottage is charming and lovely both inside and out. A chandelier in every room!
    Oh my!

    I love the colors and the softness of every room.


  4. What a wonderful tour and to include paint shades is just fabulous!
    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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