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Jul 20, 2010

...to be ~ or not to be!!


some assitance please

yes you ~ dear ones!

I was just wondering what you thought about the "linen" look for ozma...

~ I'm not sure ~

I've been thinking of a little change
and maybe updating a little 
as I wish to still remain


 and am leaning in more of that kind of direction

I know
 you can order this oh-so-lovely magazine stateside
I order mine from:
Ruth always takes good care of her peeps : )
and you won't be disappointed
can we say ~
simply GORGEOUS!!

This "living" magazine will grow on you...

it will call to you ~
no lie!!

and it's oh-so-lovely way of simple elegance
 will sneak up on you!!!

I'm just sayin`

...so consider yourself warned!!!

now ~
where were we
oh yes

getting back to mwau!!

maybe I could ask Beth to design me a lace curtain for the side!!

(I wonder if she could do that!!!)

I would love to hear what you're thinking...

and your efforts would not go unnoticed...

I've been working on some new art tags using Beth's tattered images
and would like to send a set of them
to one of you...

for the one that suggests an idea that has "ozma" written all over it,

 a set of new tags awaits you!

  what are you waiting for???
get those creative juices flowing
and suggest away!!

what's that you say?

you need to see a peek at the goods???


these are the graphics...
but ozma has put her spin on them of course!
I haven't taken pic of them yet
as they are brand spankin` new
so you will just have to trust me when I tell you
that I think you will really enjoy them
grunge dyed ribbon...
whimsy ruffles...

you're going to love `em!!!

so comment away!!

 ps. If you see your name here,
and have not already emailed me your address
please send it along
so that I may sent out you happy party favors from the rosette blog party :)

 ~ Joyously Living Life/Ahrisha ~
~ My Blessed Serendipity Life/Danielle ~
~ 612 Riverside/Theresa ~
~ Lipstick Gypsy ~
~ Alabaster Rose Designs/Melinda ~
~ Wayside Treasures/Sandi ~
~ MoonRae/Sharon ~



  1. love the linen and lace for Ozma ... especially when freshly laundered;)

  2. I am a new follower and I love the linen look, it's crisp and fresh looking!


  3. Well being a gal that decorates and creates in all white, I say yes ideed! Go for it! It's lovely and that magazine is truly incredible!
    Hugs to you!

  4. There's no way to make a mistake with the linen look. I love it!

  5. Beautiful, I love that magazine!!! Of course I pick white for everything!!!
    Especially combined with linen!
    Margaret B

  6. Oooooh, what about a little lace and muslin with the linen and a couple of beautiful shabby white organza roses to finish it off. Love white, all soft and vintagy.
    Sandi x


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