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Jul 13, 2010

...a laundry day fete


do any of you dear ones,
enjoy doing laundry??

if so,
grab your baskets of freshness ~
you're invited to the
laundry day fete!!

if not,
won't you join us anyway
and maybe ~

just maybe

by the end of this post
you will!!!



a warm, sunny morning
...a fresh basket full of wet, beautiful sheets,
...simply fabulous!!

this is one of the things that we did during our visit to the cottage farmhouse
...put up a clothes line!!!

I have one in Neveda ~
and have enjoyed the process
 sooooo very much that I suggested to my mom
that maybe she would too :)
she immediately agreed
and so
we ordered this kit from the

this is also the kit that I use and absolutely love it
and would recommend to any of you "on the line"
(tee,hee... ~ I just couldn't resist!)
 about a clothes line for your very own. 
You can stand in one place
and pin your laundry on and move it down
and voila!
more empty clothesline,
ready for your next piece o` laundry :)

and I know what you're thinking
moooorre work
~ yeah ~
sign me up...

dear ones

drying your clothes is already a necessary task
so why not do it in a way ~
that it will actually GIVE back to YOU!!

it's true!!
read on...

as you reach your hand down into the basket
that you have carried out with a joyful intent,
and pin the wet fabric onto the line
you sometimes catch a breeze
and when the coolness of the laundry
 brushes up against your skin,
it is wonderfull!
you begin to relish the quiet, alone time
~ to think...
...to sing in your heart ~
to plan a tasty dinner menu

...to be still

and just


to find joy in the simplest form  
and once you start ~
it calls to you...

and suddenly
you wake up every morning
actually anticipating...
this joy!! 

go ahead...
it IS summertime!
slow down
and find a fresh ~ renewed you...
smoothed out from the fresh air :)
who says that the laundry should
be the only thing sun kissed?!!!

it is very satisfying to know that
you will also save on energy!
a few more $$'s goes into your apron pocket
and who wouldn't appreciate that
I ask you?? 
maybe purchase a few lavender plants with your small windfall (tee,heee)
and place them nearby your clothes line for
 a natural dryer sheet, if you will
that can also be cut for a bouquet
to tuck in between
your clothes here and there.
see ~
even more benefits :)

come on ~
give it a try,
and see if it doesn't
add to your joy meter!!

let's celebrate this joy!! 

this vintage, wooden ironing board
can be used as our table

another benefit of a clothes line is
...less wrinkles
less ironing!!

aheem ~

more give back :)

now add a linen, ruffley ironing board cover...
~ some pretty pinwheel sandwiches,
fresh organic cherries...

a lacey bottle of cold sparkling water

a beautiful sunny day

and you have ~
...farmhouse romance!!

where simplicity meets elegance


what do you think??

are you enjoying the laundry day fete?
would you give, laundry on the line, a try?

I'd love to hear all about your laundry days
...won't you drop me "a line"

(last one...pinky swear promise!!)

...you can find me over here

enjoying a pinwheel or two ~
and daydreaming about what shape that cloud is...

okay...and maybe I'll have just one more party pinwheel
before I fold the
lavender scented laundry!!


  1. We have a clothes line that we stretched between 2 trees. Nothing better than sheets hung on the line! It has been so humid here lately that I haven't been able to hang anything out to dry...but soon!


  2. What a sweet post, I love your ironing board cover, I have one of those old wooden boards and I use it at shows to hold goodies and usually just throw a tablecloth on it but now that I've seen that bit of loveliness, well I really need to make that! Thanks for a beautiful, inspiring post... Theresa

  3. I just want to climb into that gorgeous bed and soak in the breeze and sun. With those beautiful linens flapping and those precious chickens in the background...I would be so happy.

  4. Totally heavenly....I love sleeping in sheets that have been line dried....ahhhhhh, sweet dreams :)


  5. Hi Rosemary,
    If my laundry looked like yours with all those delicious ruffles, then I would be happy to hang them outside on a line.
    There is nothing that smells better than linens dried outside on a clothesline.

    Here in our neighborhood the neighbors would be agast if I hung up a clothes line. There snooty noses would be in a big upturn! LOL

    Beautiful post. I really enjoyed it.


  6. That sounds like heaven, I long to be able to put my washing on the line in the sun with a gentle breeze blowing. I have not been able to do this for such a long, long time, everything gets put on the 'clothes horse' and put out in the sun when I can. Oh the lament of a renter.

  7. Rosemary this post has me absolutely giddy. I think I need to change the sheets again and do a little laundry! GORGEOUS!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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