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Jul 19, 2010

...whooo-hooo ~ even more rosette fun!!

Hello lovelies!!

...did you have fun blog hopping around
and finding pretty new places to visit?!
I did!
Big Squeezes to all of you dear readers for stopping by
and a Warm Welcome to you new readers!
A great big ~ Thank you ~ to dear Polly
from the French Cupboard for hosting a most lovely party!

 Inspiring, artistic women are all around us
and everyday in this blog world
I am discovering how wonderful it is to be able to be a part of it! 

Just think about this for a moment...

we can visit places


as in 
France, Italy, the Netherlands...
and Yes,
even in our own back yards.
  Others that we can connect with,
 who also desire to inspire
and to be inspired ~
while offering very special and unique talents,
even support and encouragement!
Oh what a wonderful tool this blogging world is : ) 
and to think,
we never have to leave the comforts of our own lovely nests to enjoy it!

Although after reading about some of these inviting places,
I am intrigued,
and would simply love to join in
 all the barn markets and skillfully taught art classes!

all this fun doesn't have to end
nooooo sir eeeeeee!!

Jill has extended this rosette fun
 for all us addicts that just can't get enough of this loveliness
by hosting

How fun is this?!

I do hope you get a chance to stop by and ENTER!
Then the inspiration will continue
and roll right on through August
which I'm thrilled about
as this is also my birthday month,
and it will be extra sweet to join in
and trade rosettes,
`cause who doesn't adore pretties in the mailbox?!!
sooooooo fun!! 


and now it's time for

these 7 dear readers to claim their party favors!!

~ Joyously Living Life/Ahrisha ~
~ My Blessed Serendipity Life/Danielle ~
~ 612 Riverside/Theresa ~
~ Lipstick Gypsy ~
~ Alabaster Rose Designs/Melinda ~
~ Wayside Treasures/Sandi ~
~ MoonRae/Sharon ~

oh happy day to you all!
Please email me your address so I may send off your prizes!
I wish I could send off happy favors to all of my dear readers
 but not to worry
`cause you just never know what's behind the curtain
and another giveaway could
just pop up
one day

soon :)

big squeezes!!



  1. LUCKY ME!!! Thank you Rosemary!! I'm thrilled to have my name drawn out of the hat!! Actually today I have been working on a new rosette, because I was feeling disappointed that I missed out on the party, but today I had the time to create some! Now you really made my day! I clicked on your button to email my address to you but it only went to my email, it didn't give me your address. I have an email button on my sidebar maybe we can try that, Thank you! Theresa

  2. Hi Rosemary, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw my name listed with the other giveaway winners. Thank you, you made my day!

  3. Hi Rosemary ..so nice to meet you ..thanks for stopping by for the rosette party ...

    I'll be back to check out your blog some more ..

    Blessings ...Sara

  4. Thanks so very much for sharing the info about the Rosette swap! I am so excited. Thanks so much! :)

  5. Oh dear...chips...chips....did I missed this lovely give-away here in Holland...chips...chips....
    Have a nice day my friend

  6. How wonderful!! Thank you so very,very much!! I am going to drop you an email and then go check out the rosette swap....
    again THANK YOU sweetie!!

  7. Thank you so much Rosemary!! I can't wait to receive my goodies!!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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