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Jul 5, 2010

...a romantic farmstyle apron ~ (for reals this time!!!)

...hello again

this is what I have been trying to share with you today

and on any other day,
you'd think that would be simple enough
but for some reason
ya` no!
not today...

I say
so without further ado
(no, seriously, if you are actually reading this ~ that blasted gremlin did NOT get the best of me!)
...may I present to you dear readers

a most romantic 

I sooo enjoyed making this,
as I had someone very special in mind for it
and every moment spent sewing and embellishing it
 was pure joy!!

see the teeny tiny pearls scattered around
and the vintage lace edges
for just a bit more added romance?
`cause who doesn't just adore more ruffles
or vintage lace for that matter?!
and don't you love this gypsy brocante rosette flower
 looking all fabulous pinned to the front


and what farm apron wouldn't just love to be worn
while hanging laundry on a clothes line in the warn sunshine,
or while gathering fresh chicken eggs
( a most convenient pocket is located in the front for just such an occasion!) 
or even while picking those extra juicy berries growing out back
most especially for that perfect lattice top pie...

you know the one

...were the sweet fruitiness wafts from the window sill whilst cooling
ahhhhh yes...
romantic farmstyle
oh how you taunt me more and more into your world...

and do you see that most lovely tag?

I even adore the unique way this apron ties in the back
as summers can get downright hhhhhottttt
(and humid if you live in the east ~ so sorry for yous) 
and for me, the least amount of clothing on ~
the better!!

I presented this to my dear mom for her june birthday
while I was back visiting
(yes, sometimes things just work out!!)
and suggested to her that upon my return
I'd like it to be covered with berry stains, laundry soap, and an occasional oopps egg goo
although not in that particular order
`cause maybe,
just maybe, the laundry soap would take care of it all...
~ but ~
my point is




and everytime she wears this,
I am with her,
at the cottage farmhouse,
performing those necessary, everyday tasks,
covering her with my love and adoration until I can hug and squeeze her once more!

maybe I should make another

I feel a give~away comin` on!!!!!

hug, hug!!



  1. its soooo gorgeous and definitly romantic!!!!

  2. Oh Rosemary, this is the sweetest little apron and adorned with the loveliest of laces. And to think that you made it for your Mom, is even sweeter.

    I know that she just adores it and thinks of you everytime she puts it on or looks at it.


  3. This apron is so beautiful and I know your Mom must have been so touched that you created this just for her.


  4. Oh I do believe your mom must be the luckiest mom in the world! I bet she counts herself lucky to have you as her talented daughter. The apron is gorgeous Rosemary.

  5. One more beautiful creation that you did! Thank you for inspiration!

  6. Dear Rosemary,
    This is an apron to wear for beauty, and for the feel of having something so very special, and beautyfull on.Your mom,will feel like a queen in this, -love the tag and the laces.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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