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Aug 17, 2010

...a crown for Ozma and a birthday guess giveaway!!

...hello my sweets!!
I'd like to show you
~ Ozma's crown ~

I have been looking since I opened up my etsy shop
for just the right one
and although there are MANY lovely crowns to be had ~
none of them were ever quite right

until I saw this one!!

it was just the right mix of vintage, romance and whimsy
that I was looking for

and with the wave of my magic wand
it was perfectly enchanting!

for those of you seeking your very own unique crown
you may find one here

If you are familiar with princess "Ozma of Oz",
then you know that her crown has two poppies
one on each side...
for "Ozma of odds"
I envisioned roses of course!!
and vintage pearls, grunge dyed silk ribbons and lace!!

I plan on wearing it the very next time I visit the ocean...
brings me to the birthday guess giveaway part!!!
I can tell you that I will be visiting BEFORE August 31st

and that it is for My Birthday that we are taking this little beach trip!!

so here's the scoop,

all you have to do to enter this birthday giveaway
is to guess which date is Ozma's and my birthday are on!
yes, it's true
I authentically share the same birthday date as princess Ozma!

and now you know a little more
about why I chose this name for my etsy shop!!



the prize!!

...think ~

a clothes pin bag complete with 8 hand painted pink clothes pins

a spritzer bottle of rosewater ironing spray

a farmhouse paper doll
matchstick box

petite rose clips for your hair
~ to look charming when doing chores
such as the laundry,
as you just never know
who will simply stop by for a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade! 

and a set of these oh-so-romantic
tutu art tags!!

see the rhinestone crystal??

leave your guess on this post
and all the farmhouse pretties could be yours!
I will draw a name on August 31st!!

here's to crowns and giveaways!!


  1. Oh sweet princess. Your birthday would be
    *******August 21******

    And I will wish you a Most Enchanted Happy Birthday just a little Early

    Wendy from Wonderland

  2. ooh...enchanting....all of it...the treasures...ozma...the story..YOU! My anniversary is the 20th so I will say August 20th!! Bonne Fete!

  3. oooo, fun, fun, fun!!! I will guess Aug. 17th!

  4. Happy birthday to you on August 21st!


  5. August 21st ! Yes yes yes!! :) Happy Birthday!

  6. i will not guess as I am new...but what a lovely blog!


  7. I will guess August 22nd because that's MY birthday!!!

  8. Beautiful crown!! Happiest of birthdays to you! Why August 21st of course!


  9. Dear sweet princess. I happen to know so I would imagine that disqualifies me from this giveaway ~ although I have to say the gifts are so enchanting. I don't want to give it away but Happy Birthday to you ~ my kindred spirit. xoxox Marilyn

  10. Well, just to be different I will guess the 24th!!!!Maybe 28th?? No, I will stick with the 24th!
    Happy birthday too!

  11. August 21 my Dear....no wonder, you are not a princess but a QUEEN...you share a birthdate with your namesake....royalty I say!! I would be honored to own ANYTHING that was crafted by your hands!! BIGGEST BIRTHDAY WISHES,KISSES AND LOVES!!! Cheers Sweet Girl!!

    XOXO R

  12. Happy birthday...maybe August 21?

  13. I'm going to guess the 22nd because that's by brothers birthday... but I am going to give someone else a chance to win your birthday bounty because of my win not too long ago (trying not to be tooooo greedy!) I bet the rosewater linen spray smells wonderful, I make lavender linen spray and it makes ironing anything a pleasure instead of a chore! Happy Birthday whenever it is! Theresa xo

  14. Just wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Love your beautiful Crown. xoLaura

  15. Your special day would be August 21st..
    The crown is adorable..
    Happy wishes to you..xx

  16. Happy Birthday New friend:)We hope u have a Fabulous birthday month!
    jamie & lori

  17. I am a little late , but I am guessing August 26. Whenever it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  18. How lucky to share such a wonderful birthdate!
    August 21st

  19. Those August 21 commenters seem pretty sure of themselves, but MY birthday was a few days earlier, so I must choose the 18th as a wonderful day for a celebration.

    I say party all month long!
    (Would all summer be extravagant?)

  20. I will also "guess" August 21st! How wonderful to share a birthday with a Queen!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog! I will be back for sure!

    Have a perfectly enjoyable birthday month!!!!


  21. I'm a bit late,but it's the 21st...Well, it WAS the 21st.Hope you had a fabulous B-Day!!!

  22. I have no idea but I do wish you a very Happy Birthday! And since I don't know, I have to go with August 30th ~ but that's just a wild guess...My question is, which beach are you going to? I'm very close to the ocean and would love to meet you some day!

  23. Oh my...I almost missed this delicious birthday give-away. Let me guess...let's see now...well how about...oh no, not that day...well what about...nah...that's too far away...I know how about ....hmmm....I don't like that number...I got it...how about TODAY! August 29th?!!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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