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Aug 18, 2010

...a tisket a tasket ~ come and see what's in my basket!

...happy day dear ones!!
won't you come in?





feast your pretty eyes on these!!!
these beautiful jars are fresh from the farm!!
they are part of my birthday package from my dearest mom!!
one thing you must know,
every year,
as my birthday draws near...
my mom has a birthday theme
it's never the same
but it is ALWAYS sooo much fun!!
I may open designated gifts on the days leading up to my birthday
until the actual day...
so it's more like celebrating my birthday alllll week!!!
who wouldn't love that, I ask you?!
can you imagine what these oh-so-lovely jars are full of????

need a closer view?!

how about now???

if you guessed cherry preserves
you'd be a-l-m-o-s-t right!
as these glorious jars are full of
SOUR cherry preserves!!!

My dearest mom made them with organic sour cherries
 that she ordered from a local farm in Ohio
~ all 30 pounds of them!!!!!!
that's alot of sour cherries!!!
...you could say that...
these are the fruits of her labor!!!

I'm sure it was no laughing matter when she first saw how many that actually was!!
I am sooooo grateful and absolutely over the moon thrilled to have them
she knows that this is my most favoritest preserve
I use it on almost everything
from waffles to chops!!
I have even been known to eat it straight up from a spoon
you know
like a salad serving spoon!
~ it is that GOOD!!!
I have decided that for my birthday cake
I'm going to make a decadent dark chocolate cake
with chocolate ganache
and these sour cherries are goin` in the center!!!!

~oh my~
I think I died and went to heaven!!!

and yes,
you read that correctly ~
I AM baking my own cake!!
my mom would,
but she lives too far away
and the thought of hot melted cake
and hubby`o mine???

I truely
get great pleasure from baking!
so this will be a gift to myself
and besides
I know what it will be made of
`cause I can choose the very best ingredients that I can get my hands on,
this chocolate cake is sure to be deliciously tasty!!!

as I sit here
 and soak up all the love from my basket...
and ponder my happy little cake shopping list,
...and savor each delicious bite of these preserves

I wish to send all of you
thoughts of simple pleasure ~

and encourage you to seek little moments such as these
and share your love with those around you
with the things you are gifted at!!
and to truely savor each moment...
thanks for sharing this moment with me :)

here's to sour cherry joy!!!

if you'd like a set of these romantic tutu tags...

and a few other farmhouse pretties~

just visit my birthday guess giveaway post below
and leave a comment!

*anyone may enter
*your guess doesn't need to be correct to win
*and yes, you may post on your sidebar for any extra chance!

biggest squeezes!!


  1. Those sour cherry preserves look delish! Too bad you have to make your own birthday cake but at least you will get what you want. I had to have a double chocolate cake for my birthday. Happy birthday Rosemary!

  2. What a cute idea! I want to do this for my mom! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see that cake. I'm sure you'll manage to snap some pics!!


  3. Oh my goodness Rosemary, what a beautiful basket! That is so nice of your Mom to make those for you. I've never even heard of sour cherry preserves until now. And to have multiple gifts too, how blessed you are!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my WW post. I have to tell you that I accidently hit delete, even after I hit Publish and it deleted it and I can't get it back. :(. You're the second person I've done that to that was kind enough to leave such a nice comment. I was in a hurry and I meant to delete the email from my inbox not your comment. Then it said Comment Rejected and I gasped and said, "Ooooh Nooooo!" I tried to Publish again and it won't let me now. I just got mixed up and am so sorry about that!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Well Rosemary I want to tell you a very Happy Birthday (early) what a special gift from your mom. My mom and dad used to make us Bushies jam (strawberry jam) every year for Christmas. After she was gone we savored every last spoonful of the best jam ever.
    The best gifts are always made with the most love. Our jam and your sour cherry preserves are gifts to cherish. It looks delicious, and the cake you are planning sounds amazing! Have a fabulous bday! Theresa xo

  5. I don't need a closer look my dear....
    What I need is a spoon full of this....
    Love your labels
    Fine evening

  6. M.O.M. is simply amazing!!!

    such pretties
    oh and happy birthday new friend

  7. Oh, Happy Birthday my dear friend!
    I see where you get your talent and eye for beauty.

  8. Oh I hope your birthday was wonderful, but by the looks of this beautiful post, it was all that. How awesome of your mom to do such a special thing for her girl on her birthday! My mother used to make sour cherry preserves when I was at home. We had a tree and I loved them right off the tree the best.
    Enjoy that cake!
    hugs to you...

  9. Oh, I cannot seem to get close enough... Pure Gorgeousness!
    Have a wonderful new week. xx


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