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Aug 6, 2010

...my mac attack!

...happy friday dearests!!

Have you ever come across something simply beautiful 
you were inspired?
and you just knew you'd never be the same after having seen it?

...this happened to me this week ~

there was no rhyme or reason that it should have struck me so...
there I was
minding my own business when
(Adam West style!!)
(for you dear younger readers, that was the original batman!)


 look at it
just sitting there looking 
all temptingly elegant like!
 I am completely obsessed with this beautiful little something ~

seeking creatively flavored recipes and heeding all the little tips
from others who have been "mac" attacked as well!
I'm guessing right about now,
you do KNOW I'm talking about macarons and Not mac n` cheese
~ although a bowl of truffle mac is pretty tasty
(focus Rosemary!!)

it is also imperative that you simply must have a good foot
for successful macarons,
and at the time of this writing
 I have two ~ soooo, I'm good to go!)

oh, don't worry!
I wouldn't be trying this if I didn't think that I could stand on my own two feet in the kitchen...


enough of the foot cracks!!

oh crack!

I hope I didn't go and ruin my first time good luck chance with the mac gods!!
(as this is exactly what I wish for my macarons to NOT do ~ crack!)

 by the way

to make!

(and curious that I should bring this up NOW!!)

I have
 even had the pleasure of trying a macaron before!!
(I know, I am random like that!!)

..but my thinking is
these are just oh-so-lovely
~ how bad could they really be?!

I better be off to Whole Foods quick ~
before I unknowingly say anything else to ruin my chances with the mac gods...

so it is to the bat mobile I go ~
with a most unique shopping list in hand,
 anticipating the outcome with utter delight
...all because of that little picture.

wishing for a happy little something this weekend
to make YOUR heart sing...


  1. Hello Rosemary! First of all I want to THANK YOU for the wonderful goodies I received this week! I love them all and am envisioning all of the fabulous creations they will be part of. I have never had a macaroon either but I have to say that those make me want to try them also! Let us know how yummy the ones you find are... Theresa

  2. Rosemary dear, this beautifull macaroons, just reminds me of you...
    they are wonderfull looking, brings joy to everyone knowing them, have a romantic and pink feeling to them,-and are so sweet.
    UUHHHMMM would have loved tasting one ,with you, dear.
    Hugs and love ,Dorthe

  3. wow Rosemary!! fantastic!! good for you trying this....it's not easy......and all your pictures are really pretty!!

  4. What is it about girls and macarons?


  5. Oh, I've had them and love them. There are so many kinds and a small cafe near my office is known for them.

    I've tried to comment on your blog for days and it wouldn't let me :(

  6. Oh they look delicious to me.....
    My dear let me taste some pleas...;0)
    Fine weekend

  7. I don't think an hour goes by that I don't have a macaron thought :) Well the bible says to think on lovely things! I'm just being obedient, right?


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