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Jul 29, 2010

~ an altered art party fairytale ~

...once upon a time
(bloom stained art tags)

there was a girl, who liked to play with pretty supplies...
very whimsical things

~ such as old rusty keys
and luscious hand dyed silk ribbons...

(sweet dreams - victorian grunge silk necklace)

and other shiny objects that just so happened to catch her eye...

(Elegant Whimsy - a vintage silverware chandelier windchime)

now...being a gypsy fairy girl at heart  
she would always see things just a little different
...a little odd

odd (od), adj.
differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected... 

she took delight in various materials
manipulating them to please her unique heart

(wee willy winkie - vintage fairytale paper book art)

and with the wave of her magic wand
 always tried to present them as a gift ~ 
in her mind's eye,
they were...

 gifts from her hands,
a gift from her heart!

her designs were born out of a desire for simple elegance in her everyday life

and in her eyes ~
even the most humblest of materials
could surely be made into something lovely...

(Lovely Candle Corset)

she was definately a seeker of the unusual  
and was always  
her wings outside of ordinary boundries

 (Butterfly Goddess Romance Choker)

...always reaching for that little somethin` somethin` extra  
to amaze and delight

(swan lake - delightful shortbread cookies)

the complete visual was important to her...
as her muse was always beckoning her  
to display and package all of her pretties
with as much creativeness
as she could possibly imagine...

(rose - a paper doll muse)

as she continues on this creative quest ~ 
and making such pretties as these
she is always on the lookout for inspiration

(doorway to the theatre of dreams)

as it can be found in the most unlikely,
off-the-beaten path places...

and her wish for you  
dear one,  
is that you may also find YOUR bliss
wherever that may be

(make a wish - a most whimsical horse shoe)

because in doing so ~

(A French Country Farmhouse - paper doll)
you are on your way to writing your very own fairytale!!

~ la fin ~ 

and for other fanciful tales

join in on the party here at

from the girl behind the curtain ~

~ bonus clip ~

a sumptuous tray full of whimsical rose brooches...

(from the tea stained follies collection)


Jul 27, 2010

...here's to authentic joy!

...hellooo dearies!!

I do hope you are
 your summer break!

We have been taking some "happy day jaunts"


(happy day jaunts = mini trips that require nothing more than for you to bring your happy spirit!!)

and a few tasty morsels don't hurt either!

the point is
to en~joy the beautiful places that are around us

en~joy~ing each other's company is a bonus too!!

...ahhhh yes,
this is pure bliss
 ~ me, my beloved ~
the salty sea air
the whispering waves...
hear them?
they whisper...joy


the very next time you are standing near those foamy rolls of delight,
 with your feet planted firmly into the soft, warm sand,
close your eyes and listen
and see if you don't hear it!
it doesn't get much better than this



 I have come to learn that these simple things

these things which can not be bought
and can not be planned,

are moments
 ~ just happen

and in these few precious moments,
there is no other way to describe them
you are simply


and in those brief, unplanned ~
hit you outta nowhere

there are no worries
no cares
and right here,

right now

you become a vessel of that joy!

the kinda joy
that reaches way down deep
and authentically fills you up
and spills out over
onto anything and anyone that surrounds you...
and in that moment
you are of the same energy as those waves
and realize that life IS bigger than you...
and that it is more than you ~
you ARE a part of it
and can choose what fills you!!

I love those moments...

and lately
can't seem to get enough!

...here's to authentic

biggest hugs!


Jul 23, 2010

...ruffled beauty ~ what little girls are made of!

sugar and spice and everything nice
that's what little girls are made of!!

happiest friday!
...if you have a little girl
(and even if you don't!)
(trust me!!!)
 you adore ruffles ~
then this is the post for you!!

I have been absolutely swooning
over this outfit!


isn't it just soooo
ruffley adorable?

so farmstyle romantic??

so something I just HAD to have?!

It is from the delightful Eden's Bouquet
an oh-so-charming,
swoon worthy web shop that I implore you to visit!
It is like Anthroplogie for children!!
and from the moment your eyes hit those 
photographed pages
and you see those gorgeous outfits,

the pictures alone are inspiring ~
but the body adornments are that
of fairytale like clothing


 even if you don't have any little ones
you are going to ~ eye spy with your little eye ~
to wrap up in these outfits!!!

I'm just sayin`



I've been eyeballin` this outfit from the moment I saw it
as I have been on this romantic farmstyle quest
and noticing that as of late
everything I'm drawn to, fits this criteria:

romantic farmstyle : check
actually everyday wearable/useable : check
(homemade, organic juice popsicles are simply a must on the farm, in the summertime!!)
looks charming hanging on the clothes line: check
(yes, I think about these things!!)
have a sweet little girl to put this on: hhhhmmmm

not check!!

my sweet girl is by no means little anymore
sniff, sniff
and is at the age that would just simply would not be caught dead in this kinda outfit
(and this is kinda funny to me ~ cause I'm long gone outta that range
but I'd so wear this,
in my size,
on the farm
to feed the chickens and bake pies and gather me rosebuds...)


as I was saying
I simply HAD to have this outfit
you understand


I decided that my neice
was going to wear this outfit!!
let me introduce you
this is KiKi, my neice
(and my dear Mom, you already know)
KiKi ~ Mom,
~ everyone
(they say "charming to meet you all!")

so there I was ~
have a sweet little girl to put this on: check

already to click away


heart sank

no longer available...



being the kinda` girl I am
this little snaffu wasn't going to detour me from having that outfit!
(do people say snaffu anymore??)
as you may have guessed ~
off to fabric store I go!!

when I want something bad enough
I WILL seek
until I FIND!!!



what do you think??


isn't it just so

would you like to know what pattern I used?
you know,
just in case you were in need a weekend project??
(what? it could happen?!!)
it is:
kwik sew 3673

 if this simply isn't "kwik" enough
and let's say the closest fabric strore to you
might as well be in Massachusetts
and you're from Arizona
(just go with me here!!)
I've got you covered too, dear reader
(`cause I'm good like that!) 
for your instant gratification
(no, seriously, it's a downloadable pattern! which means you could start whipping this baby up in like the time it takes you to dig out your pretty fabric!!)
just visit here for the top:
and here for the ruffley bottoms:
at an etsy shop called Romeo and Mae's.

did you get all that???

dear ones...
thank you for stopping by!
I do hope that you enjoy visiting Eden's Bouquet and Romeo and Mae's 
and may you be as inspired as I was :)

big squeezes!!

Jul 20, 2010

...to be ~ or not to be!!


some assitance please

yes you ~ dear ones!

I was just wondering what you thought about the "linen" look for ozma...

~ I'm not sure ~

I've been thinking of a little change
and maybe updating a little 
as I wish to still remain


 and am leaning in more of that kind of direction

I know
 you can order this oh-so-lovely magazine stateside
I order mine from:
Ruth always takes good care of her peeps : )
and you won't be disappointed
can we say ~
simply GORGEOUS!!

This "living" magazine will grow on you...

it will call to you ~
no lie!!

and it's oh-so-lovely way of simple elegance
 will sneak up on you!!!

I'm just sayin`

...so consider yourself warned!!!

now ~
where were we
oh yes

getting back to mwau!!

maybe I could ask Beth to design me a lace curtain for the side!!

(I wonder if she could do that!!!)

I would love to hear what you're thinking...

and your efforts would not go unnoticed...

I've been working on some new art tags using Beth's tattered images
and would like to send a set of them
to one of you...

for the one that suggests an idea that has "ozma" written all over it,

 a set of new tags awaits you!

  what are you waiting for???
get those creative juices flowing
and suggest away!!

what's that you say?

you need to see a peek at the goods???


these are the graphics...
but ozma has put her spin on them of course!
I haven't taken pic of them yet
as they are brand spankin` new
so you will just have to trust me when I tell you
that I think you will really enjoy them
grunge dyed ribbon...
whimsy ruffles...

you're going to love `em!!!

so comment away!!

 ps. If you see your name here,
and have not already emailed me your address
please send it along
so that I may sent out you happy party favors from the rosette blog party :)

 ~ Joyously Living Life/Ahrisha ~
~ My Blessed Serendipity Life/Danielle ~
~ 612 Riverside/Theresa ~
~ Lipstick Gypsy ~
~ Alabaster Rose Designs/Melinda ~
~ Wayside Treasures/Sandi ~
~ MoonRae/Sharon ~


Jul 19, 2010

...whooo-hooo ~ even more rosette fun!!

Hello lovelies!!

...did you have fun blog hopping around
and finding pretty new places to visit?!
I did!
Big Squeezes to all of you dear readers for stopping by
and a Warm Welcome to you new readers!
A great big ~ Thank you ~ to dear Polly
from the French Cupboard for hosting a most lovely party!

 Inspiring, artistic women are all around us
and everyday in this blog world
I am discovering how wonderful it is to be able to be a part of it! 

Just think about this for a moment...

we can visit places


as in 
France, Italy, the Netherlands...
and Yes,
even in our own back yards.
  Others that we can connect with,
 who also desire to inspire
and to be inspired ~
while offering very special and unique talents,
even support and encouragement!
Oh what a wonderful tool this blogging world is : ) 
and to think,
we never have to leave the comforts of our own lovely nests to enjoy it!

Although after reading about some of these inviting places,
I am intrigued,
and would simply love to join in
 all the barn markets and skillfully taught art classes!

all this fun doesn't have to end
nooooo sir eeeeeee!!

Jill has extended this rosette fun
 for all us addicts that just can't get enough of this loveliness
by hosting

How fun is this?!

I do hope you get a chance to stop by and ENTER!
Then the inspiration will continue
and roll right on through August
which I'm thrilled about
as this is also my birthday month,
and it will be extra sweet to join in
and trade rosettes,
`cause who doesn't adore pretties in the mailbox?!!
sooooooo fun!! 


and now it's time for

these 7 dear readers to claim their party favors!!

~ Joyously Living Life/Ahrisha ~
~ My Blessed Serendipity Life/Danielle ~
~ 612 Riverside/Theresa ~
~ Lipstick Gypsy ~
~ Alabaster Rose Designs/Melinda ~
~ Wayside Treasures/Sandi ~
~ MoonRae/Sharon ~

oh happy day to you all!
Please email me your address so I may send off your prizes!
I wish I could send off happy favors to all of my dear readers
 but not to worry
`cause you just never know what's behind the curtain
and another giveaway could
just pop up
one day

soon :)

big squeezes!!


Jul 18, 2010

...come on ~ get happy : )

...today is the last day dearies
 for the rosettes blog party favors giveaway!


~ Come On ~


simply scroll down to the previous post
and show me some love ~
magically delicious

you're entered!!!

Jul 15, 2010

...a rosette blog party ~ and party favors!!

...hello my dearest's!!

do come in ~ come in!!

...Happiest Rosette Party Day!!

I have been waiting for your arrival
and simply can not wait for you to see my garden of rosettes!!

if you tend a rose garden
then you know what a labor of love that it truely is
and from the moment you lay your hands on your favorite pair of rose gloves,
 gathering basket and rose cutters 
your senses start to tingle with excitement!!
~  long before you enter that beautious place

you smeeeellllllllll

ahhhh yes,
that voluputious scent that only a rose can emit...

go ahead ~
take in the moment


that first waft is heavenly



  lay your eyes upon them...

oh! ~ what magnificent flowers they are!!

(rose)mary, (rose)mary,

...how does your garden grow...

hhhhhmmmmm ~
perhaps you will snip a few off today
for a most lovely arrangement for your dinner table

as we do eat with our eyes First

and even the most simpliest dinner is elevated to sumptuousness
 with such elegance

 ~ or ~


you will spin them into a whimsical circle
 for your lovely locks

or hang a "wish" adornment around your neck...

...maybe you know the way to THE Secret Garden?!

..even this humble muslin flower
seems to know the way...

...right alongside with this cashmere one!!!
and below,  a rose petal garland
is twirled into the beloved flower...

beauty crosses boundries
and is for ALL who simply choose to see it...

off you go my dears...
to other lovely gardens ~
and may your heart be filled with much joy
surrounded in such beauty!!


linger just a bit more
what IS a party Without PRIZES I ask you?!

just for stopping by

...and because maybe I'm sniffing these flowers waaaay to much today
I'm feeling oh-so-happy :)

here are some party favor prizes that 7 of you will win!
there is no significance to the #7...
I just like the way it looks :)

  sweet baby rosebud
 inspiration kits

with everything you see here

will be given away
(yes! four!!!)



 of these gorgeous linen bottle pouches
complete with french wire ribbon & silk roses
are up for grabs too!

 if you are already a follower ~

1) thank you dear one,
I truely appreciate each on every one of you!
and value your blog friendships

2) simply leave a comment and you're entered
if you're not a follower

1) come follow along!
 you may enjoy it and crack a smile...or two!!
2) and then leave me a comment
and your name will also be in the hat for a chance to win one of these party favors!

I will draw the names on Monday
July 19th

off you go to the next garden of rosettes
just don't foget 
to stop,



the beautiful roses!!


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