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Mar 27, 2012

...longer days...

...hello dear ones!

i love when the daylight grows longer ~


as i have come to the conclusion,
that i am a child of the light

and i can't get enough of it

just like the sea...

are YOU like that too??
do you suppose there is a beautiful sea in Alaska?!

sharing this with Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

here's to the longer days!

Mar 14, 2012


...hello dear doves!


i. made. it.

i didn't plan to be away this long,


life happens!

time consuming,
exhilarating and exhausting
all at the same time

in the past 8 years,
we have moved 5 times


WHO in their right mind, chooses that??

and again i say to you gentle readers

...life happens....

i have come to learn
to meet each turn like an old friend.

open to the possibilities of the unknown

 within each of those moves,
i have learned things about myself
i probably would not have learned otherwise
when i look back,
it all fits together like it was just meant to be
but looking forward
it just seems like we are "winging" it

but seriously ~
life, is truly a journey...

do we not owe it to ourselves
to seek and be the most authentic self we can be?

even if at times,
our paths twist and turn
and are not at all what we thought they would be

we can still choose to dwell in the possibilities...

and by grace,
we can walk confidently and know beyond a shadow of doubt

we are exactly where we need to be

it's good to be back dear ones!

i look forward to the days ahead
of sharing some of my newest inspirations
and fairytale stories
and hope you will visit again!

here's to ~ possibilities!!


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