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Jun 30, 2011

...my wicker chaise's ~ country living makeover

...hello creative ones!

my wicker chaise's lounge slipcover is now complete

it took me awhile
i searched high and low for just the right fabric
in a greige/oatmeal like color...

 i wanted it to be more of a neutral piece
still very lovely in our ever changing living room...

 the original slipcovers were ok ~

just a little to "flowery"
 if you know what i mean...

i'm sayin'
yah no to the shiny cotton chintz!

imagine my delight when i was reading
  Diane's blog:  Passionate for White
and she was having the same dilemma for her dining room chairs
only ~
she found exactly the perfect fabric!
well, kinda
you see, they were curtain panels
from Kmart's "Country Living" line
 "Sweet Rose Damask"

but it was love at first sight!

so naturally,
i ZOOMED over to my Kmart
and immediately purchased two panels.

 i also bought a 32" metal zipper
so that i may remove my "slip cover" at any time and wash it!
soooo important for a comfy home as accidents DO happen ~ lol!!
then i got to work and stitched up a zippered slipcover,
two pillows and two roll pillows...

don't you love the lines of this wicker chaise?!

curvaceous ~ no?!

i had been admiring Melinda's union jack pillows
so i tried my hand at two...


LOVE the way they turned out!

and the rose chintz pillows got their own slipcovers too
complete with sweet button closure tabs
using smooth, creamy white, vintage mother of pearl buttons...

and just a touch of lace...

time to sit for awhile in my "country living", slip covered chaise
 and soak up a few pages in a Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine!

while i sip on a lavender soda :)

soooo good!!

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here's to finding unlimited inspiration in this bloggy world!

Jun 28, 2011

...sea ruffles

...hello dear ones!

would you like to see a few pictures of my visit to the sea??

i say a "few" as we took 687 shots
do you think i love the sea?

i brought my muse along
to inspire me in the cottage we rented for our visit in Trinidad, CA

oh what a view!

 it was FAB-U-LOUS to stay in a cottage for our days at the salty sea

it had a kitchen, washer/dryer and a wood burning fireplace
i can't convey to you how wonderful this was

let's just say ~
this was the most loveliest trip i have had at the sea thus far!!
and bonus...my mom was there with us this time too :)


isn't it??


can you hear the ruffly sea waves rolling?


and imagine your feet in the warm, soft sand...

the beach was fabulous for splunking!
we could get right up close to the star fish clinging to the rocks!!


even though they are in all shapes, colors and sizes
they feel hard like the ones in shell shops!
and yah no,
you CAN'T peel them off of the rocks
we tried!
(we would not have kept them)


these clicked and slunk back into their tiny "shell caves"
every time you walked by...


and have you ever seen a sand tree??

...an awesome wave!!


a beautiful sunset...


 ...a full moon rise...


and have you ever thrown glitter in the air??

it was wonderful to wake up to the salty sea views every morning!!
i would definitely return for another visit here:)


it is so very peaceful

and wondrous...


i love the salty sea!!

...and so did my muse!

she said she was perfectly fine if i left her at the cottage...

while i was busy photographing my silk "sea truffles"

she was practicing her yoga...


if i could find a little cottage by the sea for our very own
perhaps i'd join her in a session of yoga!!

maybe just look for more sea truffles:)

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"sea truffles"

sea washed and most lovely
more on that later :)

here's to the beautiful ruffly sea and all her treasures!

Jun 22, 2011

...lovely little outdoor space

...hello sweet ones!

summertime has arrived

every year,
i look forward to creating a pretty space outside
to sit and enjoy a splash of sparkling lemonade!


i especially appreciate the fact
that in an outdoor room ~
there is NO cleaning required!

oh yah

as what is not to love about fallen rose petals at your feet i ask you??

how do you like my lovely little outdoor space so far?!
perhaps a few of you will recognize the hand painted wooden shelter sign??

an enchanted prize   
from our beloved Dore's giveaway
you can visit her blog that inspires love and peace here: Burlap Luxe
and her soulful etsy shop here: Burlap Luxe

i could hardly believe my fortune
 when she emailed me to tell me that i had won this most coveted sign!!


Dore encouraged me to let her lovely
"Inspiring a soulful place of shelter" sign
speak to my soul
and lead me to just the right spot to adorn my home...

i  am admiring it so
and have a special place in mind!

thank you dear Dore,
i think you know how i feel about this new treasure:)


how fortunate to be surrounded by such pretties,
to feel the warm sunshine ~
smell the lovely flowers,
and taste a delicious refreshment!





would you like to join me for a glass of gratitude,
here in my lovely little outdoor space?!

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here's to the days when fortune smiles down upon you!

Jun 21, 2011

...sea whispers

*~ sea whispers ~*

...hello my dears...
i am home from the sea
and will post soon...

until then ~
my offerings of the day...

sea whispers ~
inspired by my surroundings at the shore

Incunabula, 2011
Incunabula, 2011

Sea Pod Necklace
  •                                                           shoresidechic                                                           
  •  Organic Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak
  •   italian beauty bari blue

Mermaid with Golden Ball (12x18 metallic mini poster)(fine art metallic mini poster)

 I sit at the sea's edge and watch the ruffled waves bring forth it's treasures to behold...
to tide me over until i return to her waves...

 my white wednesday post this week...

enjoy :)

here's to the sea's beautiful rufflings!


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