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Nov 30, 2010

...boughs of holly

...hello dear readers!!

I have been squeezing a little holiday decorating in between my days in the studio
as I am sitting here sipping my hot chocolate,
I thought you'd like to hum this tune along with me...

think of it as caroling in the land of odds!!
come on ~
I know you know this tune...

Deck the halls

with boughs of holly

 fa lalalalaaa


I was over the moon ~ elated
when I spied the butter cream flower stems at Michael's
and ecstatic that they were 40% off
I simply love the crystal dew drops...
the next picture is my white mistletoe kissing ball
hanging in my entry way,
ALL who enter will feel the love...
NO ONE will escape!!

here is where I will be putting our tree this year

and yes, this was originally done in blue silk panels
this is just more ~ ME!!

a paper doily pom-pom close up.
I have a strand of these for the fire place too:)

I have to put the lights up yet,
but this is how it looks so far...
see the holy candles??!!

if you missed that tutorial on how to make your own,
simply just visit this post

ooohhhh, preeeetty!!

I put up "twinkle lights" on my doll house,

well sort of!
it is really just a strand of rhinestones
and tiny prisms!! 
they twinkle in the right light ~ LOL!!!! 

 a tiny fairy greets all who visit here!

in this lace covered vintage canning jar
a single paper white bulb is tucked inside...

this candle holder has
MANY bulbs!!

Paper Whites are my most favorite wintertime flower
and I scatter them  all through the house!!
I simply adore their scent...

a looking glass filled with sparkly pretties
((do YOU have a looking glass??!))
sitting atop my most favorite magazine
Jeanne d'arc Living...

I know you have seen this before,
after all
 they were the inspiration of my theme and holiday color scheme this year!!

this is my front entry way table...

a silver tray of more pretties is there to delight your eyes when you walk in...

and my cement swan carries a bouquet of white roses!!

This is just a sprinkle of holiday cheer with my magic wand,  
I haven't even pulled down the Christmas boxes yet!!

but for now
this delights my heart!

I will be sharing this with Kathleen's


sneak peek:

what am I working on??


I wonder!!!

here's to wondrous pretties!!

Nov 23, 2010

...sugarplum fairies


and twirling

around in my mind...

pretty little things that called to me
from a recent visit at my local antique store... 

I adore you dollie ~
even if you only have just one arm!!

...for in my eyes
You are simply

Happiest Thanksgiving week my dear ones,
May you all be blessed with your own magical moments!!

~ sharing my fairies over at Kathleen's White Wednesday ~

here's to the start of a most ethereal season!!

Nov 18, 2010

...french saint stockings

 ...Happy Vintage Inspiration
Friday ~


I have to take a few moments when I can,
as the snippets of fabric,
sprinkles of silver glass glitter,
and bloom stain brewing on the stove
are calling to me!!

Thank you for the over the top support for my ex-voto tags ~
they blew out!!

~ and I've been snipping away at a fresh batch
so if you missed out on them,
hold on, more are on their way:)
but for today ~
These stockings are what I wanted to show you, dear ones.
French Saint stockings to be more exact!

This one is: Saint Martha
who knew humble muslin fabric
could be sewn into such a lovely stocking? 
I added some heavy cotton lace along the top and under the le fleur...

and have "bloom stained" them.
((bloom stain= stained with flower blooms))
it give them a kiss of the softest pink that I simply adore!

The top has a bloom stained rose
and grunge dyed pink crinkled ribbon!!
Each stocking is assembled
and no two are alike
Love that!!

These will be available in my etsy shop shortly too!

I can't believe it is the middle of November already!!
whew, it's flyin' by I tell ya'!!

gotta go...
the fairies are saying my break is OVER!!
((geesh, that FIC is one tough winged creature!!))
(FIC = fairy in charge)
Wait one minute
wouldn't that be ME??
sharing this over at Debra's


Come see what other creative women are doing
and be

here's to muslin fabric and flower petals!

Nov 16, 2010

...what do you get when you mix: ex-voto's, sea silks and jeanne d'arc???

...why ~ enchantment of course!!

Hello my sweets!!

I have been in the studio
and miss you all!

I've stolen away for a wee bit o` earl grey tea break
 to show you

is an ex-voto paper locket!
I love how the vintage glitter replicates the rhinestones on the front of my original rhinestone ex-voto!
and ~
It will tarnish over time leaving a beautiful patina look!!

when you turn it over
it is gold leafed
and it has a tiny heart box on the back...

that opens up for you to place a token of love into!
Just as my inspiration one does!
This paper one is also the same size as the original.

These and a few other pretties
including my luscious sea silks
have arrived!

and are available in my etsy shop
won't you come see??
I also wish to share a mini tutorial today!

Now, it is no secret that I simply adore the Jeanne d`arc Living magazine!!
~ and I have found myself mesmerized by this simplistic elegant lifestyle
I am always looking for ways to "romance" our home
and while there are soooo many pretty things to be had,
they often cost a pretty penny!!!
((what?? ~ aren't all YOUR pennies pretty and shiny new??! ~ and your paper bills crispy clean??!!))

Here is my dime store creation!!
((does anyone even say ~dime store~  anymore??!!))
Here is my Wal-mart/Jeanne d'arc style creation!! 


Do you love it??

Want to make one of your very own??

I am assuming that your answer was~  

So here are a few things that you will need:

 * a tall white holy candle
(is this what they are called??)
Wal-mart has them with no "loud color" pictures on the front
which saves me having to goo-be-gone them off!! 

* a vintage doily
I always have my eye out for these and pick them up whenever I find them.
lets say you don't have any at the moment,
just put these on your good `ole Wal-mart list!
Bring them home and when you have a cup of tea,
make one for your doilies too!
it gives them an aged look...
unless you like them white-white,
in which case, skip this step!! 

* a flower that calls to you...
preferably creamy white, but again ~ your choice!
Remove the plastic center stamen so you are left with just the petals...

* a Vintage Inspired French Scapular
These will
 be at Wal-mart
but you can find them here:
order 1 per candle
((think hostess gifts~teacher gifts~great to have on hand/you like me, you really like me gift!!))
you would think that 5 would be enough

yah~ NO!!!

((ohhhhhh Micheeeeellleeee!!!)

to assemble:
step one: cut ribbon on scapular in the center
step two: pull these ribbons through the center of your chosen flower petals
like so,

step three: thread through your doily top
like shown:

pulling them through to the back,
now go in and out,

weaving back and forth through the holes similar to this:

step four: pull ribbons to tighten all the layers together
step five: tie on to you holy candle jar


now turn it back around to the front
and adjust the height to your liking
and fluff your flower just so...

step six: tie on a piece of sea silk and vintage lace ribbon,
add a few pretty long matches...

and you have one lovely
Jeanne d'arc looking candle!!!

and trust me when I tell you
One is NOT enough!!


...sharing this over at Kathleen's
White Wednesday!

back to glittering:)

here's to happy, creative days in the studio!


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