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Dec 17, 2012

...pretty christmas fluff

...hello dear ones!
yes ~
it has been way, 
~ waaaaay~
 to long since my last post.
please, forgive me.
2012 is almost over!
it has been a rough year
so i am looking forward to a fresh new year! 
but i couldn't let these last few magical days slip by
without wishing you all the very best
and the most love and joy your hearts can hold!!
and to share with you
just WHAT i have been up to
here is my christmas outfit
i'm dreaming of a white christmas:)
i adore the silver sequin sparkles scattered all over this sweater
a dear friend gifted me the scarf and finger mitts
they matched perfectly!!
i wonder how she knew?!?
i decorated my tree with crystal snowflakes
and glass ice cycles

white feathers, milkweed fluff
and a few carefully placed strands of tinsel
i love how the snowflakes cast a shadow on the walls at night...
~simple elegance~

my snowflake fairy topper almost touches the ceiling!!
pretty packages await under the tree...
...so lovely
i am content just gazing upon them...
a tree's reflection in a mirror, can be magic!
dancing lights:)
here is the fireplace mantel...
i used ethereal pearl lights, a feather garland
a few snowflakes and crystal leaves
i looked aaaaallll over
 for see through stockings this year
yah no!
none were to be found
so i made my own out of sparkle grey tulle
white sequin fringe
and added a pair of wings to each one...
i adore how they turned out!
like an angel's whisper...
an angel on my entrance way wreath...
isn't she divine?
dangling crystals and jasmine flowers ~ sigh...
and for me,
it wouldn't feel like christmas without paperwhites
here are a few in beautiful felted wool bowl...
a lost dollie found me again this year
and whispered her desire to be transformed...
do you think she is happy now?
i gave her a tulle skirt
and hand dyed her "sweater" to match
and added a sparkly star halo...
but i think it's her little sparkly ballet slippers
that she likes the most ~
she thinks they are magic!!
(wink, wink!)
my studio has been FULL of transformations
this holiday,
i made a tundra swan for my mom.
she adored the one i made last year...
next year, i will show you how i did it!
as i said before,
i am looking forward to 2013 ~
i have many fairytale things to share with you.
i do hope you stop by for a visit every now and again
i will try and post again before christmas
but for now,
i wish you a very merry christmas
and the happiest new year!!
here's to all of you!

Oct 11, 2012

...missing you terribly my dears!
i'm trying to find my way back
truly i am
~ but ~
fluffin' this nest has been taking everything i've got!!
my wand has touched it all...
i started with the worst room in the house:
the kitchen
my mom suggested i take before photo's
i. did. not.
i was too mortified,
as you can not
~i repeat~
even imagine how hideous it was!!
the walls and cupboards were SHINY brown
and the counter tops were,
are you ready for this?
the previous tenants did their worst,
so to speak,
on maintaining this home.
hence my long absence
yes my loves,
it has been a challenge!
the walls were washed with a "silver lining" blue
and the counter tops were painted
with krylon's counter top paint in dove grey
serenity is bliss!!
what you are seeing here is my kitchen window
the lighting is terrible.
we are on a wooded lot and sunlight is scarce:(
so sparkle and shine was absolutely necessary in my makeover...
i started with the sheerest cotton organdy fabric
i could get my hands on,
and spun them into these "cupcake" window ruffles
(don't you love the sound of that??!) 
i wanted light dancing off of the walls
and in order to do that
you need crystal!
i searched hi and lo for a small crystal pedant light to no avail
i whipped one up!
this WAS a crystal candlestick votive
(wink, wink)
and with my handy dandy dremel tool,
and a polished silver pendant kit,
it became this!
i love the dancing light sparkles that it produces!!
this is by far
the smallest kitchen i have lived with
and cupboards are scarce here too
i need beauty!!
so off came a door
and faux bead board wallpaper went up
along with a light on a dimmer switch,
added two glass shelves
and crystal prisms to a piece of metal stamping
and voila!!
somewhere to put my beautiful bubble glasses!!
and this fabo "silver lining" inspiration holder from a kindred soul
is showcased oh-so-lovely now,
between two silk ribbon wrapped candles...
i have a slight obsession for iridescent bubble glasses
they make anything fizzy simply magical!!
the center room light throws delightful shadows on the ceiling
casting away any residual "eewness" from what it once was...
as i find the time,
i will be back to share the other magical things going on
in the land of odds...
and hopefully you will be inspired
to wave YOUR magic wand
wherever you are
as you can make it beautiful too
even if it's temporary!!
be good to yourselves my dears...
next time,
i'll show you just what IS
a "looking glass" chalkboard!!
until then
kiss, kiss!!
here's to silver linings and all things sparkly!

Aug 15, 2012

...just humour me ~ please!

...hello my dears!

i am here

now i realise ~
that you may be at the end of your rope with me

for you have stopped by for a sweet visit
only to find
my well is dry...

to which i would kindly respond ~
hang on...
i'm re-ruffling my fairy wings

to reach further distances of my imagination
so that i may continue to,
 inspire and delight you...

it won't be long...

until then,
please know that i simply adore you all!!

biggest fairy kisses!!

(and just so my wings don't rust off)
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here's to magic wands!

p.s. does anyone know of an awesome wand shop??
my wand is weary and needs a recharge!!


...but seriously
do you???


Jul 24, 2012

...the spell of the sea

the salty sea

and all that she offers,
may call to you ~


with all her might
to come sit at her ruffly hem's edge
and just be...

she has cast her spell on me
and this week i found myself creating pretties
inspired by her intoxicating allure...

i very often find that i create ensembles
like this...

a crochet thrift store find,
can become an elegant beach dress in less than an afternoon
with a few snips there and a tuck here
and let's add some tie straps and a high lo hem there
and voila!

a sea side dress
just perfect for walking on the shore, no?!!

(i bet you'll never pass up a cotton tablecloth again ~ will you?!?)

and i don't know about you,
but my curly locks always end up looking
 w-a-y past windswept on the beach!
so to tame my locks and still feel pretty ~ 
 i created these simple little bobbies
with nothing more
 than a handful of freshwater pearls
and some sterling silver wire

something "washed over" me
when i was designing this tiny, wire wrapped shell rosary

it took me two strait days to wire wrap all those shells
but i simply ADORE how it turned out!!

and least we not forget the lobes...

...as in ear lobe adornments

freshwater pearls in two different shapes,
can become most lovely paired together
and will dangle beautifully

silver, pearls, lace and shells just seem so natural for the sea...

i can't wait to hit the beach in my new beach ensemble:)

now ~
 if i only knew when...

not to worry
i will simply leave it on my mannequin until the day i return
to the sea,
the sea,
the beautiful sea...

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here's to creating pretties, inpsired by the sea!


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