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Jul 24, 2012

...the spell of the sea

the salty sea

and all that she offers,
may call to you ~


with all her might
to come sit at her ruffly hem's edge
and just be...

she has cast her spell on me
and this week i found myself creating pretties
inspired by her intoxicating allure...

i very often find that i create ensembles
like this...

a crochet thrift store find,
can become an elegant beach dress in less than an afternoon
with a few snips there and a tuck here
and let's add some tie straps and a high lo hem there
and voila!

a sea side dress
just perfect for walking on the shore, no?!!

(i bet you'll never pass up a cotton tablecloth again ~ will you?!?)

and i don't know about you,
but my curly locks always end up looking
 w-a-y past windswept on the beach!
so to tame my locks and still feel pretty ~ 
 i created these simple little bobbies
with nothing more
 than a handful of freshwater pearls
and some sterling silver wire

something "washed over" me
when i was designing this tiny, wire wrapped shell rosary

it took me two strait days to wire wrap all those shells
but i simply ADORE how it turned out!!

and least we not forget the lobes...

...as in ear lobe adornments

freshwater pearls in two different shapes,
can become most lovely paired together
and will dangle beautifully

silver, pearls, lace and shells just seem so natural for the sea...

i can't wait to hit the beach in my new beach ensemble:)

now ~
 if i only knew when...

not to worry
i will simply leave it on my mannequin until the day i return
to the sea,
the sea,
the beautiful sea...

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here's to creating pretties, inpsired by the sea!

Jul 17, 2012

...lovely laundry

...hello my dears!

i can't believe that summer is almost half over

i start to panic when i see the school supplies appearing on the shelves 
and i'm thinking,
i'm just getting into the groove of these lazy, hazy days!
and before you've even gotten around to your pink lemonade slushy
it's fall!!

as i imagine you are all
of hearing about my drama
(ME TOO!!)
i thought i'd share a light an airy post today

one H~O~T day last week,
i stopped into Target to get my mind off stuffs
and to see what was new
as i hadn't been there for a while
as i was walking back to the yoga ware
(gotta have cute comfiness when pretzel bending!)

 these summertime beachy shorts called out to me instead
yep ~
they called out my name
hey Rosemary
look at us over here!

as i said,
it was melty HOT

and i may have been delirious

there were only two lonely pairs dangling there
a white pair
and a stonewashed denim pair

the white pair happened to be my size
(that never happens!) 
((lucky me!!))

i tried them on
and said yes please!
sorry yoga ware,
summer cuteness wins the day 

they were soooo comfy
lightweight and double stretch
perfect for summertime

i searched all the other Target's in my area
to find the blue denim one too
 only to find that they were such a hot item
they were mostly sold out everywhere

but that didn't stop me
i went on line and ordered them!!

now girls
denim never goes out of style
and i'm pretty sure cutoffs have been around for awhile too
and since lace is where it's at for me
ah hello
it's a no brainer here
give me one in every color you have please!

if this is something you'd like too
here's the Target link:

they wash fabulous
fit true to size
and look pretty darn lovely on the laundry line too!
and no worries on ordering them online
if you get them and don't love 'em
simply return them to any Target store for a full refund
easy peasy!

here's the kickers i bought to go with em'

they're pretty darn cute and
believe it or not
comfy too!

it's summertime
we're girls
be happy!!

no link for the lace up sandals
they were a clearance item from V.S.

a bit of a random post i know,
there you are
you just never know what's going on in the land of odds


sharing this with
faded charm's: white wednesday

here's to lovely laundry!

Jul 10, 2012

~ message in a bottle ~

...hello my dears

do you find that sometimes in life,
you feel shipwrecked?

 by that i mean ~
you have lost your footing
and things appear so upside down,
you feel as though you have awakened
on some deserted island somewhere...
which wouldn't be bad if J.D. were stranded there too
((and WHO may J.D. be? you are wondering?!))

of course!!

(((i know, i know)))
yah, right!

back on that desert island thought...

here you are,
making the best of it,
gathering your sticks to build your beach shack,
and a sand storm blows outta nowhere and

and those were pretty sticks too:)

no problem you say
as you brush the sand off
and dig your heels in deeper.
 i'll look for a cave of shells instead...
not quite what you had envisioned
but you can make this work!!

after a long spell of shell cave hunting,
you close one eye for a bit of rest

(you know those starfish are carnivores ~ RIGHT?!?)

as you gaze up to those vultures circling above
 your thinking to yourself,
"self ~ how in the h-e-double-toothpicks did this all happen??)  

self doesn't say nothin'!

~ are you listing?!


~ but listen closely my dears ~

HE is!!
 one random day
you catch a glimpse of a bottle floating towards you
~ glee ~
perhaps a friend sent a "message in a bottle" to your floating island...

(them "c.i.a.gulls" know too much!!)


and there is no mistaking it.

a gift from a dear friend
has a message
L-O-U-D and clear...



your singed eyebrows furrow with disbelief
as a salty tear rolls down your sand stained face
you watch the clouds roll away
 as the SON shines down upon your greasy hair
(who knew travel size shampoos really ARE useful!!)

...grant it
you are still on that island ...
but you know that HE loves you
and He's got your back...


thank you my sweet friend,
for a most lovely mermaid's purse!
the fairies embellished it a wee bit :)

sharing this fairytale with
faded charm's: white wednesday

here's to those messages in a bottle!


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