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Mar 28, 2013

...a whimsically white easter table

...hello my dears
~ happiest spring! ~
are you all ready for you Easter tides?!
 i've been delightfully busy
creating a few pretties for my easter table!
this year,
  i wanted a whimsical fairytale like feel...
the food will be the beautiful color
while everything else is as a blank palette to showcase it!
some of you may remember my lamb from this post
lovely lamby  ~
i simply adore him,
 and anticipate seeing him on my easter table every year!
as soon as i "eye spied"
 this sheer embroidered cross fabric at Joann Fabrics
i was inspired!
a small handful of pretties,
can become lovely napkin rings.
 simply thread silk lilac blooms
and pearls onto white wire,
the length of your napkin ring
plus a little extra for twisting off
add a pretty band of organdy petal trim under each one,
fasten to your napkin rings
and voila!
a delicate napkin ring holder!
i wanted pretty "sugared eggs" for each place setting
and looked all over for them
yah right!
all the stores have done cutbacks ~
ie. back to basic juicy colors
ie. not too many fairytale like pretties to be found!
but, not to worry...
all you need is a few wooden eggs
(i like the weight of them better than paper mache ones)
paint them white and once dry,
paint them again with elmers glue and sprinkle with sugar
er ~
i mean sparkly white glitter!!
for my name place markers
i used silk petals that i removed from a few magnolia flower stems that i liked,
 a feather rose for my "sugared egg" to nestle in,
a rhinestone cross charm,
(all of which were found at Joann Fabrics)
and pearl napkin ring holders that i already had.
put them all together and...
sooo puuuuurty!!
wouldn't you agree??
i wanted three candles on my table around lovely lamby
to signify, three days...
i used the tall holy candles
and tied them
ballerina style with tulle,
then added a pretty lace and pearl bracelet
around each of them at the bottom.
~ easy peasy loveliness!! 
here is my set table...
i like to set it a few days before
as to not feel rushed
and i enjoy creating a pretty table :)
see the buffet?
it used to be a spiced pear color...
now, it has been Annie Sloaned!!
French Linen and then white washed...
i know it's hard to see,
but i made mini chandeliers for the inside!!!
and painted my candle cabinet to match!
i said candle cabinet...
i have a thing for beautiful soy candles...
i pulled out my white bubble glass dishes for this table...
i adore their swirly glass that has an opalescent finish  
just like bubbles...
~ sigh ~
now i can focus on the pretty easter food delights!!
i wish each and every one of you dear readers,
a most joyous Easter time with your "peeps"
see what i did there?!?!
up next,
i will be sharing this plaster rose sculpture with you!
so tune in next time...
until then,
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here's to a happiest Easter!

Mar 13, 2013

~snow angels~

...as i peered out my window this morning
the grey, cloudless sky
seemed to delight in flitting down more snow
yes ~
 of that fluffy white stuff
i seem to ONLY desire at christmas time!
 i am *definitely* more of a beach kinda girl:)
so as i anxiously wait upon springs arrival ~
1 week from now
 i will be sharing my farewell to winter today
i give you
 ~snow angels~
you may count yourself fortunate
if you were to ever see...
a pair of divine snow angels
as lovely as these...
...i spied them gliding upon crystallized frozen water droplets
sprinkling their delightful, ethereal magic
as they trudged through the snow...
so i grabbed my camera
and followed them awhile
for there were things that i wanted to know!
it was then that they revealed that
sometimes they grow weary
and need a restful day
so they head out into the wide open fields ~
their most favorite place to play!
and i found that if you ask them
ever so nicely
they may "pose" in a photo for you
for who wouldn't want to catch a glimpse
of something so rare
as lovely as these snow angels
with ringlets of fine, spun hair?!
of course you may have to bribe them
with a snow angel treat
... or two
oh joy!
i just happened to have on hand
a plate of meringue snowflakes
and homemade smores ~
perhaps that would do?!
 with glistening eyes
and much to my surprise,
they assured me that their answer was
i stepped back with a wondrous heart
and tried to take it all in...
it has been such a magical day...
for there is nothing quite like a big grin
 from such delicate creatures
 beaming from within...
and as we bid our adieus ~
 they turned to walk away,
i whispered my gratitude to those lovely snow angels,
that i caught a glimpse of that day.
the end.
i hope you enjoy seeing snow angels today:)
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...here's to lovely snow angels!


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