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May 15, 2014

a random post of pretty floral blooms and organizing...

...hello again!
spring has
sprung here!
and everything is blooming:)
including the furniture
nah, not really
but I did create this floral blanket for my mom's pretty cottage!
each bloom was meticulously hand cut out
 and sewn to a throw blanket and two heart shaped pillows...
I adore how it turned out
and LOVE how it looks in her bella pink room!
I also made her a paper rose sculpture
but this time ~
I added lights!
she hung this in her bedroom,
and in the evenings,
she can turn it on with a light remote!
so just before she dozes off to dream land
 she can simply "click" them off!
or not!
they are sooooo romantic,
wouldn't you agree?!?
~ sigh ~
now I think I shall have to make another sculpture that lights up...
 for me!!
switching gears here,
a little random I realize...
but I wanted to share this solution
 for organizing jewelry
I have l - o - n - g
 been trying to figure out a way to display my jewelry
I have never liked my pretties in a box
as I like to see them ~
in the daylight!
this is the solution that I came up with...
a jewelry station of sorts :)
I used a shadow box for my earrings...
perfect for displaying and keeping them in one location ~
paired together.
no more lost earrings!
for my necklaces.
I wanted them all to hang nicely
as in,
NO tangled balls of mess!!
so I found these 2" binder rings
that can easily be snapped open and closed...

and suspended them on a café rod!
now I can easily see what lovely adornment I wish to wear!
and for my bracelets, I used a pretty covered cork board.
I tucked all of this behind my master bathroom door
on the wall.
so if you have a little space
and wish to display your pretty adornments
I hope this inspires you!
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...here's to spring!



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