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May 28, 2010

...a pocket full of SONshine

...hello lovelies!!

~ just wanted to share a tune that's playing over and over in my mind
and leave you with this thought for the weekend:

~Pocket Full Of Sunshine~
by Natasha Bedingfield

I got a pocket,
got a pocketful of sunshine.

I got a love and I know that it's all mine.
Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.

Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.


Wish that you could, but cha ain't gonna own me.

Do anything you can to control me. Oh, no, oh.

There's a place that I go that nobody knows.

Where the rivers flow and I call it home.


And there's no more lies; in the darkness, there's light.

And nobody cries, there's only butterflies.

because the sun SON is on my side!

I smile up to the sky.

I know I'll be all right.



~ you caught me changing the words!

my bad?!
I do know HIM
and that's why I have a pocket full of sunshine

even in my unsteadiest days:)

share the love, my sweets!

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May 26, 2010

...a (fabulous lunch) break

...happy wednesday dear ones!!


I CHOOSE to be happy today anyway!!!


we still don't know what's going on with this moving stuff ~
we are moving this weekend...
I don't know where, but somewhere @^&% $#!

so yesterday, 
Jim inquired about a moving truck and the dude said that memorial weekend is
 busiest weekend of the year to move


and that he only had 1 truck left,

are you kidding me???

and the fees are double because of the holiday weekend!!!!

I'm not making this stuff up

I wonder if the airlines own the truck rental places too?!
~ gouged coming and going!!
 these are the things I think about
at 2:02 am


~ breath ~


much better
and I didn't even have to get to 1 this time :)

and truth be told

it's really almost comical now

at least that's what I tell myself to keep from
jumpin' on a bike and threewheelie-ing it to the beach
loosing my sanity
(is wheelie-ing even a word? well it is now!!)

I bet you envisioned a motorcycle wheelie, didn't you???

don't be silly
I'm odd

~ not stupid!!


I decided to take a (fabulous lunch) break today
and treat myself to
one of my absolute favorite salads
Pear Salad with and Bacon, Gorgonzola and Candied Walnuts

doesn't this just look sooooo yummy?!
below I've included a recipe so you can have one too :)

Pear Salad with and Bacon, Gorgonzola and Candied Walnuts

(makes 4 tasty lunch salads)

1/3 cup apricot nectar
 2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/8 teaspoon ground mustard
3 medium-large pears, peeled, halved, and cored
2 green onions (sliced)
4-6 slices bacon (cooked and crumbled)
1 cup gorgonzola (crumbled)
(if you don't like this cheese, you can substitute with goat cheese) 
 1 cup candied walnuts
12 cups mixed salad greens

~ Directions ~

In a jar with a tight-fitting lid, combine the first four ingredients; shake well. Combine the pears and dressing in a large serving bowl. (to keep the pears from browning)  Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, arrange pear mixture onto four beds of beautiful salad greens. Then sprinkle the tops with the green onions, candied walnuts, gorgonzola and bacon crumbles.
~ and Viola! 
a most fabulous lunch break!!

come on ~
let us go sit under a lovely tree somewhere,
bite into this delicious tastiness

and Enjoy!!!

(lip smackin` good I tell ya`!!)

 ...thanks for listening
~big hug~

~ and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!

May 24, 2010

...free falling

...it has been written
that patience is a virtue

well baby...

I must be soooo virtuous

ever so much so!!!

...I can explain:

 As you may or may not know,

We are moving.

I'm talkin`
smack dab in the middle of
a nooooo turning back
 kinda move!!

as in:
a gazillion boxes everywhere kinda move
(it's like a maze in here! I hope there's a wheel of italian parmesan!!)
~ miles
and miles
and miles
 of  a bubble wrap kinda move
(although I do look a little more svelte, if I do say so myself ~
my version of one of those plastic spa wraps ~ HA!)
~ and wrapping and wrapping
and yes, more wrapping with newspaper kinda move
(I feel like a piece of silly putty
  with all these funnies transferred to my skin!!!)

there is simply NOOOOOO turning back
nuh uhhh!!!

(and I pray you sweet readers NEVER feel like I do at this exact moment
 like throwing it all into storage
and parking the gypsy caravan on the beach somewhere
just for a little while
you know
for a year or two

here's the free falling part
(please bear with me
it's a trip!!)
The people moving out of our "new rental house"
have not closed on the house their purchasing
and don't know when they will be!!
it was supposed to be today
Our lease starts June 1st
and we must be out of our current home
by June 1st
because it is rented to another family and
they will take possession on June 5th

it's the ripple effect

So I've stepped off ~
not the cliff side mountain,
just in my anquist of this situation!!
I know that ALL things work together for the good
and that my reACTing is so much more important than the end result...
here I am again, Lord

...free falling in faith
because I know
a 100% kind of know
that You have our back
and it's all gonna work out as it should...
and did I also mention
this all needs to happen before June 15th!!
because Jim is the grand marshall of ceremonies for the Summit Norwalk Race
so we will be in Ohio for two weeks
(I really am excited!!)


if you need me,
I'll just be over here
on this mountain of boxes
 patiently waiting for it to all come together...

ps: if you still haven't entered the fan~tabulous giveaway
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May 18, 2010

...Ozma's fan~tabulous Giveaway!!!

Whoooo ~ Hooooooo!!!
Thank~You, Thank~You, Thank~You
 to all of You dear readers ~
Yes... YOU!!!!!
If you can envision
I'm doing the funderwhack~happy dance!!

you know...
the happy dance the Mad Hatter does

in my pink wellies

and tutu

...just another day behind the curtain!!

~ because I feel that 100+ followers is a milestone,
considering when I started this blog
last year
one random November day ~
I was thinking
yah, right...
who really wants to read about any of this
 blah blah blah...

aahhhemmmm ~
 over here
~ I can hear you!!
aren't you forgetting something?!

 pardon me...
about the artisan girl behind the curtain!!

Ozma's Giveaway
(Ozma - the lost gypsy fairy queen)

 dear readers

 have given me confidence and reaffirmation
that there is room for all who want to share
their little somethin` somethin` special!
~ and that we ALL have gifts to share!

and if I may,
let me traverse this subject for a moment 

let me shower you with pretties

share my gratefullness for stopping by and being a fan

adore you in a nutshell

Allow me to
 Thank You for your visits ~

to Thank You for your lovely blogs
that continue to inspire me with their content!

and to Thank You for all your comments ~
I really do appreciate all of your visits and
it brings me joy when You are inspired!!!

My life has been enriched by this blog world
...it is like entering the rabbit hole

and everyday,
 we get to share it together,
 and connect with others that truely enjoy being wonderfully creative!

 I just wanted you to be perfectly clear about how much your blogging friendships mean to me...


It's giveaway time!!!!!
that's right
fan~tabulous Ozma prizes await you ~

see what I did there?
* fan~tabulous *
as in,
 a fan of yours:)

So here's the nitty gritty~

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if you're not already a follower
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I value each and every one of you so don't be shy!!

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that's it!!

~ oh ~
I bet you want to see the goods  ~ eh?

Ozma's fan~tabulous giveaway prize package will be...

lots of pretties...just for you!

 *A vintage bourbon rose brooch
Odelette ~ little song
specimen 13
handmade petals in the color: angel's blush
measures 5" across

* A pink, hand tinted ~ bon que` que`
tipped with german glass glitter and a crystal crown

* A fabulous card of Luscious Silk Ribbons
approx. 52" each of the gorgeous grunge dyed
vintage rose collection colors

* A French Country Farmhouse Dollie
Dressed in her farmhouse apron
and her pink checked, ruffled wellies to match her hairbow!
along with her chicken ~ Belinda, a jar of cherry jam,
and a basket of Belinda's pretty eggs

* A set of 6 of these Oh-So-Lovely
Patisserie Tags


If you'd like to post or put a link on your sidebar
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I will draw a winner on June 1st!
Which just happens to be the date that
"Alice Johnny  in Wonderland"
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Now let's do the Funderwhack-Happy dance together!
wasn't that fun?!  

May 17, 2010

...lovely lily & cardboard...lots of cardboard!

...this is the lovely Lily!
She is our resident cottage owl princess
 and yes ~
( just in case you were wondering )
 most of my house friends are adorned with crowns!
 tee hee 
~ See her little ones?
she has a total of 7 babies
but, one was a little camera shy today
as he had already hopped down into the moving box...
his name is edward, very ornery!!!
they seem to know the drill!
White owls are known nomadics...
as in
 they don't stay in ONE PLACE for very long ~
for what, I'm not sure!
light bulb ephinany

I guess birds of a feather
Really do flock together!!

~ and this is really quite curious
because if you knew me,
you would never have guessed that I was a nomad...
I think I prefer something more like ~
seeker of the unique!

well baby...
this life's journey thus far has brought us that!!!



this post is now
 a packing/moving update:

 just the boring details of my current life's moments
for those of you that wish to click off
please do so now...

don't worry...
no mention
of a
 giveaway hint
will be given
... if you stay
so really
it's okay...

If you're still reading
Thank you for your support
I can feel it :)

The house is now FULL of cardboard boxes
about shoulder height
scribbled with what their contents hold
and where they SHOULD land at!
...and the windows and walls
 are so bare
and so NOT charming!!
It's like packing sun-light

You don't realize how much
stripping away the personality of your surroundings
truely adds to you visual spirit everyday. 

I absolutely know this new space we are moving to, will be fabulous
and I can't wait to share it with you...
this part is sooooo draining!!
I know, I know
whaaa whaaaa!!


Time for a happy~joy~joy moment!!

I have reached 100 followers... + !!!
and as promised
 It's almost time to reveal my 
fan~tabulous giveaway...
I am almost finished with gathering the fabulousnesses!!!!

I really think you are going to love it

you twisted my arm

here is just the tiny-iestest hint
it will include something from this post:
and something from this post:
amoung other pretties
but the theme just keeps coming up
the color PINK!!!

so visit again soon
`cauze you just never know what's going on behind the curtain!!
oh and
Welcome to all you new followers :)
thanks for coming along!
I can't wait to get to know you

May 13, 2010

...beauty is where you find it

the smell of vintage roses is like non other!
they are like lemony goodness combined with a sweet, heady aroma of
well ~

pretties from my studio

May I introduce to you

a most delightful collection of
handmade roses!

Each petal is hand cut and shaped
and then whimsically sewn together into these
oh-so-sumptuous bourbon roses!!

the colors are soft and lovely

~ angel's blush ~
a softest pink

~ firefly glow ~
a romantic buttercream

~lemon chiffon ~
a yummy lightest yellow

I have named each and every one of these pretties
as many, many breaths have gone into them!

they are petals of splendorous delight!!

~ and these are GORGEOUS pinned to anything you want to add instant loveliness on.

perhaps a summer hat?
maybe a lampshade?
a ruffled tote?
in your hair?
on a pillow?

the ideas are simply endless to where these roses would be fabulous!
Come see the collection at Ozma of Odds

but for me
definitely in my hair...

for today anyway ~

May 11, 2010

...coming up for air

~ Hello dear ones ~

...today I'm packing up my cookie cupboard ~

I call it that because of all the pretty little things that are contained inside!

wonderous things like ~
fairy molds from the UK

pink dragees (pretty little pink metallic sugar balls)

gumpaste lace presses

and candy jewels


this gets me thinking about one of my other passions

sugar art...

it is all so very fascinating to me

I simply must get back to it...

I'll just squeeze that in before dinner!!!

but no,
I think you might enjoy some of these wonderous creations

maybe at our new space/studio
I will be inspired....

just maybe:)

until next time
when I come up for air ~
big squeezes!!!

May 8, 2010

...happiest mother's day!!!!

...Happiest Mother's Day to all you dear mothers!!!

May your day be over-filled with adoring love
 and your hearts dance with great joy!!!!!

X (Big Kiss) O (Big Hug)

May 7, 2010

...behind the curtain today!

...sneakin` up on ya`!

Hello dear readers...
no, I haven't disappeared
I have
but not in the sense of like magic disappeared...

I can explain...
I've been lost in these

for as far as your eye can see
and tape

the time has come to move

and while I don't relish the fact that I must pack the contents of our life up
and move

I am looking forward to a new living space
to discover something new about ourselves that we would have never know otherwise!
~ Oh ~
didn't you know that about moving??!! 

I think it's an undiclosed law somewhere
that anytime you move
it can be discribed as if you are in a snowglobe


if you're not comfortable with that thought
how's this one:

When one door closes
another will open...

(one of my favorite secret doors)

I don't know about you, 
but that sounds pretty wonderland-ish to me!!!
so I quess I should be right at home!
Which brings me back to my original thought

We're moving

(did I mention, again?!)

I put emphasis on the word ~ again ~
because this will be the third year in a row...
maybe I should just cover our boxes with pretty paper and live with them as is!
ya` no!!!
just in case you were wondering what's going on behind the curtain
that's it!

I'll be back with updates:)

now were did I put that tape gun?!

~ Ode to the snowball ~ 
by moi
oh snowglobe of mine
can I put a request in??
next year, I'd like a charming cottage farmhouse that I can call my very own!!
and if it's not to much to ask
a lovely rose garden too??!

May 4, 2010



I absolutely adore the fragrance of lilacs!
 I have even been fortunate to visit Mackinac Island
during their lilac festival
and all I can say is...
slice o' heaven!!!!

and there are so many
you feel like a lilac fairy princess
gracefully stepping on them underfoot!!

Spring brings us sooooo much,
all we have to do is take the time to
well ~
smell it!!!!

under the lilacs I shall be
dancing with silk ribbons
until the last little purple bud opens
being grateful for the beauty that surround me
absorbing all the joy and happiness I can...
to pass along to you
 dear ones!!



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