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Aug 30, 2011

...the beautiful sea

...hello sea fairies!

i am learning
that whenever i can visit the sea,
i must try and gather a piece to bring back
so that it may tide me over when i can not be there physically...

on the days that you visit the Pacific sea
 you never know how it will be

calm? clear? cold?

to enjoy your visit,
you simply must accept the not knowing...

the unpredictability

i visited on my birthday
and on this day ~
here was the view from my soul...

as i spent a small bit of time pondering my life's journey thus far

i could hear my beating heart
melding with the rythm of the waves...

and all that was contained within me



out onto the warm, soft sand...

the sea affects me this way...
drawing out of me visually,
what i can not express with words

i leave here humbled,
washed anew
and full of inspiration...

as i gaze out upon the majesticness before me

i am grateful for each moment

and look forward to the creative out pours of the salty sea air...

as i walk along the ruffled wave shoreline
and gather these pieces

~ these memories ~

i am always amazed at the beautiful "bouquet" of images
 they make upon my soul

and as i carry these precious gifts home

i feel that for a brief time
i have been carried away to wonderful dream

my heart smiles big

for i can not wait to share these treasures
with all of you :)

sharing this musing with
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* sending out love and healing prayers to all those effected by the hurricane on the Atlantic coast *

here's to gathering dreams!

Aug 25, 2011

...if only

...if only...

if only...
we could sparkle a little more.

~ effervescence is contagious ~

if only...
we had the courage to fly.

 ~ it's not always about the destination ~


~ it's about the journey ~

~ believe in your bliss ~

if only...
 our life's "footprints" were walked in love.  

~ our world would be more beautiful ~

~ beauty is, as beauty does ~

if only...
 we believed in fairy tales
 happy endings.

~ the world would be a more magical place ~

~ hopes and dreams would thrive ~

if only...
we hugged each other everyday
and said "i love you" a little more.

~ our health and well being would increase ~
~ and our insurance premiums would decrease ~

if only...
we could dwell in the possibilities.

~ solutions to any question would always be within our grasp ~

if only...
we remembered what we wanted to be when we grew up.
and that feeling of being on top of the world.

~ would it change where we were heading now?? ~

if only...
we could give everyone a second chance.

~ life is complicated enough, can't we cut each other some slack?  ~
~ including ourselves?? ~

ah yes,
...if only.

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here's to the possibilities of "if only"

p.s. the last photo is of our new "rescue doggy"
his name is ~ marshmallow :)

Aug 18, 2011

...French Market Basket Tutorial

...hello, hello!!

i have much to share with you today ~

would you like to see how i turned this ho-hum basket


into this
~ French Market Basket ~

one of my favorite movies is "A Good Year"
starring Russell Crowe
who wouldn't love a romantic, french winery setting??

I can imagine using this basket, in town, at the local farmers market
taking it along if i were to visit a few of the ancient monasteries
to collect a few of their impeccably made artisan products!!

i know,
i dream BIG!!

you will need a few items to duplicate similar results

* a "french market basket" in the rough - purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics
it is part of their craftologies line and actually comes with the wheels
you can either purchase the natural willow or the white willow.

i bought the natural willow

* 4 bottles of "folkart" outdoor opaque paint
 #1618 "burnt umber"
and  3 bottles of "folkart" outdoor opaque paint
# 1610 "wicker white"
i know this sounds like a lot of paint
but, it is a big basket!!

* a larger sized foam sponge brush (love these!)

* a regular paintbrush

this is the ratio of how i mixed my paint:
1 whole bottle of the "burnt umber"
to 1/2 bottle of the "wicker white"

it reminds me of chocolate mousse!
mmmm....chocolate mousse good!!
keep in mind that it will dry darker than you think

start painting on your chocolate mousse brown paint

try to get into all the grooves of the willow
i found it worked best for me if i painted my basket facing me sideways
as opposed to the basket standing straight up and down.
it was easier to get into those grooves

be patient, and work in sections.
the good thing is, this paint dries quickly :)


notice, i did not paint the inside of my basket?
i ran out of paint!!!

i only bought 3 bottles of the burnt umber color :(
(hence, why i suggest 4 bottles) 

not to worry, i will remedy that ~

*step two:
paint the inside of your basket!!

*step three: white washing

you should have at least 1/2 a bottle left of the "white wicker."
~ pour what you have left into your paint bowl
add warm water to the "empty" container of  your "wicker white" bottle
shake, Shake, SHAKE it baby!!!
then shake it some more!

add the shaken water to the paint bowl and stir it up with our sponge brush until incorporated
(yes, i know the bottle says don't mix with water,
but it's my project and i always color outside of the box!)

have a bowl of plain water and your dampened paintbrush waiting

begin with your "white wash" paint
using your sponge brush
swipe the paint onto your basket.
now take your wet paint brush and "paint in" the white wash.
you are just giving your basket a light wash of white,
not trying to cover it in white paint.

keep using the water brush to lighten the white over the brown until you are happy with the results.

something like this


now it's time for the liner!

remember the original liner this basket came with??


yah NO!!

i was thinkin' of something more like this

much better!!

for my basket liner, i used a shabby chic shower curtain!
and used the lime green liner as the pattern
then i added a ruffle!

(you knew i had to have a ruffle in there somewhere ~ didn't you?!)

i designed this "Mission de Saint Rose"
for the front of my basket
and printed it onto silk
then decoupaged it to the front.

i wanted it to seem like it had been there for many years...

added a pocket to the inside...

i then envisioned what a rose may look like
  had i purchased it at one of the artisan's monasteries...
and came up with this

i hand stamped a few flower petals with french script,
then added some lace, tulle and a vintage fleur center.
i fashioned some rosebud leaves and put them all together...

lovely, no??

and were you wondering just what was up with the smaller basket??

i wanted it for the back of my basket to put such things as keys
and perhaps a lovely bottle of water...

i just tied it through the willow
securing it on with ribbons.

i can't wait to use my new french market basket!!
as i'm sure you will feel the same way about yours!


i hope you have been inspired
and will be headed to JoAnn's soon

no, i was not compensated by JoAnn's for the use of their products!
your comments are compensation enough :)

the end.

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here's to lovely transformations!!

specific info on the Jo-Ann's market basket

"natural willow wheel"  #841488061356  $39.99

Jo-Ann Fabrics Corporate Office Headquarters
5555 Darrow Road Hudson, OH 44236


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