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Apr 19, 2012

...mission impossible..."the island" episode

do, do, de, dooo,
do, do, de, doo,
do, do
do, dee, do
ba, da

(okay, okay, enough of that!!)
((do you know the theme song to "mission impossible??))

(((then sing it in your brain to humor me, as you read this post))


the one good thing about moving from nest to nest is,
you may be fortunate
 to have a few lovely kitchens along the way

some of them are the big, gourmet type
some of them are small
and cozy like...

like say ~
the one we have here.
it is one of the smallest i've ever been challenged with

i like to bake,
so i needed a little more counter space...

what to do?

the other feat was,
the color of the walls...

now normally,

i would have painted them
but as i knew we would only be leasing this home for a short while,
 i opted to stretch my design self
and work with it!

i spied this fabulous,
 canvas cathedral church print at Marshall's
and knew it was perfect for my space...

loved the blue-green wash the frame had,
and the cathedral stamping
was in a complimenting tone for the wall color!

a week later,
i turned up this wooden candle holder cross
in the same tone...

what are the "odds" of that??
wink, wink

i added a soy candle
and draped a delicate rosary around the wire cup...

and moved on to the island ~

i searched
and searched

and searched!
but nothing really stood out for me.

so i pondered awhile...

the movers had damaged a few of our furniture pieces
(i know, i know, DON'T even get me started my dears!!)

one of those pieces was my daughters dresser.
it was about to hit the goodwill doors
when poof!!
i had a vision!

i wish i had taken a before picture
but just imagine two more drawers in this
oh ~
and it was a sour cream color...

perhaps i could made this work

in fact,
i know i can!!

so out came the annie sloan chalk paint.
i gave it a base coat of french linen
then a top coat of  my perfect white
(which is 2 parts white to 1 part old white)

and you know the drill after that

and then oh and ah!!

you know i gotta have my details,
so this grey, freshwater pearl rosary hangs off of my dish-towel bar
(hubby cut down an actual towel bar to fit the island) 

behind this door is my kitchenaid stand mixer.
it didn't fit on the counter as the cupboards were to low.
the arched door is perfect to slide it in or out of!

on the front of the door,  
i painted on a grain sack stripe
and then hand painted this fleur de lis...

love, Love, LOVE how it turned out

the drawers!

the first drawer,
houses our silverware and knife board.
and not to worry
as we didn't waste the two other drawers we removed

no sir ree!!

we took off the front board, and cut the 2nd drawer in half
then added a pretty handle
so we could use it for baggies, foil, wraps, etc.

 only the very bottom of the 3rd drawer was used to make a sliding,
pull out shelf for dish towels and sparkling water
(gotta have my fizz!!)

my favorite part is the top

oohhhh do i swoon over this top!!!

i order a sheet of zinc counter top
and glued it around the top board piece
waxed it

a fabulous make over
in a french nordic style:)

let's see that again...

did i mention
 how much i LOVE my re purposed kitchen island
specific to my needs??!!!!

what do you think?


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here's to mission impossible re purposing!!

Apr 18, 2012

...things of fairy dust, decorating and silver linings

...hello dear readers

sometimes in life,
i find it useful,
to carry a few shiny bits of magic around with me

for those occasional moments,
that sneak up and try to steal my joy away!

aaahhh ~
yah no!

"NOT today!!"
i say, as i toss a bit of fairy dust in the air!

this is my mantel
~ i put up a grey linen/vintage bit of irish lace backdrop

long pause......
deep breath

(and even then, i hesitate to tell you)

this is just our temp abode!!
(yes, we are seeking a house ~ STILL!)

so needless to say,
if i had my druthers
(does anyone say this anymore??!)

 my wall colors would be more along this line...

as we are only here until july-ish,
i have no extra energy to paint it!

(what's that you say??)

((you think i'm a nomad??!!))

yes my dears,
it IS beginning to appear as such)))


but on this journey to my most authentic self,
it is simply a must
i tell you,
to remain open to the twists and turns in life
for i have found,
those turns do have a purpose...

so i adorn my spaces,
for however long,
as best as i can...

with things that i find beauty in,
and fill in the rest with as much love as i am able

i recently read somewhere
something that struck a cord with me
 and made me throw my head back in laughter...
would you like to hear?!

well then,

be the kind of woman
that when your feet hit the floor each morning
the devil says:
"Oh Crap, She's up!"

i know right?


i read this as the kind of woman i want to be!
which in no means is as a negative woman
but instead,
a woman that is strong in her soul
that knows that with those glorious rainbows
that also,
the storms will come
she can deal with it graciously and she won't fall over!!

i believe that at the end of every challenging road,
there stands a silver lining...

if you give up,
you will never see it!

but if you keep on,
you may see a glimpse of heaven...

my heart is broken in many places
and i wouldn't trade it in for a new one if i had too!!

would you?!

i have earned those cracks

and it is my hope
that through those cracks,
you can see a lovely light within me...

and perhaps, my whimsy:)

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here's to silver linings!

Apr 12, 2012

...swoon worthy...

...hello loves!

as promised,
today i am sharing things i'm crushin' on at the moment
to be exact

most of you probably know how i feel about dru's hand spun art yarns
found in her etsy shop ~ petit bones ~

but if you don't know,
let me just tell ya' as simple as i can




in fact,
if you were to ask dru,
she may say that i have a slight obsession
about her beautiful hand spun yarns!!

i can't help it,
they are that beautiful
one spin, is NOT enough!!

~ swoon ~

just wait until you see the start of my new collection
~ sea spins ~

oh. my. goodness are they fabulous

but that's for another post

it's about ~ her nest ~

and perhaps,
you may spy in my nest...

this most lovely neck adornment by diane
from her etsy shop ~ sacred heart design ~

is it not gorgeous???!

oh yah,
i'm crushin' hard on these...
put them together and
instant glam!

wouldn't you agree?

i asked diane if she were going to make a few more...
as i have a few more nests to adorn
she assured me that new ones would be arriving soon:)

i admire them so...

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here's to beautiful ~ nests!

Apr 10, 2012

...easter brunch

hello dear ones!

i hope you all had a most lovely
and blessed easter!


upon my return to ohio,
it has been a whirlwind flurry of action
and i have almost caught my breath!!



i look forward to easter every year
preparing for a most holy day,
anticipating my menu for my favorite meal
~ brunch ~

i wanted light and ethereal this year
...like meringue
which, as it just so happens,
is what i served for "dessert"
after champagne sauce, eggs benedict! 
little meringue nests
 filled with vanilla greek yogurt,
topped with fresh blackberries...


so anyway,
i wanted a lovely tablecloth
light and airy like
so i sewed up this see-thru ruffled beauty

and added luscious smelling lilacs to the sides...

the scent was glorious!

simple elegance


i have a thing for wild violets,
so i scattered a few all around the table
as one can never have too many spring flowers
can they?!

...here is my centerpiece


a beautiful "optimist aquiesse" candle (LOVE these),
lilacs and a stained glass cross...

a few lace eggs i enjoyed creating,
dangling from these linen flowered, white washed branches...


i couldn't resist these pearl white, glass eggs that i spied at home goods
i hung them by a few sea silk ribbons at my windows...

they had bling on the top of them
and you must know by now that i am part crow

oohhhh, sparkle, shine, sparkle

it was a lovely day spent with family,
celebrating our King!



on thursday,
i will be sharing a few of my favorite things at the moment:)

see you then!

sharing this post with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

here's to a blessed easter!


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