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Apr 28, 2011

...a beautiful pink cream puff!

...hello dear readers

i have been in a most reflective mood this week,
 knee deep in weeding out ~ things.

things that no longer have a purpose in my home,
and nothing is escaping my touch

from the closets to the furniture to the garage
(oi, dare i go there?!)!

and let me just say,
i have been weeding

so hard, 
i feel an awesome yard sale coming on
cause these stuffs are pretty things mind you!

but it is necessary.
my style is melding more into the beauteous atmosphere
found in the pages
combined with shabby chic
(gotta have them ruffles baby!!)

it is a "less is more" approach
and i imagine dusting will be a dream now too ~ lol!!

in my spare time

i have also been teaching myself photoshop
a daunting rabbit hole, i know,
as the days go on
i actually feel more confident using it

~ and i never thought i would!!

i have to tell you
your comments spur me on!!
this blogging world is full of creative, supportive women
and i sooo enjoy being a part of it

thank you, thank you!!

these photos are of a doll i pulled down to dust.
she was a birthday gift from my dearest mia years ago.
she made it from a vintage doll head from italy
and contructed a dress of vintage roses and petals
in my most favorite shade of pink,
whisper shell pink
this sweet creation is also a music box
she spins around and around to the tune of

can you guess?

why, happy birthday of course!

as if she were a rotating Italian patisserie

a beautiful pink cream puff!
(in case you were drawn in by my title, this is it!)

 good enough to eat
perhaps not!
but i was inspired to design a tag for my etsy shop!

what do you think?

i've also started linking up with some wonderful texture blog parties
so if this next part sounds like chopsticks to you
that's why!
in a nutshell
i've used 2 of kim klassan's textures
set on soft light/ 100% opacity
~ben's collection2~
set on soft light/ 68% opacity 
i have also tweaked the lighting and my actual photo settings.

and that's it!

i'm sharing this post with:
French Country Cottage's: Feathered Nest Friday
A Rosy Note's: Photo Texture Friday

and now
i'm off to make some yummy cream puffs with PINK icing
care to join me?!

here's to inspiration in blog land!

Apr 26, 2011


... the north winds ...


i never know when it will blow my way

* again *

i just know when it has arrived...



tugging at the tattered edges of my lace wings
gently calling me somewhere new,
hauntingly wooing this nomad heart...

i am most positive i am never looking for it

* change *


i know,
 that once the north wind comes for you

you may choose to use those tattered wings
follow wherever it may lead you...


allow the winds to ravage through you

taking cover under those wings...


just reflecting...

what next?

* serendipity *

 finding something that you were not expecting to find

sharing this post with Kim Klassen's Cafe: Texture Tuesday
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday
here's to finding something new!

xo, Rosemary

Apr 21, 2011

...an elegant Easter table reveal and handmade artisan treats!

...oh happy day!!

hello dear peeps ~
won't you come in for my Easter table reveal?!
I still have a few tweaks here and there,
for the most part,
my table is set.

there are a lot of pictures
so here we go...

It will just be the four of us this year.
Most of our family lives in Ohio
and with the rising costs of
it gets harder and harder to return for a visit :(
I do the best I can to make a beautiful day

here is my ruffled tablecloth all ironed...

and see lovely lambie?

oh yes,
do come closer
...don't be shy!

as I am a visual kinda girl,
it helps me to see the end result,
if I place my table pretties before hand.
it also makes it easier to plan a delicious menu!

Like this little glass platter
I will thread lush, juicy fruit upon these acrylic gem pics

and fabulously good deviled eggs will be on this dish...
did you ever wonder why deviled eggs are called "deviled eggs"
I mean,
why not call them whipped yolk eggs instead??!
well, I guess in this instance
it could be another symbolism...
Christ defeated death,
so the Devil has been whipped!!

(well, it's true!))

moving on...

ruffly edged dishes that will soon hold yummy morsels on them...

I can't stop looking at lovely lambie...

this vintage champagne bucket
conatins the plant
"summer snow"

and have you ever seen a chocolate egg with the serenity prayer on it??

well, I sure never had
until now,
and of all places
I found it at Wal-mart!

doesn't lambie look happy there?!

 for me,
an elegant table is not complete without some candlelight

I think it makes everything look beautiful

see that pretty lacy egg??
would you guess that it is a real, hand blown one?

every Easter,
for as long as I can remember,
I have seen lamb cookies at my Grandmother's Easter table,
and then my dear Mia's table,
and now, at my Easter table...

this year, I added a cross cookie too...

I really enjoyed making these dear cookies
as it was a way for me to be with my Grandmother
who is no longer here,
and to be with my Mom,
who is in Ohio...
far away in miles ~
but sooo very close in my heart!
 a family Easter tradition that I hope continues on with my young adults.

you may be asking yourself,
what the??!!

these are the ribbons that go around each and every lambie cookie...
little bells,
little crosses

see my flock?
I have two trays of these lemon shortbread lambies,
just in case any one stops by for a treat

won't YOU be coming??!!

frolicking lambs
edible lace palm crosses

these are new this year!
I really like how they turned out:)
I brushed them with sparkle powder and added a tiny white candy rose...

as my peeps are older now,
big baskets are out!
this year I have chosen these french flower baskets

I am working on these today
perhaps I shall seek some more velvet violets for the flowers instead
I will be whitewashing them
and adding a different french
treehouse toile image to the fronts of them

and then tie them to the backs of my dining room chairs.
Are you wondering
perhaps ~
and just what shall I be putting in them??
I have been making handmade,
artisan treats this entire week to fill them up with!

let's see,

chocolate dipped potato chips...
one of my fav's
 it's true,
I'm one of those salty sweet girls :)

and then we have
dark chocolate covered,
organic lavender, pretzel rods...


white chocolate crosses
brushed with lilac and pearl, edible sparkle powder...

along with these chocolate lambies...

I just couldn't resist em!


aren't they too cute?!!
as well as some other little happy
non edible treats
like iTunes gift cards and other stuffs teenagers like:)

we made it to the end...

I have so enjoyed sharing my favoritest holiday with all of you!

Each and every one of your comments,
through out all my Easter projects,
 have enriched this Easter even more for me
and I thank you sooo very much for your blog love:)

I would like to wish
~ every one of you ~
a most lovely Easter,
however you celebrate it,
and hope that this season,
I have offered some inspirations,
to enrich your days in return :)

I will be sharing this post with:
French Country Cottage's: Feathered Nest Friday
A Rosy Note's: Photo Texture Friday
(on most of my pictures, I have used a macro lens
with Kim Klassens, silence, texture overlay
set at soft light:aprox. 50%
and a few of Jerry Jones's textures... 
set at many different settings and blending modes.)

here's to a most joyous Easter weekend!

Apr 19, 2011

...a ruffley tablecloth, pretty pearled napkins and lovely lambie!!

...hello dear readers

I'm so happy you have come to visit today!!

Would you like to see
what I have been working on this week?

I've been working on my Easter table...

I made a lovely, ruffle tablecloth from a vintage linen tablecloth ~
I have been collecting beautiful, heavy ones,
preferably with roses on them,
 for years.

after making my choice for the base,
I then sewed miles
of ruffles around and around!!
(did I mention there were miles of ruffles?)

doesn't it look like a beautiful dress?!
and it fits my oval, pedestal table perfectly

my theme this year are white and periwinkle wild violets
lambs and crosses.
here is a little corner embellishment on my ruffled cloth...
they are vintage velvet violets, tied up with diaphanous silk ribbons
in luscious colors.
 they were what I had left over
from my table centerpiece 

here are the napkin rings I've settled on...

I used a pearl napkin ring and added a satin rosette and rhinestone sprigs
as I like a little sparkle!

I rather fancy how they turned out, don't you??
I think they will match my ruffley white plates very nicely.

and now dear ones...
here is the
piece de la resistaunce centerpiece

I'd like to present to you

~ lambie ~

I've been working on him for a month
and now he is complete.

I am in love...

he is made out of a topiary frame that I found - here
and the most perfect rosette trim from  - here
as are the vintage velvet violets.

I just knew when I saw these rosettes
that they were perfect
as they look like swirly, curly baby lamb fur to me
only ~
I first tried to swath my lambie in vintage lace 
lambie quickly let me know that
a. he was a he
b. no lace!!
his exact word to me were  - "baaahhah, no!!"

see his crown?
 there are those violets!!

I made him a crown of them and twisted some of my pearl adorned wire,
added more lovely silk ribbon
I also gave him little eyelashes

look ~
he is smiling at you!

he is even cute from the back :)

can you believe that this:

now looks like this:

see lovely lambie?
see lovely lambie smile?
smile, lovely lambie -

and hopefully you are smiling too!

I'll be sharing this post with:
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

later this week,
I'll be back to show you my lambie cookies and tabletop
so come back and visit again.
until then,

here's to Easter pretties to enrich happy moments!


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