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Feb 24, 2011

...short and sweet

...hello dear ones

another week FLEW by!

This will be a short and sweet little post
as I am still buried in my studio...
it's ok,
when it's lots of sparkly, pretty materials!!

I did manage to finish a few things,

~ pretty french cross tags ~

set on paper lace,
embellished with glass glitter,
an Austrian crystal center,
and a vintage lace ruffle...

I think the "urban grunge" necklace from last week,
 heavily influenced these!!

and I am putting the finishing touches
 on the lace fairy light,
mainly figuring out
just how to wire a light bulb into it!!

it is hard to see the patterned shadows,
but it is sooooo lovely!

and, it is challenging to try to photograph this in the dark!

but isn't lit up lace pretty??

so many ideas
just waiting to evolve!

yes, this is a ship
a prop for my new line of mermaid paper dolls
I'm thinking sea toile sails...

and this vintage spritzer bottle ~

although pretty as is,
it needs a little Ozma magic!!

so I better get back to it
so I have fascinatin' things to share with you for next week!

sharing this with Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday

here's to Ozma's wand ~
May it never run out of sparkly magic!!

Feb 22, 2011

...hope "spring"s eternal!

... hello sweets!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend
doing things you like to do!
  I sure did :)

If you were wondering
the french weeping pussy willow tree
I was gushing about last week
the happy dance answer is

It was a sight to see,
as we were pulling it through the store,
(it IS rather large!)
with SNOW all over it ~ lol!!
most everyone was coming up to it
and telling hubby o' mine and I,
how lovely it was...
(MEN, mind you!)
It is not ready for it's reveal,
rest assured,
I WILL be sharing this soon!!!

I've been putting a few spring touches all around
and here is another one of those vignettes

...one of my lace bottles
that I have been collecting from Rhonda
(I simply adore these and can't get enough of them!!)

a simple nest out of lichen moss, a pussy willow sprig
(I can use these everywhere NOW!!tee,hee)
and another pod of milk weed...

and it seems as though it is starting to emerge
 not only out of me in the pretties I create,
but how I look at my home too! 
I am intrigued with the simplistic beauty
 in using everyday objects
 ~ creatively!

just look at how beautiful a little box of eggs are!!!

maybe I am desiring spring to hurry along,


can you blame me?
don't YOU long for it too??!
I just had to share something my dear Mom said to me about my post
"the french pussy willow made me do it!"...
I had to sheepishly smile a bit
as my mom called me up after I posted last week about the stolen sprig,
and she said
"Rosemary! That is NOT what you are about, you can't go around rippin' stuff off,
and then say you have 10 holy candles scattered around your house!"

You're right Mom!!!
I guess they did absolutely NO good in that instance!!
I did buy the tree:)


come along with me
 and see what other spring delights are over at
Faded Charms White Wednesday!

here's to "nesting" and Mom's who keep you in line!

Feb 18, 2011

...the french pussy willow sprig made me do it! (& the OWOH giveaway reveal)

...hello dear ones!

Are you,

by any chance,

*** READY ***

for Spring

I sure am!

I thought I'd help call forth this renewing season


* you will NOT see me doing the ancient indian spring dance
* I am only 1/16th (a dash) american indian
* the rest of me is french, english, irish and czech
* there really is a spring dance
* I believe it's called the Prom
* my son is a senior this year
* he will be attending
* I will be making the flower corsage and boutonniere
* I used to work in a flower shop
* I'm thinking gardenia's
* hubby o'mine and I are on the decorating team
* and the chaperon team
* and the clean up team
* we are a "team" kinda' fam! 
* there is an american indian dance for everything!!

whoaaaa there,
how did I get soooo off track???
where was I,
ahhhh yes ~

it really all started with this:

okay, okay ~

I"ll admit it!
I carefully removed ripped this sprig
off of a tree from the Home Depot,
it has been calling me ever since...

* I think I may have to own it now
* it WOULD be the right thing to do ~ LOL!!!
* it really is called a french willow
* and it IS gorgeous!
*it's settled then!!

*here willow, willow!!

as I was saying...

THAT ripped off sprig (literally)
* I'm not proud of what I did,
I'm just sayin' :(

was my total inspiration for this early spring vignette

this is my chicken wire cloche ~
I simply adore these and have various sizes around my home:)

( if you like the look of these too, you can pre-order them HERE )
((no, I do not get a kick back, I just know how it is to adore something!!


and I spent almost a year searching for them ~ lol!!))
here is my early spring vignette...

a small bird nest on top of a paper seed cup that I tied with some vintage lace
and then tucked in a milkweed pod (LOVE those!)
a vintage image copy of Mary,
a rhinestone Jesus pin,
and my personal favorite
that sprig of French Pussy Willow...

oh look!
another holy candle!!
(I think I'm up to about 10 of these, floating around my house!!) 

but this one has one of my silk prayer ribbons tied around it.
aaahhhhh...simple elegance...

so now I'm off to secure what started it all
The French Pussy Willow Tree!!
Wish me luck

but before I go,
it's time for the One World, One Heart giveaway reveal!

here we go!

the fairy lights are for: Miss Gracie 
ex-voto paper locket is for: Cat & Cricket 
pink silk prayer ribbon is for: Bonjade 
Congratulations dear girls!!

Thank You to all who visited and entered :)
It was quiet the experience!!


linking up to Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday
French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday
Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday

here's to springs ~ EARLY ~ arrival!!

Feb 16, 2011

...urban decay & damsel wings

...Happy White Wednesday everyone!!

my fairy fingers have been moving so fast this week,
I 'm at a point where I don't even look down until they're finished ~ LOL!!
I've been envisioning some lovely new neck adornments...

here is my first attempt

 I wanted something...

~ romantic ~
~ dramatic ~ 

something like
urban decay!

I am pleased with how this first piece turned out!
What are your thoughts??

I've also been busy designing some new
paper doll muses

she is my first in this series:
"french damsel fairies"
see her dragonfly wings?
Did you know that dragon flies are also know as damsels?!

it is hard to capture the beauty of her wings
but they have an iridescent sheen to them
just like a real wing!!

love, Love, LOVE it!!

now I'm off to put a few more together:)

and share these few pretties over at
Faded Charm's White Wednesday!

I hope your days are filled with joy this week:)

On Friday,
 I will be announcing the 3 winners of the OWOH event giveaway,
so it you were playing along, be sure to visit then:)

here's to fairy fingers!!

Feb 11, 2011

...white~hot love!!

...hello sweets!!

I'm late to the VIF Valentine Party ~
I've been busy in the kitchen making heart shaped macaroons and raspberry galettes!!

I wanted to wish each and every one of my dear readers 
a weekend full of Happy Valentine's love!

I think Valentine's doesn't always have to be red and pink...

Why can't it also be

and how about a pair of wings on your heart,
so it can soar to places of unknown love!

...these love birds seem to know the way!

wishing you a most love filled weekend
full of sweet things!!

and finally linking up to Common Ground's Valentine Inspiration Friday!
Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday
French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday

here's to white~hot love!! 

Feb 8, 2011

...let it be ~ covered in lace!

...hello dear ones

my mind is swirling and twirling,
as it often does when I'm working in the studio.

but today was dreary out,
and all I keep singing over and over in my mind
was a Beatles song
"let it be"
not really sure how it popped into my brain,
but it's stuck
and it's playing over and over on repeat!!!

one line sticks...

~ and though your troubles may be heavy...
let it be, 
let it be!!

let it be you say?


I delve into my creative space
with these words of wisdom,

letting it be...

(yes, I can follow directions ~ sometimes ~ maybe ~ if I choose too!!)

and I got to thinking,

what if  ~
I could blanket the world


maybe that's a little unrealistic
( please, PLEASE don't call me out on this,
as I know myself, and couldn't resist the challenge!!)

but it's the way my brain works!
start with the extreme
and work down to a place I think I can manage...

bet you can't tell what material
I've been working with this week ~ LOL!!

last night, when I finally slunk-ed into bed,
((is slunk-ed even a word?? I think that's what the Grinch did in who ville))
any ~ WHO!!!
as I was saying,

there was lace stuck in my hair!!
not even kidding!!
I guess I really throw myself into things!!

would you like to see a few of these lace pretties??!

here is a light shade make over 

this was very gratifying,
 I RIPPED off the pre-existing shade,
and just made a little lamp shade skirt!!
added a few velvet blossoms, a fairy and

I whipped up a fresh batch of french fairy dollie skirts...

love the way they look hanging off my grunged rose petal ribbon
and I'm really excited about finishing this ~
another fairy light concept,
a fairy ball chandelier!!

I envision it in my dearest mom's farmhouse kitchen!!
I can't wait to get it lite so I can see the lacy pattern thrown all over the walls!!! 

stitching, stiffening,
and day dreaming of how it will look when it is done...

(tee, hee ~ see my needle??)

it is a real work of "heart"!!!
(I blame it on the mod podge!!)
I'm just giddy with excitement!!

I hope she likes it...

I think I may have to make another,
as I have fallin' in love with it :)
and am already dreaming up little ones too!!

what do you think??

I'll be sharing this over at Faded Charm's White Wednesday
I wonder if there are any doilies over there???
I need more ~ lots more!!

hugs and squeezes!!

here's to fairies and letting it be!!

Feb 3, 2011

...a swan song

...hello dear ones!

today I was cleaning the glass mirrors
in my living room and
I am feeling a little...
uuummmmm ~
 I thought I would share a few pictures
and thoughts about
my vintage paper, swan adornment.

she resides on top of my mirrored armoire...

I constructed her from pages of vintage poetry books,
~ words of beauty for the heart ~
and vintage sheets of music,
~ notes to resonate within your soul ~
and of course a bit of paper lace and
clear vintage glass glitter for the tips

and although she is made out of paper,
she quietly reminds me to be graceful as I glide along  life

a most elegant creature is she...

one to be admired


a swan song
by me

elegance and beauty
gracefulness and poise,

poetry in motion
without one word,
 a sound,
or a noise...

you are covered in loveliness
always finest in show

and to watch you glide along so effortlessly,
letting all the others know

that you are a special one
chosen indeed,
ethereal in your motions
to which we should heed,

and ponder for a moment
before your vision slips away,

the gift that has been given

~ life ~ 

and in everyday,

we should move about gracefully
with a song in our hearts
and not squander it away,

for today
is a day,
that the Lord has made!


thank you for indulging my poetic heart today!

sharing this with
My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday
French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday

here's to the oh-so-lovely swan and all the inspiration she beholds!

Feb 1, 2011

...sweetheart center piece tutorial

...hello my sweets!

today I will be sharing with you,
a very simple tutorial of an
rose heart center piece!!

with nothing more than a few supplies,
you too, can make one of these rose centerpieces!
So lets get started.

here is a list of what you will need:

* a container ~ I have chosen to use this glass heart,

* a ring of floral foam ~ much easier to cut and shape into my heart than the usual blocks
(but make sure it is floral foam and NOT just styrofoam
as the styrofoam will just float and NOT absorb the water!)
((no water = thirsty flowers!))

* a bouquet of flowers that make your heart flutter with joy
I chose these sweetheart, pink blush roses

I purchased the glass heart, floral foam ring and candles from
the Dollar Tree store

* step one: start by cutting your foam with a sharp knife
pieces to fit snuggle-y into your heart 

*step two: add tepid water
with the flower additive powder that you get with your flower bouquet
to your heart.

*step three: start shaping your centerpiece by snipping your flowers down
and pushing the stems into the wet foam

filling in as you go,
until you are pleased with the shape and fullness

and Voila!!
a heart you can truly adore!!

For a lovely centerpiece,
I added the two blush colored candles on each side of my heart,
and tied them with pieces of pink silk 
and embellished them with more vintage earring bling!

placed them all on top of this pretty footed silver tray,

and smiled at the results!!

now all I need are some pretty tasty morsels!!

...I just couldn't resist ~ 
(this next pic is for Rhonda)
I call this
"post card from Paris"
hint, hint

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are inspired
to create a sweetheart centerpiece for your very own:)

here's to sweethearts and blushing roses!


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