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Apr 27, 2010

...a dreamy pink bird aviary!!

...hello dear ones!!

I would like to show you one of the pretties
my mom and I were working on!!

This is my new,
~ pink bird aviary ~
Which is now hanging over my bed!!

Is it not ~ dreamy??!

...sooooo many projects were going on in the studio!
This took about a week to put together
and it all started with this ~

...and no ~

 this is not a pile of yummy colored pasta
(hhhmmmm, what a fabulous italian dinner that would be!)

this is sumptuosness at it's finest
dupioni silk!!!
cut into ribbons,
ready to be bloom stained and grunge dyed
for other prettinesses!!

(I so enjoy creating with such gorgeousness!!)

after being bloom stained and grunge dyed
(some vintage lace and paper dollies too)
It was time to do the birds!!

I removed all their eyes!!!
as they were all a hideous red plastic!
can you imagine?
and can we say

after dying them, I replaced their eyes with jolee's flat back, hotfix pearls.
(whew, say that 10 times fast!!!)
and used a brown permanent marker for the centers.
As soon as I put the centers on,
each bird took on their own personality!!


I used my most favorite glitter
~ german glass glitter/fine grit ~
for their beaks & wings.
In Nevada, we have Quail birds
 that I enjoy feeding and watching their peculiar ways!
I just love when they run, strutting their top head feathers to and fro!!!
They were the inspiration for my pink birds!
(see the three crystals atop their heads, quail influenced!!!)
I then painted all their little wire feet,
tied a piece of silk or lace around each of their necks
new friends!!!

I found this scrolly metal candleabra in my travels,
it was gold...
three spray paint cans later,
it became creamy white!!!
I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time
I know it just called to me!!! 
I used vintage earrings and rhinestones to finish it all off,
as, who simply doesn't love mixing the vintage with new?!

I am really loving my pink aviary!
Every morning,
at the crack of dawn, I hear the birds outside ~ waiting for their seeds
and as soon as I open my eyes, 
I am smiling with a joy in my heart to wake up to such beauty
to my ears,
 to my eyes,

...to my soul!!!!

 I hope you were inspired by this pink bird aviary
as much as I enjoyed creating it with my mom:)

I am thinking of putting one of these special pink friends
in my 100 friends giveaway
I'm almost there!!!
What do you think?!
Is this something that you would be interested in???
Let me know by leaving a comment
and I will start putting pretties in a pile!!!

Apr 25, 2010

...my Sunday project ~

...I just adore apothecary jars
Don't you??!

~ and there simply is no limit to what they can hold inside!
I'm loving how this terrarium turned out!
who knew a few pebbles (one the very bottom for drainage)
 some charcoal (the kind you use in fish aquariums you find at the pet store,
spinkled on the pebbles so your rotting plant leaves don't mildew!!)
some nice organic soil and lovely green plants (all from my local hardware store ~
what? ~ aren't you curious how your beloved can spend soooooo much time in there?!
I usually head to the plants OR the paint chip isle...
I just can't help myself and often wonder how one lands that job
you know, naming all the pretty paint colors?!!!)
back to the terrarium! 
and of couse my apothecary just wouldn't be complete without a little whimsy
so a fairy sits inside with a toadstool table!!

If you'd like to try your hand at your very own mini wonderland ~
may I suggest one very helpful book:
The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature
by: Tovah Martin

very inspiring indeed!!!

Well, that's all for now ~
but ~
early this week
I will be posting about my new pink aviary!!!!

come again, as I sooo enjoy when you stop by for a visit :)


Apr 24, 2010

...today ~ I'm :(

...hello dear readers ~

My bestest friend left for home this morning
and I'm feeling a little blue

...we had the BEST time ever!!!!
I didn't want her to go
and tried my darndest to get her to stay...
at least until the end of summer
next year!!

~ and, dear ones,
I have so many new pretties to show you ~

but for today,
I'd just like to share a picture of us all together and happy:)

(She's up in the air as we speak, sooooo she's not going to know!
I just want to share how absolutely gorgeous she is
inside...and out!!)

How could you not
love and adore her to pieces?!!!!


just needed to share with you

Apr 16, 2010

...are you still there?!

...hello dear friends!!

still working
playing in the studio, making many oh-so-lovely things with mom!!
It's getting close to the farwell stage...
I have such a hard time with this
I know when she comes for a visit, she will also have to go
none the less
I wish she could stay. 
This graceful swan, was part of my storybook paper book art series
(I love putting things on my lampshades!!) 

...and aren't these just so pretty???
~ and would you believe that these are sugar??!!

soon, my friends...

all will be revealed!

Happiest weekend to you!!

...until next time ~

Apr 9, 2010

...just hanging out!!

...hello dear ones!

oh-so-lovely vintage slips
just hanging out to dry!

I miss all of you!
~ and I will be back to visiting all of you soon
but please forgive me,
if I just sit awhile
enjoying a cup of tea with my mom,
creating pretties in the studio :)
I've soooo been enjoying having her here...
I'm thinking of how to keep her here permanently!!

we found these lovely vintage slips
that will soon be hand dyed
will be decorated with paper dolls
sort of...

as the paper dolls will actually be fabric!!

They looked so lovely drying in the sunshine ~


dear readers...
I'm soooooo excited to share this with you...

These are the paper dolls we have been working on!!
See the mini paper doll house??
It has tiny little white lights strung on the porch
a chandelier inside!!
~ ooohhhhhh ~

do you like the weathervane?
I bought this adorable little porch from a charming esty shop named: 
and added a few things from behind the curtain!!

and dear, creative Beth has been woking with me
to come up with my very own paper doll series from her fabulous tattered vintage floral wallpaper!
(~ love the chicken under her arm, and she has wellies to put on!!)

These ozma signature dollies will be available soon in my etsy shop
ready made or to assemble yourself! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit
thank you for stopping by  ~
I enjoy reading all of your comments and
soon I will have 100 followers!!

  I'm planning an extra special giveaway to celebrate,
so visit again soon.



Apr 5, 2010

...oh the things that you see during Easter fest-ti-veez!!!

...happy Monday dear ones!

I hope your Easter weekend was fabulous :)
Just thought I'd share a view from behind the curtain today!
Jim and I have always tried to find creative ways to entertain our children at our holiday fest-ti-veez's
(I know that's not a word, but it's how we say festivities...it sounds funny when you say it with a mouthfull of sour jellybeans! )

anyway ~

from the time they could walk and carry an easter egg
we have always hosted an egg roll!
(this game has no age limit, and I swear, the adults have more fun than the children!
the video's of these moments now ~ are priceless!)
as my children are now young adults
and our families all live in Ohio
we've had to make this a bit more challenging with just the four of us, to say the least!!
So off we go, with a dozen colored eggs under each of our arms
and we get in the car and drive to an awesome mini mountain somewhere
(okay ~ so it's a mini dirt cliff) 
and then we stand at the top and roll one of our eggs down, 
as you can imagine
this is waaaay too much fun
the side dip has alot of rocks!
As the eggs gain momentum down, and hit a rock
they almost explode!!

rolling eggs




we've now moved on for a game I like to call
~ egg salad ~

I know, you want a sandwich now, don't you?!
go ahead, I'll wait
go make your sandwich...
and don't forget the hot and spicey pickle!

...was it tastey?
aahhhh...where's mine?!

 for this game
 you need an egg and
a tennis racket!!!
Oh yah baby!!

Nathan's ready!!


look at his face!!!
he reeaaalllyyy doesn't like egg salad! HA!

Jim's back handed technique!!


Julie gives it a go ~

I'd say her egg was stickin' around for another swing!!


Oh! hang on,
 it's my turn ~


I don't think lessons are going to help me!!!!

I know you are probably wondering
where's your mom, right?!
she didn't sign a release form for her pics
so you'll just have to wait until she's back in Ohio
many, many, miles away...
before I post her eggy swings!!(tee-hee)

I hope you enjoyed sharing a few silly moment with me!

I''ll be posting some new pretties later this week
if the wind dies down long enough for me to set up for pictures ~

 see you soon!!


Apr 1, 2010

...easter wishes for you ~ dear ones!!

...wishing all of you ~ dearest readers,
a most joyous Easter Holiday weekend
spent with those you love,
~ coloring oh-so-lovely eggs
(for delicious eggs salad...later!)
~ eating the heads off chocolate bunnies
(what?! isn't that your favorite part too?!)
~ preparing an easter dinner table,
full of all your spring time favorite recipes dishes,
~ hiding palstic, candy filled easter eggs
(note to self...DON"T use foil wrapped chocolate anything-
it melts to the eggs!!)

but most especially that:

Happiest Easter!!


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