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Jun 27, 2012

...a white lace swan throw and lilac roses

...hello my dears

i must apologize for my infrequent posts

my desire for this blog
has always been to try and uplift you
and not to bring you

(ocean song roses)

i appreciate when you come by for a visit
and leave me your happy little sentiments

but i also feel it's important to be an authentically real girl too...
and let's face it
even in fairytales ~
crap happens!!


so here it is
in a nutshell:
things have not been going as we had hoped for our housing search
i will not bore you with the legistics of it all
but sum it up to only say ~
we have hit a snag
and we are on standby.

and quite honestly

i.  am.  depleated.



i don't know when
i don't know where
i don't know how

but i have taken a few steps back to ponder it all...
hence my absence


to keep my sanity,
as i pack it all up
i have been filling my spare moments with creative things 

(can we say sand dollar cookies?)
(lots o' sea earrings!!)
~ praying ~


everyday elegance is what i have to offer you
they are but pieces of who i am.

struggling to remain graceful and full of hope
i created this throw blanket
with what has become my muse
and constant symbol of
"be still and know that I am"
"just keep swimming!"

quiet and graceful is she...


are you surprised that i made her out of lace?!?

i adored Rachel Ashwell's british flag throw blanket
i had seen in a photo at her b&b
and decided to make one that would make my heart stop
 if i ever spied it a shop somewhere,
and throw up and die if i didn't leave without it!

so i gathered up my pile of pretty laundry
and got to work

the background is a lovely, heavy linen throw made in holland
and the cross bands are from a vintage linen tablecloth
it is hard to see it,
but on all my cross bands
there are ethereal ruffles sewn on top, made out of tulle!!

it is exactly as i envisioned it
~ white on white ~

pure ~ clean ~ lovely!!

after it was all done
i didn't have the heart to use it as a throw
so it will become a wall hanging for now

no hot chocolate spills for this baby!!!


in conclusion,
i just want you all to know that i am grateful to have all of you
a collective group of supportive women,
who stop by every now and again
and leave me some sugar:)
and rest assured,
i'll be back with more pretties to share soon :)


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here's to fractured fairytales!

Jun 14, 2012

...peony princess

hello dearest readers!

thank you ~
 for visiting the land of odds...

a place,
where you can come to escape into fairyland

even if only for a moment!!

aren't peonies one of the loveliest of flowers?

their season is but fleeting

they no sooner
 delight us with their elegant blooms,
and almost ~
in the blink of an eye,
they are gone...

this year,
i was fortunate to have 32
pink and white peony bushes!!

(do you think the landlord would notice
if i packed them
and took them with me?!?)

 i desired to capture their beauty to behold
as best as i could
so that long after they were spent,
i could still reflect upon their pure beauty!

here are what peonies look like through my eyes...

~ enjoy ~

~ a peony princess ~

climbing a ladder...

to catch a glimpse...

of the rarely seen...

peony bird!

have you ever seen one?

you would know it if you did,
for their nests are spun out of lace!

and oh!
what ethereal delight,
to step upon petals so soft and fragrant 

i should think that we were indeed
in fairyland!

could you imagine the feeling of petals upon your toes?!?

sheer bliss...

i loved how this next image looks fluttery
and  the peony petals are suspended in mid air

and if we were,

 to perchance


upon a bed of peony petals...

do you think,
we'd ever wake?!

dreamy delightfulness!!

and that,
my dears,

is what peonies look like through my eyes:)

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here's to beautiful peonies!!


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