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Dec 12, 2013

...a merry little christmas...

...have yourself
a merry little christmas ~

may your hearts be light...

hello dear hearts!
i hope this post finds you delighting in the details of this holidays.

i was brought up with the notion that each holiday season is unique
in that
we are each given a new year to bring forth what is in our hearts.

this year,
i have been adorning my home in ethereal delights
in this post,
i will share the end results.

a handful of of pretties ~

can be made into a lovely wreath
to welcome all who enter
into a wonderland of magic!

my front entrance table
has suspended ostrich feathers floating above
and dance merrily when the heater is on!

beneath it, 
gorgeous silver candlesticks

and treasures from christmas's past...

my santos muse
dressed in angel attire

complete with a silver halo and lit mohair wings...

as you enter into the family room ~

the scent of paper white flowers 
fill the air...

as you gaze around this subtle, twinkling room...

i have been working on a solution for a cover for the flat-screen tv
 above the mantel
it is an ongoing debate:)

living in rental homes
allows the opportunity to experiment with design elements.
like say,
red bricks and a garish brass fireplace inset.

to which i said:
hello white chalk
and plasti-paint!!!


on each side of my mantel there stands
a single paper white bulb,
a silver candlestick, a swan and a crystal candlestick

to which i've added a rhinestone applique and the word "peace" to...

a simple strand of pearl lights and a feather garland
helps to create a light and airy feel...

my ethereal winged sparkle tulle stockings...

one of my favorite candles...
i simply adore beautiful candles!!

don't you?!

a simple votive candle is adorned with grey wire roses
twisted into a cover and glitz-ed up with rhinestone centers...

my cement swan filled with sparkling white roses..

this year, i wanted my tree to be like a fairytale
i chose "The Wild Swans" by Hans Christian Anderson theme.

and a wedding dress train
(a thrift store find)
 became a most exquisite tree skirt...

there are 11 swans upon my tree...
and feathers dusted with a subtle shimmering sparkle,
strands of silver tinsel and spun glass angel hair
that move ever so slightly as you walk by.
milkweed pod fluff for a delightful illusion of feather fluff
and white velvet roses tip the ends of the branches...

but what delights my soul ~
rests at the top of the tree!

a christmas gift from hubby o' mine,
a pose-able wool felted swan

i fell in love with her the moment i saw her!

and whispered my name upon her...

and there she sits
 upon our tree ~

quietly evoking grace and beauty...



this is an inspirational little whimsy area
 in my studio

a place that i may sit drink and coffee in the early mornings,
before anyone else is awake ~

and ponder the wondrous details of the day!
it is very magical in the candlelit stillness...

i saw this idea on pinterest
and adored it
so i made a few for gifts...
a be-ribboned paper-white crown

more suspended ostrich feathers above my pondering table

(do you sense a theme here?)

for my dinning room,
i simply added a pair of wings to each chair...

and lovely candles in the center of the table for those candlelit dinners...

which is basically every night in the winter
due to fact that it is dark out at 5:30pm!!!


and lastly 
wings upon a strand of marabou garland
adorn the window

that concludes a tour of my holiday home.

i wish all of you a season full of wonderment and grace ~
and that your hearts be filled with peace and love...

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...here's to a handmade holiday!

Nov 14, 2013

...the light within...

...this little light of mine...

each of us ~

carries a unique light within.

and whether you are near,

or far ~

you light shines on...

with each new day,
we are given the gift of sharing this light...

with those around us
and those we share with in our worlds.

hopefully ~ shedding a beautiful, positive glow

even on those dimly lit days...

 the holidays will soon be here,
 in this quiet moment ~

i'd like to send out all of my love
and wish all you dear readers
a peace filled season
of love and joy

and simply say
~ shine on ~
beautiful "lights" of the world,

share your wonderfully lit hearts!

as you just never know,
who your light may inspire :)


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here's to lovely little lights!

Oct 31, 2013


you may have heard the phrase

"a picture is worth a thousand words"

i agree.

i also believe

that two people could be looking at the same photo

and if they were to write their thousand words,

each, would have something a little different to say.

for that photograph 
would be as a mirror to the contents of their heart
and a reflection of how it touches them...

being a part of this blogging world
is unique.
in that, you may or may not ever meet me face to face.

but by visiting
you  read bits and pieces
of a bloggers world
and by their photos
you visualize the contents therein ~ 
such as these photographs of my dinning room.

and over time,
a story of their life appears.

i have always shared with an authentic heart
to all of my dear readers,
and tried to convey my
ie. the way i see things

nothing more.

i seek to inspire
have enjoyed connecting with other kindred hearts 
along the way

(sea-side pretties from a treasured friend ~ merci!) 

each of us sharing what we have ~
from our hearts

and from our hands...

what you read and surmise is totally up to you

in turn,





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may love and beauty always find you,


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