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Aug 31, 2010

...the rosette swap partner reveal ~ a kindred gypsy sister and a giveaway winner!

I can't believe that when I signed up for this rosette-swap,

September seemed sooooo

and yet,
here it is knocking at my door!!

I do adore bonfires and a cup of delicious chili...
bring it on!!!!

that's not what todays post is about

is the big
of all the beautiful roses that were floating around in the mail.
Eac one being lovingly made and creatvely shipped to their "secret" partners!

You see, Jill from the fabulous Gypsy Brocante
hosted this rosette swap

each of us were paired up with a secret partner
and now...
 we get to see allllll
the party swapettes rosettes!!!

...want to see my pretty little package?!


Oh my!
What ever could this pretty little package be??!

look at how creatively it has been wrapped ...
I'm sure something wonderfully beautiful awaits me inside!!
do YOU think I should c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y open it up???

crinkle crankle
(pink tissue paper flying everywhere!)

I know I probably need glasses
(haven't given in to that one yet)
could I be seeing beautiful doubles??!

oh my yes!!
here before me are 2
count them
oh-so-lovely rosettes!!!


can you see me doing the
happy-joy-joy jiggidy jig???

my very talented swapette just happened to be
 Cassandra from My Artful Adventures!!

Thank you Cassandra!!!
I am adoring these rosettes!!
they are just so.....me!!

I already have them pinned to a lampshade and a silver candle stick holder!!

This swap was just so much fun to p-art-icipate in!!

Thank you Jill for hosting and putting it all together,
I simply adore your style
and am always swooning over your pretties!
and now,
I've meet some new friends
who also make pretties to swoon over!

which just so happens brings me to the second part of my post!

May I present to you: 

everything about her,
her blog, her etsy shop
speaks to yet another side of me
(we gypsy sisters caravan together!)
I just know you will adore from the very start
 just like I did!

here is a happy little somethin` somethin` she mailed me!

love the lipstick pinkness!

This is what a gypsy nest looks like!

isn't it the just perfectly...gypsy-ish??
feathers, ribbons, vintage paper shreds, tiny blue eggs and bird
and ROSES!!!!
all nested in a brown paper planter cup!
Love it!
Thank you Robin!
I'm soooo happy our caravans crossed!!

and finally,
the winning number from my birthday guess giveaway is...
Laurie from Rose Cottage by the sea
congrats my dear!
Please email me your address so that I may mail out your farmhouse pretties!!
Laurie has the most wonderful pink, rose covered, seaside cottage
and THE most romantic sense of style in her clothing adornments!
Perfect for dancing by the light of the moon !

and to all of you other dear ones,
I just want to say

Thank you so very much for all your happiest birthday wishes!!
It truely was the bestest ever celebated day
and part of that was due to all of YOU!!!!
I'm giving all of you the

so my dears,
I hope you ge a chance to visit all of these very talented, creative women
from this post!
~ and now I bid you adieu!
as I'm off to be inspired by all the other rosettes!!

here's to fascinating, talented women who inspire us all!!


Aug 29, 2010

...neptune's gift...seaset...and chocolate cake!

...a Joyful Sunday my dears!!

(look~a sea horse rock!)

I thought today
I'd share just a few pictures from my
"celebrate day"!!

I like to call it a celebrate day instead of a birthday.

birthday just seems sooooo
like I'm counting down a clock

a life clock...

x 10

 it's not that I'm trying to run away from time
(NO ONE gets out alive, I tell ya`!)
It's just that I find it's much less
depressing pressure
to simply have a happy day
of full on celebrating
where everything is about
without thinking about a timeline

One thing you probably don't know about me is:

I adore mer's...
as in mermaids!!
I'm talkin` I may have a very distant relative
that IS a MER I tell ya`!!!!
but strangest thing is
I HATE swimming...
in water...

...that I can't SEE through!!

I'm convinced that This is why I am not swimming
with Ariel today!!!
I was stripped of my beautiful tail and got thrown back up on land!!!
(via Moby!)


 I am always on the lookout for
authentic evidence that I didn't just dream the whole thing up!!!!
(someday I will do a post on the proof of mer's that surround me in my house!)
of course you understand
that when I saw this...
it was a sign!!
I just haaadddd to get a shot...

(I was thinking ~ "Dude, you're so much smaller than I remebered you!")

 Neptune was always one of my fav's!!!!
He just got me!!

fastforward to later that day,

while I was taking an afternoon walk on the beach

these washed up at my feet!

with a note
written on seaweed
that simply said...

"Happiest Celebrated day! love, Neptune"
(I told you he got me!!)

...can you imagine my utter delight???

I think he liked his dr. pepper lipbalm kiss,
don't you????!!!!

it gets even better!
as the day was winding down, 
we hopped in the car and headed to my most favorite beach...

~ Carmel by the sea ~

every chance we get,
we visit!
I have been coming since I was 16!
(hhhmmmm.....maybe this is the portal to my way back
and that's why it calls to me!!!)

It was getting near sunset
and as we drove closer...
there were MANY cars...
and MANY, MANY people!
We thought some special event was going on...

turns out,
there was a special event ~
it was the:

(sunset at the sea!!)
and we were absolutely delighted to find

that we also had front row seating
(it's the dr. pepper lipbalm, I tell ya`!!!!)

I looked all around us,
and it was like a scene from the movie
~City of Angels~
and all the Angels were here!

so we plunked our happy selve's down
and got ready for THE show of a lifetime!!


and after the last little bit of sun had set,
   we realized that we had just seen a magnificent gift before our very eyes
and an ethereal energy rushed through us
like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day
and without being aware of it,
we rose to our feet in AWE
and every other soul on that beach that evening
also rose to their feet
in AWE
and then

and truely something I will Never forget!
 another wonderous gift!

We drove back to our beach room with rubbery dubbery smiles from the day 
had a piece of the most yummiest
chocolate cake

If you read this particular post
then you'd understand ~ this gift.

My dearest, most beautiful 13 year old daughter was having NO part
of me making my own celebrate cake
So she
single handedly
completely from scratch



and getting this chocolately goodness
 to it's final destination was no easy feat!
but she babied it
and many miles later
their it sits
in all it's deep dark chocolate glory
single candle
(I said I like to celebrate...not burn my eyebrows off from the candle glow!)


another thing about a celebrate day
gets to make a wish!!!

but mine had already come true
I had the

...thank you my love

you  are the only mere~man
that can sweep me off my feet!!!!!

here's to days to celebrate!!

...there are still time to put your name in the hat for

Aug 26, 2010

...a wonderland of paperie dolls

...Welcome dearest readers,
 to the Paperie Party!!
May I present to you
a whimsical
Paperie Dolls...

...won't you follow me down this magical rabbit hole?!

Oh look!
It's a romantic farmhouse...
and could that possibly be ~THE~ Dorothy standing in front
with her beloved Belina chicken?!!

...Belina talks you know ~
 can you hear what she is clucking at this very moment?

she clucks that she is most excited about the Paperie Party
and about all the wonderous paper treats that will be shown via the French Cupboard!

it is sure to be a merry-go-round of wonderous delights!!
and all who visit will be inspired!
why ~
just look over there!!
all of my matchstick box dollies lined up for this very special event...

there is romantic farmhouse dollie
always at the ready for lighting the gas stove!
~ just in case you wanted to bake a delicious pie!!

and a most petite fairy doll
sharing the love...

...and of course there is Alice!
can you imagine ~
she was already here!!

even the White Rabbit's cousin,
wanted to come!!

here are the beautiful dancing ballerina's
they dance on just about anything
but they adore a deliciously scented rose garden above all...

Delightfully elegant!

and each one is dressed in her finest
and wearing their crowns!

...gypsy rose is very happy seated under the lilacs!!
as who doesn't adore their lingering scent?!

and sweet Isabelle is most happy perched with her dearest friend
bella birdie!!

this paper doll muse has a pair of lovely butterfly wings
so that she may flutter about
speading creative joy!

one will flutter your way
if you close your eyes and make a wish...

I simply adore santos!
and this paper one just fascinates me!

Her name is Saint Rose!
(well, what did you expect?!)
She has a most glorious rose garden
and sells her very best roses
at the romantic farm market that farmhouse dollie hosts twice a year!
I happen to have purchased a bouquet
and they were simply
and they smell
(I know you saw that one coming, didn't you?!)

this is lovely Loletta!
she really shimmer's and shines!
...see her corseted wings??
She adores candlelight ~ and being the center of attention at a romantic table setting!

oh dear...
I think this is paperie Cinderella's paper shoe!!
I do hope prince charming stops by today!!
for the shoe of course!! ~ as I already have met MY prince charming!!
if you see him at one of the other paperie party posts,
won't you please tell him you saw Cindie's paper slipper here?!

I do hope you visit all the other marvelous wonders
The French Cupboard


and for all party viewers visiting today,
come enter
where a matchstick dollie box a a few other farmhouse pretties
could be ~ just for you!!

Thank you ever so much for visiting the land of odds!
Do come back and visit
as you just never know what's going on behind the lace curtain!!

...here's to pretty paperie parties!!!


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