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Jan 31, 2011

...One World One Heart 2011 ~ and pretty door prizes from behind the lace curtain!!

...one world
~ one heart

think about that for a moment

let it wash over you...

for this OWOH event,
during this reserved little space and time
we bloggers
ONE world 
 ONE creative beating heart!!

now that's some
~ big love ~

 to all my dear readers ~
to all you new ones!!

If you are visiting for the first time,
my name is Rosemary,
 and I'm the artisan behind Ozma of Odds.
 (pay no attention to the girl behind the lace curtain!)
I seek to inspire creativity,
 uplift your spirit and provide an escape from reality
 ~ even if only for a moment!
 I choose to live my life weaving ribbons of everyday romance
into my creative endeavors,
into my home design
 and with those who wish to follow along.
Ultimately, sharing with you how ~ good is NOW!!
Welcome to the land of odds!
 My studio of artisan oddities is located in Nevada : United States

~ ozma (oz' ma), n. the lost gypsy fairy queen of Oz.
~ odd (od), adj. differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected.

I have seen this little blog button floating around blog land
maybe you have too??

but until this morning
I honestly had not taken the time to read more about it...
I am intrigued with the idea!
maybe it's because I adore authentic, generous hearts
and I believe in paying it forward...
This event was created and is hosted by one of those kinds of hearts 

to give bloggers the chance to meet
 and to get to know each other from ANYWHERE around the world!!

~ and if that doesn't just blow your mind,
(here's the generous part)
each and every place you visit,
will also have a special door prize waiting
for one of the dear readers that just happen to stop by
and visit during this event
January 31st - February 17th
and leave a comment on their OWOH post!!!!

Now, I ask you ~
what's not to love about this??
An opportunity to meet bloggers we maybe would never meet otherwise
 pretty prizes too?!!

I'm in!!

would you like to see my door prize??

how about THREE?!

yes, it's true!!
(I just couldn't help myself!!)
I will be giving away three different pretty prizes,
to three randomly drawn readers!!
In keeping with the theme,
each pretty prize is in the shape of
pretty prize #1
 a string of these oh-so-lovely fairy lights

These are beautiful!!

A light set strand of 10 flower lights that are oh-so-romantic!

Each fairy light strand has lovely, soft creamy white flower petals
surrounding each light giving these a vintage feel to them.
A paper lace center is added for even more romance
 to show off the blush pink heart light covers.

Pink heart light cover may be removed for year round use.

These fairy lights are lovely anywhere you plug them in at
 and are perfect for special parties and weddings or just hanging in your studio!

pretty prize #2
this Saint Valentine ex-voto paper locket
~ enchantment ~
as I am enchanted to meet you
and I look forward to visit all who stop by!!

A gorgeous paper flaming heart ex-voto
 that is true to size with the original rhinestone heart,
has been printed on heavy linen cardstock,
hand cut and glittered with the softest shade of pink,
vintage german glass glitter that will tarnish over time to a beautiful patina,
to replicate the rhinestones on an authentic rhinestone ex-voto!

 paper locket has been backed with a gold leaf paper to add sturdiness.
 A 2" paper heart box that has also been gold leafed
is attached on the back to make the "locket"
and opens up to so you may place a special little something inside!

Perhaps ~ a kiss!!

A generous length of my hand cut and pink dyed sea silk ribbon
is attached to the top of the locket heart
and has a tiny, pink grunge dyed rose
 that has also been tipped in pink glitter for added romance.


and last but not least,
pretty prize #3

A luminous silk prayer ribbon that is beautiful to hold in your hand...

and because I think this world could use a little prayer
ALOT of prayer

but remember
this event is OWOH
one woman world, one heart!

maybe we could all just whisper one together!!

Suspended from this lovely hand dyed, silk dupioni ribbon,
is a flaming heart medal from Italy.
 This charm dangle is also comprised of a beautiful vintage pearl
 and a vintage velvet flower floating atop in a soft shade of shell pink.

These could be worn as a necklace,
 used as a book mark,
tucked within a pocket or tied around a special candle.

Your prayer ribbon will come to you,
tucked away in this pretty little heart shaped tin.

what do you think??
Have you enjoyed your visit today?
and would you also
wish for one of these pretties to be at YOUR door step???

if so,
here's how it works:

if you are a blogger
(ie. you have a current blog of your own)
from anywhere in the world
simply leave a comment on THIS post
that's it!!
I know right??!
when was the last time winning a pretty was ever that easy??

want to visit other OWOH participants?

want to participate and join in on the fun yourself??
then simply visit Lisa's OWOH info post
there's time!
this event runs from January 31st to February 17th

Ozma's 3 door prize pretties winners will be drawn
on February 18th
using random generator:)
and will be notified then by e-mail
(please make sure there is a link listed to get ahold of you in your comment)

So come on dear readers!
What are you waiting for?
Feel the love!!

here's to authentic, generous hearts!

Jan 27, 2011

...french flower basket OR elegant walking stick!

...hello dear readers!

It has been a lickety split fast week!!
~ and yes,
I'm still cleaning and weeding out my studio.

 I did manage to give my french flower market basket a little make over:)
Seems as though everything I touch these days,
 is being converted into creamy white shades of loveliness...

~ a fabulous spray of pretty white roses for the basket
and then a sumptuous bow adorns the front!
bow is made out of soft vintage netting
(NOT that itchy scratchy stuff they have on the market today I tell ya'!)
then a silk tassel, and a picot edged satin bow
with a vintage pearl and rhinestone earring in the center!
 seems as though I've been using those vintage earrings alot lately
...lampshades, flowers, bakets and bows!!
I had better be on the hunt for more ~ LOL!!

I love how this basket has a handle, it's like an elegant walking stick,
wouldn't you agree?

not that you probably wish to see my studio table...
but this is what it looks like at the moment!
there are four sides to a table ~ no?!

let me tell you,
for each side of this table,
there are also four different creative endeavors going on!!
I know, I know,
 no rest for the wicked...
or is it weary??
 I can never remember!
~ and I certainly TRY not to be wicked ~ LOL!!
I just know my brain never stops,
 even long after my hands and eyes do!!

yes, that is my tasty imbibement sitting there
with colored lip gloss all over the rim
(remember : pretty is, as pretty does!!)

I usually drink seltzer water with a lemon circle
but today,
I felt like having an "Arnold Palmer"
(a mix of lemonade and ice tea)

it also appears that I've been having a few interesting fizzy lifty drinks this week!!

pretties in the making!

I've also got my sights set on this next:

a  wicker chaise re-slipcover make over...
and with sooooooo many inspiring places to visit in blog land
I'm sure I'll come up with nothing short of ALOT of lovely ideas!!

sharing the love over at
My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday
French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday

here's to a renewed studio!!

p.s. you can lavender soda for fizzy lifty drinks at Whole Foods Market:)

Jan 26, 2011

...french market tags and lavender fizzies!

...hello dear readers!

it feels as though I am two steps behind this week
I've been going through my studio,
doing some
early spring cleaning
and I already have one awesome stash of creative things
waiting at the door for the goodwill pickup!!

you just know when you are done with somethings

I took a little break to share these with you

pretty little french market tags!


I love how they turned out ~
from their torn edges,
vintage lace, a natural linen fiber string
and a sprinkle of sparkle dust!

I've also been thinking about lavender...
It is one of my favorite subjects
~ from growing all the different varieties
 to cooking creatively with it
to decorating...

or simply just enjoying a lavender soda!
which also make a most elegant float.
simply add a scoop of french vanilla ice cream into a pretty glass,
pour the lavender soda over it,
add a sprig of lavender

an instant fizzy lifty drink:)

aahhhhh darn....
my little break is over :(
well, it's back to the studio
 to reorganize and weed out!! 
a tedious job,  but some one has to do it!!

sharing this over at Kathleen's White Wednesday

here's to lavender fizzy lifty drinks!
(keep em' comin'!!!)
(care to join me??)

Jan 20, 2011

...fairy dancers

...hello my sweets!

the beautiful sun was out today
so were the fairies
 that usually stay hidden in my house!

let me sprinkle you with fairy dust
so that you may see them too!!

...close your eyes...

(me, blowing fairy dust!!)

here we goooooo...

have you ever seen
a stained glass fairy??

now you have:)
don't you just pink puffy heart her crown?!

and dear readers...
I'm going to confess something to you...
something i have never shared with anyone else!
I have a secret fetish ~

I simply

yes, it's true!
they are the tiny ballerinas found in little girl musical jewelry boxes,
that I can never seem to find!
I seek high and lo for them
whenever I spy with my little eye a tiny jewelry box,
I twirl with sheer glee in anticipation that one may be inside!!!!
(now you'll know who I am if you ever observe this phenomenon!!)
((it's ok, I'm used to people always looking at me strangely!!))
I have been searching for years for a manufacturer of these beauties
but have never been able to find just where I can buy them...
 do any of you dear readers know of any?
I would be VERY grateful!!

moving on.

these vintage powder compacts fascinate me...
like beauty lockets, full of the prettiest shades of powder

and when you open them
...oh what magic contained inside!

~ fairy dust ~
to make us glow:)
(where do you think I got that magic fairy dust that I sprinkled all over you, hhhhmmmmm???!)

and really ~
is there any other number to wear??!
(I should think NOT!)
do you think maybe Chanel could have been inspired?


and I simply knew I'd love this vintage book
covered in a fabulous fabric,
aged to perfection!

who knew tiny fairy wings would be tucked within the pages
but alas,
none of them are my size

I just love it when the fairies come out to play,
don't you?!!

and don't worry about the magic dust...
the happy, glee twirling will wear off ~
in a day or two!!

joining up with Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday
 My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday 
French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday

here's to magical days!

Jan 18, 2011

...step into the light!

... sunrise

a new day to seek ~
with our arms open wide...

another opportunity to be grateful, 
for the things that we have ...

another quiet miracle before us...

as we step into the light

and see ~

...what will this day bring?!

while we are on the subject of light...

living in rental homes,
I am often challenged by pre-exsisting light fixtures.
I have a small collection of beauteous crystal chandies
that follow use wherever we go!
hubby o' mine is most proficient at hanging them,
I think he's only ever been shocked once...
he did look like Doc from back to the future for awhile

in my studio,
there is a cathedral ceiling
(ie. it's too much work to change the pre-existing chandie out!!)
so what's a girl to do to glam it up???

well, add shades for one!
embellished ones!!

I simply added my rose petal ribbon garland around the bottom of these linen shades,
and then gave each one a bow made out of vintage lace and my sea silk,
and of course, some bling ~ vintage rhinestone earrings!

each are a little different,
and I just love how they turned out!!

I'm thinking of adding a french damsel to each one too!

 for extra romantic adornment...
I've also started adding strands of pearls and crystals on the arms of this chandie

it is quite convenient when looking for just the right faub, having them all within reach! 

what do you think??

here's to a day in the light!

* sharing this at Kathleen's White Wednesday:)
* Sarah's Good Life Wednesdays
come see if there is anything that lights you up!!


Jan 13, 2011

...pretty is, as pretty does!


~ a clean slate ~
~ a fresh start ~
~ out with old, in with the new ~


I find,
that moving forward
actually requires an action...

as in steps!

and it is often easier said
than done...

sometimes my feet
only seem this big
and it feels as though I am not really moving at all!!

for me, it helps if
I pretty myself up as best I can.
putting my best foot forward, so to speak!!!

maybe I start with a neck adornment...

that's pretty:)

time for the rest of me
aahhhh, yes,
these wings will do nicely today!

as any self respectable fairy will tell you,
never to leave home without 'em!!
How else do you think I can anything done??!

Well, the outside is wrapped lovely!


now it's time to see what's on the inside!!

and this,
my friends,
is the part I will be challenging myself even more with this year.

...and being very careful what I put into "my basket"
for it's those little, everyday choices
that truely shape us into who we are.

So I say to you, my dears,
on this random January day,
It is my desire to be a positive
and shine from within,
so that any beauty you see
is not really being seen with your eyes ~
with your spirit!!

and dear readers,
I'd also like to say,
Thank You for all your visits,
your awesome words of encouragement
and daily friendships!

~ and hang on!
I think it's going to be
exciting and enlightening year!!

...sharing this over at Debra's
which just happens to be titled,
"junk in my trunk"

here's to all the fascinating things ahead!!


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