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Jan 26, 2011

...french market tags and lavender fizzies!

...hello dear readers!

it feels as though I am two steps behind this week
I've been going through my studio,
doing some
early spring cleaning
and I already have one awesome stash of creative things
waiting at the door for the goodwill pickup!!

you just know when you are done with somethings

I took a little break to share these with you

pretty little french market tags!


I love how they turned out ~
from their torn edges,
vintage lace, a natural linen fiber string
and a sprinkle of sparkle dust!

I've also been thinking about lavender...
It is one of my favorite subjects
~ from growing all the different varieties
 to cooking creatively with it
to decorating...

or simply just enjoying a lavender soda!
which also make a most elegant float.
simply add a scoop of french vanilla ice cream into a pretty glass,
pour the lavender soda over it,
add a sprig of lavender

an instant fizzy lifty drink:)

aahhhhh darn....
my little break is over :(
well, it's back to the studio
 to reorganize and weed out!! 
a tedious job,  but some one has to do it!!

sharing this over at Kathleen's White Wednesday

here's to lavender fizzy lifty drinks!
(keep em' comin'!!!)
(care to join me??)


  1. Rosemary, those are gorgeous.Soooooo pretty, the drink looks yummy too :)

  2. what time I'll be there mon amie. j'adore!! :)

  3. Just beautiful!!! You make lovely things!

  4. Sweet Rosemary,
    I love your -lovebirds header-so sweet-
    and the lavender soda, uuhhhmm I have to try that, would be wonderfull sipping one, weil enjoying your beautifull tags--and blog.
    hugs, Dorthe

  5. Delightful post of creative and seasonal inspiration, thanks for sharing in your many shades of cream & white (my favs too)

  6. oh pain, please don't tell me that items are waiting for good will. i would be there in a heartbeat. and never heard of lavender soda. where does one purchase that? the week is almost gone again. checked yesterday at a second hand store for a ballerina doll,but no luck.i will find one as once i am on a mission, there's no stopping. even have my daughter on the look out. Bestest,Denise

  7. Beautiful post. You are very creative. ~~Sherry~~

  8. Lavender soda?...it's clear I don't get out enough, Looks and sounds too yummy!!

  9. Rosemary you certainly got my attention with the lavender float! It sounds like the drink of angels.
    As usual, you have been busy whipping up gorgeous things in your studio.
    sending hugs

  10. Lovely tags Rosemary (and I hope you got my Etsy feedback on how much I LOVE my Blessed Mother locket)! I just love visiting your blog, and will now be on the lookout for lavender soda. Nevr knew such a thing existed. :)
    - Susan

  11. Your French Market tags are gorgeous!
    ...and that lavender fizzy drink sounds divine!
    Take care, Laura :)

  12. I am SO loving your new blog header pic.... I keep scrolling back up to it :)

  13. Hi Rosemary,
    How I wish I had an entire afternoon to spend in the garden with my laptop and your blog! That would be the BEST way to spend a day.

    I hope that all is sunny in your world, and if it's not, hoping those clouds roll away quickly,


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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