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Sep 30, 2010

...suds happen ~ even in this lovely little space!

...the laundry room

 Welcome dear ones!!
Won't you come along with me,

~ for a birds eye view tour
into this lovely little room?!
(wink, wink!)

dear dollie and I would love to share!!

this is where she resides...
atop a silver champagne bucket...

full of missing socks!!
(has anyone ever written a thesis paper on this mystery???)

if so,
I'd reallllly like to read it!

dollie says she is interested too :)

at different times of the day

the lighting is different...

casting an ever changing glow in this work room
these are a few vintage linen hand towels...
"L"  is for laundry of course!

jars with baking soda and lavender buds
along with my lavender linen spray
tied with lace and a tattered vintage image...

wooden pestles

some glass jars in the window sill

an organic lavender bar of soap

lavender in the window...
perhaps a theme is going on here???

laundry essentials on top of the dryer
including a jar of distilled white vinegar... 

my kids ABSOLUTELY hate the smell of it
it makes our laundry very soft!!

a vintage teacup fairy

she is a music box doll
sometimes I wind her up and sing along with her!

the angle of this room is very narrow...

which makes for difficult picture taking!
...an inspiration board

close up...

these jars hang underneath it
one is full of vanilla dryer sheets
(Nathan's favorite!)
and the other is full of my favorite...
bet you can't guess what that is!!

here! smell!
can you tell now?!
~ it's lavender ~

these cone sieve's are great for holding those lost things
such as buttons...

or loose change...

...or keys!!

I adore vintage doilies...
can you tell???
but really,
this is the perfect place to use them

~ don't you agree??

this is the top of the laundry cupboards...

ooohhhh, look!!!
...more lavender ~
and it's pink!!!

I spend a lot of time in here
and the pretty things surrounding this space
are just visual reminders,
 of romancing my home life
even in the most mundane chores...

...an embellished vintage bell jar
a garden statue of a girl
gathering LAVENDER (teehee)
a metal screen dome that covers some lovely
dried hydrangeas

and this vintage baby scale...
I originally wanted dollie to sit on it with her pile o` socks
it was a little to big for the counter...

I have come to really like it right there!!

and last but not least,
a vintage feed sack bag!

I hoped you enjoyed your visit with me
today in the laundry room!!

Thank you for allowing me to share another
Vintage Inspiration Friday with you!
be sure and stop by Debra's blog
for some more inspiring posts!

here's to a lovely, sunny room to do laundry in! 

the end!

Sep 28, 2010

...whimsical, winsome wonders!

Welcome to
...White Wednesday Wonders!

~ a lacy "W" initial ~
for all those w-ords...

~ a winsome woman ~
I wonder what she is thinking...

in her worn vintage frame,
on top of this white armoire...

I'm sure you've heard of "Thing"
the helping hand from the Adam's Family?!

This is his very distant relative ~ Miss Wednesday Thing
I think not!!!
She likes to dust with her very fancy white feather duster!!

silver and white,
my favorite combination as of late

 white roses, creamy candles and a wire seashell shoe
 a few pretties on my dining room mantel...

~ a wicker shopping basket lined with white lace ~
always at the ready for some market delights

~ a white linen apron hanging off my chippy white cupboard ~
for wearing while I cook up a few tasty morsels

~ a most whimsical wind chime ~
a past studio creation, 
but still lovely, none the less!

I just love white wednesday,
Don't YOU??!!

~ white rose tipped clothespins ~

to remind you to check out all the other
...white wednesday wonders
over at
 Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage.

here's to wondrous white wednesday pretties!

Sep 26, 2010

...well, it's practically magic!!

It's time!!!

It's the "Practical Magic" blog party!

I will be sharing this story
 from my gypsy girl side... 
don't be alarmed!!

...practically magic!

Here's how it begins

...an ancient spell book

handed down from a long line of traveling gypsy souls ~ 
 I am always able to find just-the-right recipe in it...

aahhh yes,
here is just the right one for today!!

~ The Adoring One ~

So with my magic shopping list in hand,

 I quickly go throw something on
and then
 I'm off to visit my favorite magic shop!!
what's that you say?
You're confused about my attire?? 
oh this old thing?!
well, one simply dress the drama to visit the magic shop!
I think it is actually posted on the door:
"No Drama, No Entrance!"
just how did YOU interpret that??

I just LOVE it every time I get to come here!!!  

let's see ...

what do we have here??


very interesting!!

perhaps a jar full of extra hugs are what I require?

oh, I know
how about some kisses then??

 that's not right either!

How about this one?

I'll take the "adore" potion, please!

"A very good choice" says the mouse in the tux!!

oh dear!!
It's almost midnight...
time flies in the magic shop!!
I must hurry!

"Thank you magic shop keeper!"
I say as I dance my way out the door...

...oh look!
Mr. Moon was dancing too!!

I must hurry...
soooooo much to do
such as,

...whipping up tasty margarita's

here is how I decorated the rims:


couldn't be easier!

this magical table
is now complete...

right down to these
...enchanted cherry cheesecake rose bites!!

time for the girls to arrive!
I'll keep a watchful eye from the rooftop
as they will be riding their brooms of course!!

 this is a most mysterious place!
I'm feeling a little queeeaaaasy,
 I really don't like heights...
maybe I'm better off on the ground!!
(maybe that's why I'm a gypsy and not a witch!)
((but, if I were a witch, I'd be a good witch of course!))

enough of that!!
is why I don't let this side off me show up to often!!

as she is VERY
what's the word I'm looking for??
and very
as seen here
...throwing caution to the wind
~ and then trying to catch a bit o` luck!

as if you could even catch luck!!!
there was that one time
that I was able to catch that lucky leprechaun!!
but all he forked over where these...

WHAT A RIP, I tell ya`!
but that's my life
a day late and a dollar short!!
It's all good...
the character cutouts were a big hit anyway!

I must be off now.

I do hope I will see you

 at the
Practical Magic blog party!

Thank you Anna and Justina for hosting this fun party!

here's to magic
...well, practically!!!


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