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Aug 15, 2012

...just humour me ~ please!

...hello my dears!

i am here

now i realise ~
that you may be at the end of your rope with me

for you have stopped by for a sweet visit
only to find
my well is dry...

to which i would kindly respond ~
hang on...
i'm re-ruffling my fairy wings

to reach further distances of my imagination
so that i may continue to,
 inspire and delight you...

it won't be long...

until then,
please know that i simply adore you all!!

biggest fairy kisses!!

(and just so my wings don't rust off)
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here's to magic wands!

p.s. does anyone know of an awesome wand shop??
my wand is weary and needs a recharge!!


...but seriously
do you???



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