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Aug 12, 2010

...a basket full of posies!


I wanted a little wreath change for my courtyard
but I wasn't quite ready to give up on summer just yet
so off to Michael's I went
in search of something lovely!!

cart at the ready, I hunted up and down the isles

I saw ALOT of fall wreaths...
maybe an all ivy one ~
yah no!

I rounded the corner
and my little eye spied these...

they looked like seaside flowers to me,
very muted beachy colors
I like that...

I like my spaces to be pretty
no matter how small a function they serve
~ are you that way?

sometimes, when my hands are full
I need somewhere to rest my purse and packages to open the front door...
this little bench serves me well ~
and it's surprisingly very comfortable!

everything I needed was all 50% off
I like that too!!

my favorite is the wide burlap ribbon
...it just called to me.

this is my front gate door...

I found this great wicker basket thrifting acouple of weeks ago,
it's seen better days
but I bought it anyways ~
it's by Cynthia Rawlings and it has soft leather straps,
I love the color ~ a soft buttercream
it was perfect for my hydrangea's!

I also found this sweet little face
it called to me too
but I never found a place for her
...until now!!

she whispers "welcome dear ones"
everytime you enter...
and I adore that!!

...here's to a lovely basket full of posies for YOUR front entrance!!


  1. Dear Rosemary,-what a wonderfull entrance, and the wicker with the hydrangeas,hanging there looks perfect welcoming-
    And the beautifull wreath , over your "helping" bench looks so great, I too love the soft colors, in light blue--I can see, that you have beauty in every corner dear friend.

  2. Beautiful wreath, I love the burlap too.....such nice soft roses!!!!
    Your home looks very welcoming and serene!
    Margaret B

  3. Oh Rosemary, the wreath is beautiful! Just perfect for August. Soft and muted and lovely. Your bench with it's yummy cushions makes the space simply divine.

  4. Rosemary - I love the basket of hydrdaengas! They are a favorite of mine. I love the entrance to your home, just beautiful! What a cozy bench. The wreath turned out great too. I didn't realize they made burlap ribbon. Looks like I'll be going to Michael's too!

    Have a blessed weekend!


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