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Aug 29, 2010

...neptune's gift...seaset...and chocolate cake!

...a Joyful Sunday my dears!!

(look~a sea horse rock!)

I thought today
I'd share just a few pictures from my
"celebrate day"!!

I like to call it a celebrate day instead of a birthday.

birthday just seems sooooo
like I'm counting down a clock

a life clock...

x 10

 it's not that I'm trying to run away from time
(NO ONE gets out alive, I tell ya`!)
It's just that I find it's much less
depressing pressure
to simply have a happy day
of full on celebrating
where everything is about
without thinking about a timeline

One thing you probably don't know about me is:

I adore mer's...
as in mermaids!!
I'm talkin` I may have a very distant relative
that IS a MER I tell ya`!!!!
but strangest thing is
I HATE swimming...
in water...

...that I can't SEE through!!

I'm convinced that This is why I am not swimming
with Ariel today!!!
I was stripped of my beautiful tail and got thrown back up on land!!!
(via Moby!)


 I am always on the lookout for
authentic evidence that I didn't just dream the whole thing up!!!!
(someday I will do a post on the proof of mer's that surround me in my house!)
of course you understand
that when I saw this...
it was a sign!!
I just haaadddd to get a shot...

(I was thinking ~ "Dude, you're so much smaller than I remebered you!")

 Neptune was always one of my fav's!!!!
He just got me!!

fastforward to later that day,

while I was taking an afternoon walk on the beach

these washed up at my feet!

with a note
written on seaweed
that simply said...

"Happiest Celebrated day! love, Neptune"
(I told you he got me!!)

...can you imagine my utter delight???

I think he liked his dr. pepper lipbalm kiss,
don't you????!!!!

it gets even better!
as the day was winding down, 
we hopped in the car and headed to my most favorite beach...

~ Carmel by the sea ~

every chance we get,
we visit!
I have been coming since I was 16!
(hhhmmmm.....maybe this is the portal to my way back
and that's why it calls to me!!!)

It was getting near sunset
and as we drove closer...
there were MANY cars...
and MANY, MANY people!
We thought some special event was going on...

turns out,
there was a special event ~
it was the:

(sunset at the sea!!)
and we were absolutely delighted to find

that we also had front row seating
(it's the dr. pepper lipbalm, I tell ya`!!!!)

I looked all around us,
and it was like a scene from the movie
~City of Angels~
and all the Angels were here!

so we plunked our happy selve's down
and got ready for THE show of a lifetime!!


and after the last little bit of sun had set,
   we realized that we had just seen a magnificent gift before our very eyes
and an ethereal energy rushed through us
like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day
and without being aware of it,
we rose to our feet in AWE
and every other soul on that beach that evening
also rose to their feet
in AWE
and then

and truely something I will Never forget!
 another wonderous gift!

We drove back to our beach room with rubbery dubbery smiles from the day 
had a piece of the most yummiest
chocolate cake

If you read this particular post
then you'd understand ~ this gift.

My dearest, most beautiful 13 year old daughter was having NO part
of me making my own celebrate cake
So she
single handedly
completely from scratch



and getting this chocolately goodness
 to it's final destination was no easy feat!
but she babied it
and many miles later
their it sits
in all it's deep dark chocolate glory
single candle
(I said I like to celebrate...not burn my eyebrows off from the candle glow!)


another thing about a celebrate day
gets to make a wish!!!

but mine had already come true
I had the

...thank you my love

you  are the only mere~man
that can sweep me off my feet!!!!!

here's to days to celebrate!!

...there are still time to put your name in the hat for


  1. What a wonderful day and a wonderful celebration with those you love. Plus you had a yummy chocolate cake that you didn't have to make yourself. Thanks for sharing - just beautiful!


  2. Oh, what a gift from God on your birthday! Oh! I meant your Celebrate Day!


  3. Hello Rosemary! That sounds like the best Celebration Day ever! The pictures are all wonderful, I love the ones of you and your kids, just beautiful all of you! How sweet of your daughter to make your cake and protect on it's journey, it looks delicious... she has her mothers heart you can just tell! Really, what a perfect day full of beautiful memories! Happy Celebration Day! and thank you for your sweet words... they mean so much to me! Theresa xoxo

  4. Looks like a perfectly glorious celebration!

  5. What fabulous celebration day photos. Don't you just love the ocean sunsets. It's like saying goodbye to the rest of the world.

    Beautiful post to your husband and family!

  6. Happy Mostest Magical Wonderous Celebrate Day!
    Your pictures were absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much of your happiness with the rest of us.
    May your week be full of many more wishes coming true.
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  7. Rosemary, "I SO GET YOU"

    I love your peaceful passion over here and your music list is WOW! I so get that about you tooooo! :)

    Now about the GYPSY COTTAGE sign I love that one and it is sooo! me Now I know we GET EACH OTHER :)

    You know sometimes the less is more, and I am almost sure if I do one up with a bird painted on it it would sell. Now if this one does not sell I am going to hang it at my front door :)
    It will welcome all who enter to my soulful place.

    What is your take on the bird added to one, And when one gets this one w/out the bird they will say to themselves why did I wait so long, the aged Mahogany sets the tone.

    Well I have to thank you for your Gypsy Cottage spirit.

    Have a beautiful end of the month :)
    Happy BIRTHDAY Rosemary...
    You rock my Gypsy Soul!

  8. Oh wow, Happy Birthday!!! I agree with Dore--you rock my Gypsy Soul too...this post is breathtaking...LOVE, love, love the beach..and all your pics and the roses on the beach--wow.

    And thank you for inspiring everyone at I Owe it All to Him with your gifts...big hugs, Cindy xox

  9. Oh Rosemary, what a most wonderfull day, you had, Congratulations, with such a beautifull birthday--or celebrations day-lol-
    Love the rose buquet on the beach, you and your husbond ,and sweet kids,-beautifull photoes.
    Hugs, Dorthe


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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