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Aug 11, 2010

... ~ ode to a bubble ~

midweek musings in the land of odds...


 ode to a bubble

iridescent bubbles ~
floating in mid air
pausing only for a moment
you know not of a care ~

take with you then
this simple wish
before you blow away

and when you

P - O - P

may all who feel

the tickle of your spray

be also filled
with such delight
as you have brought

upon this happy day!!!

much love & wonderment,


  1. Oh Rosemary...I just noticed your new post and you've got to check out my new post...the similarities are uncanny! I happened to post an ODE to YOU! How bizarre and ironic that within hours we had a very similar post! Can you say SOUL SISTERS?

  2. Rosemary...what are 'walnut crystals'?Where do I get them??Can you give me a total tutorial on the process??:)


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