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Jun 27, 2012

...a white lace swan throw and lilac roses

...hello my dears

i must apologize for my infrequent posts

my desire for this blog
has always been to try and uplift you
and not to bring you

(ocean song roses)

i appreciate when you come by for a visit
and leave me your happy little sentiments

but i also feel it's important to be an authentically real girl too...
and let's face it
even in fairytales ~
crap happens!!


so here it is
in a nutshell:
things have not been going as we had hoped for our housing search
i will not bore you with the legistics of it all
but sum it up to only say ~
we have hit a snag
and we are on standby.

and quite honestly

i.  am.  depleated.



i don't know when
i don't know where
i don't know how

but i have taken a few steps back to ponder it all...
hence my absence


to keep my sanity,
as i pack it all up
i have been filling my spare moments with creative things 

(can we say sand dollar cookies?)
(lots o' sea earrings!!)
~ praying ~


everyday elegance is what i have to offer you
they are but pieces of who i am.

struggling to remain graceful and full of hope
i created this throw blanket
with what has become my muse
and constant symbol of
"be still and know that I am"
"just keep swimming!"

quiet and graceful is she...


are you surprised that i made her out of lace?!?

i adored Rachel Ashwell's british flag throw blanket
i had seen in a photo at her b&b
and decided to make one that would make my heart stop
 if i ever spied it a shop somewhere,
and throw up and die if i didn't leave without it!

so i gathered up my pile of pretty laundry
and got to work

the background is a lovely, heavy linen throw made in holland
and the cross bands are from a vintage linen tablecloth
it is hard to see it,
but on all my cross bands
there are ethereal ruffles sewn on top, made out of tulle!!

it is exactly as i envisioned it
~ white on white ~

pure ~ clean ~ lovely!!

after it was all done
i didn't have the heart to use it as a throw
so it will become a wall hanging for now

no hot chocolate spills for this baby!!!


in conclusion,
i just want you all to know that i am grateful to have all of you
a collective group of supportive women,
who stop by every now and again
and leave me some sugar:)
and rest assured,
i'll be back with more pretties to share soon :)


sharing my white swan throw and lilac roses with
  faded charm's: white wednesday
freckled laundry's: air your laundry friday

here's to fractured fairytales!


  1. my heart is with you mon amie as you, once again, "sail the open seas" into the unknown. KNOW that you are "grace" personified....full of strength...hope and love. I believe in you and Him. Sending you much love...hugs....and friendship. always.

  2. It's always a treat to see one of your gorgeous posts. Your "Throw blanket" is more a work of art than a blanket...gorgeous!!! I hope things turn around for the better with your house hunt:)

  3. What a lovely post but sorry to hear you must move again. I have moved many times and packing and unpacking is awful. At least you had a lot of pink peonies to enjoy earlier and I hope your final landing place will indeed be a magical home.

  4. Hi Rosemary! Always love visiting you and your beautiful blog! Your photos are beautiful and will be keeping you in my prayers!

  5. I sweetie. I am so sorry that things are troubling right now Rosemary. You are one of the loveliest people I know and I believe that you will be okay, but I will keep you in my prayers.
    You have still been creating the most beautiful things. I love your gorgeous throw! I about fainted when I read your previous post that I had missed. What a magical post!
    hugs from here...

  6. you know, one thing I've learned in this long life of mine, is that there are certain people, people whose Lights are so bright, that they are sent by Creator God to many places so that those places can experience what Light is.....I think you are one of those Bright Lights. YOU are the blessing.

  7. I hope everything starts going better in your home search. Sending good vibes your way. Your roses are beautiful! Your swan is gorgeous--such beauty brings peace:)

  8. Dear Rosemary, don't you worry a bit about being real with us...crap does happen and we do feel depleted at times in our lives. It's hard to understand God's plan for us and find our way through the tough days. But I do know that you have an abundant supply of faith and hope stored up in your beautiful spirit. That breathtaking swan throw is so YOU - beautiful, wise, peaceful... and yet a strong swimmer underneath the surface.
    Keep the hot cocoa away for sure and let it remind you of who you are.
    Sending prayers your way my friend,

  9. Oh, sweetie --- I'm so sorry that your house plans are not panning out as you had hoped. I will be praying that God will set your feet upon the journey toward the new home that he has planned for you. I wish I could help you in some way. Til then, keep your mind and hands busy creating the beauty that you were blessed with! Sending you love and hugs, Rosemary. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  10. I wish for you all good things...things will work out, I am certain of it.

    Hugs from me to you,

  11. such a charming throw and beautiful flowers, rosemary! hoping your fairytale comes true soon--hugs:)

  12. Прекрасно... много красиво. Винаги е удоволствие да посещавам вашият блог. Пожелевам ви много щастие и късмет в новият ви дом. Ние ще чакаме новите ви вдъхновяващи публикации. Поздрави от мен.

  13. You had me at "crap happens". It sure does and how we rise above it, is all that matters. Your spirit shines no matter what, Rosemary. You have grace and determination, you see beauty no matter what is before you.

    Sending hugs your way as I admire your beautiful throw. xo Rhonda

  14. So sorry you have hit a snag with your house hunting. it's so hard to be patient and wait isn't it? I will pray for you Rosemary. Of course your swan throw is beyond beautiful. Good idea to hang it up. I know I would spill something on it. lol

  15. Rosemary,
    Thank you for sharing this loving throw.I am sure it is hard to be creative when you have stress all around.I do not enjoy moving.I am thankful I have not had to do it much.I pray that through all the stress will come comfort in the end.

  16. I've missed you and your creations so! But, I certainly understand that 'crap happens'. I'm sorry that it is happening to to you and you've hit a snag with the house hunting. Sending along a prayer that things will work out soon. Although, I must say (not to make light of your situation), that a stressful mind and busy hands have created one of the most beautiful throws ever. I love the lace work. I don't blame you for hanging that baby on a wall! You're in my thoughts. Just kick on some Bob Marley's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright." That always helps cheer me up...at least for the three minutes of song play. Hey, you have one of the "three little birds" on your blanket. ;)


  17. Dear Rosemary, You are such a positive spirit. I know this time is challenging for you but your creativity will show you the way. You have always inspired us all and we love reading your posts of magical stories and helping us get through our own issues. We love seeing your beautiful photos of flowers and gardens and how you turn it into something so enchanting it makes us all smile! Sending you lots of love...


  18. I wrote a blog post today specifically with you in mind!

  19. I am sorry to hear you have hit some roadblocks with house hunting. That has to be one of the most stressful times for anyone. Sending prayers that the right place will come at the right time. Meanwhile, nurture your sweet soul and try to let your spirit rest. I adore your beautiful throw. Much love, Heidi

  20. I love to visit your blog and see your awesome creations. They are always so inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful. May you soon be blessed with a home worthy of your creative spirit!

  21. Hi Rosemary,
    Just wanted to tell you you have a beautiful and inspiring blog. Your pictures are all gorgeus and very soothing. Hopefully by now, everything worked out with your house and it is exactly what it was meant to be. I have to tell you that I loved how beautifully your white on white union jack came out. The swan is so lovely... I made a union jack as well and did my own girly twist on it. Thanks so much for sharing so much beauty.
    ~ Stephanie

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