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Aug 11, 2011

...have you ever met a seaweed farmer??

...hello there ~

may i present to all you fabulous,
supportive readers,
my new friend: cecil

these are all my dear readers...

* cecil says  "enchanting to meet you all!"

he is my new sea silk ribbon foreman!
he will be a great help!!

as harvesting all those luscious ribbons is quite time consuming
although sooo very worth it :)

i knew when i saw an ad in the daily sea times,
for a seaweed farmer looking for work.
(looks like us land creatures aren't the only ones just trying to earn an honest days wage!!)

as i was sayin'

i saw his ad
and knew right away,
he was a perfect fit:)

so i contacted him with my proposal
and he was more than delighted for a career change!

* i adore his tiny crown

* i gave it to him as a welcome gift
with the promise that he may come and go freely to the beautiful sea

...just as long as he let's me come along!!

* he happily agreed

* he also changed the spelling of his name to * seacil *

* he figured now that he was working with silks, it just sounded a little more elegant!

* i think it sounds the same, but i humor him and tell him it's fabulous!!

he has been helping me create a few new pieces in the studio this week

pretties to wear to the sea...

but first,
seacil wanted to show you his new bed

it's a bed of sea silks of course!!

* i love that he is so easily entertained!

here is a lovely cuff braclet
that i shall wear on my birthday...

i found the silver Rumi focal piece at

i am charmed by what it reads...

i dyed some silk in a muted sea rose shade
and sewed freshwater pearls and sequins in the same shades...

they remind me of sand bubbles...

what do you think?

very often,
i find a really lovely item
that i can embellish a little further
so that it becomes my very own
and a one of a kind...

i actually dyed my cuff ribbons to match this jacket
because at the sea,
it is breezy
and find i almost always need a pretty little something to wear extra

love, Love, LOVE the scalloped collar
and the ruffled edge pockets...

i added this ruffle peplum to the back...

for that little something extra.

 i used a vintage slip

* it was just how i envisioned it!

* i also tried ironing this jacket

* and steaming it!!

* i even bought special ironing spray

* did i mention i ironed this??!

i have come to accept the wrinkles...

 besides, i figure
if every one else is busy looking at my jacket wrinkles,
they probably won't notice mine!

* i have come to accept those too

* seacil says i don't have any!!

* ahhh, seasil, you already got the job!!

the rosettes with freshwater pearl centers
are like icing on the cake:)

i can't wait to wear my new pretties!

and seacil says
he'll show me a most tasty restaurant by the sea to wear it to after a day at the beach!

* thanks seacil!
i just know we are going to the best of friends!!

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here's to ~ seacil and pretty little somethings!!


  1. Love that little sea horse and the Rumi art piece. Lovely treasures.

  2. Seacil is adorable.Love the ruffles that you put on the back of the jacket that is just so sweet.The cuff bracelet well thats just charming.

    Happy weekend ahead!

  3. Seacil is adorable but so is the jacket! I am enjoying your blog so much.


  4. AHHHH!!!! ADORABLE!!! He is absolutely precious, Rosemary! And that bracelet...yummmmmmmo!

  5. Ohhh Seacil is so beautiful. I wanted to say adorable, but I see so many other people have already used it ;) Love your pretty jacket and braclet too...you are so creative, Rosemary.

  6. Seacil is an amazing little fella, I think the two of you will be a wonderful team. I just adore that gorgeous jacket and your embellishment; really beautiful. thanks for linking up the inspiration. xoxo Debra

  7. ooh nice blog!! Thanks for coming on my blog.
    I have the google translate on my site.
    hope you can read my blog now.
    What a beautiful photo's and your waterhorse is sooo cute!!
    happy weekend

  8. Seacil is utterly enchanting!!!! Delightful, beautiful. Your jacket is spectacularly transformed from a gorgous beginning to a speechless end. (Tho I am using way too many words trying to find the right ones.)

  9. Oh Rosemary I am enamored with this sweet seahorse of beauty! The jacket is fabulous, you do nothing less then inspire pieces that touch our souls with Ooooh my I have to have that feeling and I want that for myself.

    There are artist out there that create, but you my friend let the pieces create you as well! It does not get any better then a visit with you and what you create!

  10. PS...Your Cecil is a piece I would love to have!
    My daughter loves seahorses, they truly are magical.


  11. Hearing the waves and looking at your beautiful and cute sea horse, priceless.....

    You adorned your jacket so beautifully. You made it a Rosemary creation.

  12. Your seahorse is the cutest thing I have seen in quite some time!

  13. I love little Seacil! How darling Rosemary and your pink jacket is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing at my party! :)

  14. Adore you Rosemary, and your alwayes fantastic blog-- and as for now also Seacil-cute as can be-
    your new cuff- and ruffled jacket are beauutiiifuuul.

  15. Utterly gorgeous! love Seacil:)
    Your jacket is so beautiful, inspiring, the colours perfect and love the lace at the back.
    Thank you for a delightful break to read your blog:)

  16. There is so much beauty in this post, I don't even know where to start or what to say. I adore Cecil (Seacil)...and that beautiful sea of ribbon...LOVE the cuff bracelet...and the jacket was breathtaking from the front but then you went ahead and added that ruffled peplum to the back taking it to another level. So beautiful!

    Mrs. Roper

  17. Adore little Seacil and absolutely love, love the cuff bracelet. Would love a tutorial for this. Loving your site!

  18. Rosemary,

    Its always fascinating to me to see where the Creatures of The Baggaraggs land...Cecil has a lovely and honored home with you. Thank you for the link. Robin of Baggaraggs

  19. I just love the jacket you have added ruffle peplum to the back.
    In fackt, I love it all :-)
    Huggs, Tine

  20. love it all! So creative and dreamy <3 Hugs from Dubai x


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