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Dec 17, 2012

...pretty christmas fluff

...hello dear ones!
yes ~
it has been way, 
~ waaaaay~
 to long since my last post.
please, forgive me.
2012 is almost over!
it has been a rough year
so i am looking forward to a fresh new year! 
but i couldn't let these last few magical days slip by
without wishing you all the very best
and the most love and joy your hearts can hold!!
and to share with you
just WHAT i have been up to
here is my christmas outfit
i'm dreaming of a white christmas:)
i adore the silver sequin sparkles scattered all over this sweater
a dear friend gifted me the scarf and finger mitts
they matched perfectly!!
i wonder how she knew?!?
i decorated my tree with crystal snowflakes
and glass ice cycles

white feathers, milkweed fluff
and a few carefully placed strands of tinsel
i love how the snowflakes cast a shadow on the walls at night...
~simple elegance~

my snowflake fairy topper almost touches the ceiling!!
pretty packages await under the tree...
...so lovely
i am content just gazing upon them...
a tree's reflection in a mirror, can be magic!
dancing lights:)
here is the fireplace mantel...
i used ethereal pearl lights, a feather garland
a few snowflakes and crystal leaves
i looked aaaaallll over
 for see through stockings this year
yah no!
none were to be found
so i made my own out of sparkle grey tulle
white sequin fringe
and added a pair of wings to each one...
i adore how they turned out!
like an angel's whisper...
an angel on my entrance way wreath...
isn't she divine?
dangling crystals and jasmine flowers ~ sigh...
and for me,
it wouldn't feel like christmas without paperwhites
here are a few in beautiful felted wool bowl...
a lost dollie found me again this year
and whispered her desire to be transformed...
do you think she is happy now?
i gave her a tulle skirt
and hand dyed her "sweater" to match
and added a sparkly star halo...
but i think it's her little sparkly ballet slippers
that she likes the most ~
she thinks they are magic!!
(wink, wink!)
my studio has been FULL of transformations
this holiday,
i made a tundra swan for my mom.
she adored the one i made last year...
next year, i will show you how i did it!
as i said before,
i am looking forward to 2013 ~
i have many fairytale things to share with you.
i do hope you stop by for a visit every now and again
i will try and post again before christmas
but for now,
i wish you a very merry christmas
and the happiest new year!!
here's to all of you!


  1. There you are you beautiful enchanted lady! Your dress is wonderful, magical! So is your tree and your mantel... everything has your fairy touch! When i saw a new blog post from you i couldn't click on it fast enough! I hope this year goes a little easier on you too...


  2. I have wondered where you have been. I see you have been busy. Your Christmas outfit is absolutely stunning and I myself, would feel lovely in it just as it is! It is inspirational. So nice to see your magic online again, lady.

  3. So glad you are back! I have missed your magical posts. Your tree makes my heart skip a beat it's so lovely. Dianne

  4. Magical and enchanting...Christmas heaven!

  5. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and love your beautiful fireplace and angel and oh yes the swan! Di

  6. It's all so beautiful, so glad to see this post!!

  7. Happy to see your post-as always just lovely! Your angel wings look beautiful with your Christmas dress. :)

  8. The world is a prettier place with you in it! Welcome back & thanks for sharing!

  9. Welcome back !!! Rosemary !!..i am glad to read a post from you.....happy week 7 days to go...love Ria...xxx...

  10. So wonderful to read your post. you have been missed. Thanks for giving us a little bit of Christmas heaven.

  11. Здравей скъпа Розмари, липсваше ни, радвам се, че се завърна! Коледната ти украса е зашеметяваща, всичко е просто прелестно! Обичам творенията ти, винаги ме изненадваш с креативни идеи и вълшебни снимки. Пожелавам ти новата година да ти донесе много щастие и творчески успехи.
    Весели празници!
    Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

  12. Oh, your decorations is magic. I love every single thing in this post. You are amazing and I`m glad you are back.

    Hugs from here.

  13. it's all so enchanting, rosemary:) merry christmas and happier 2013 to you!

  14. As always stunning!! So creative. i don't know where to begin with all the lovelies! Last year I brought milkweed in before the fluffy seeds were released. big mistake. lol I had fluff all over my studio! Never thought to capture it for the tree. Have a wonderful Christmas

  15. All so very dreamy and soft and magical. Thank you for a lovely post. Yes, 2012 was a year I will gladly put behind me too! All the best wishes for a wonderful 2013! Patty/BC

  16. Rosemary your Christmas dress is so magical LOVE it! Your home is beautiful too!LOVE all the sparkle and dreamy white!

  17. Ah Rosemary your Christmas is so magical. I just love how you make everything look so angelic and whispery soft. I love the dress and thos pretty little shoes. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.


  18. Dear Rosemary,
    Merry christmas, and a happy and beautiful new year to you,too-
    Your post is amazingly magical,and beautiful.

  19. Rosemary,
    Where oh where have you been? I have missed you dear one. Everything looks beautiful and magical. Merry Christmas to you.


  20. Oh Rosemary....how wonderful to see you here in blogland once again! I know that you've been a busy princess after moving, but I'm glad you took some time out to share your beautiful new home with us. ♥ I love the dreamy, etherealness of it all, sweetie.

    Sending you Christmas blessings to you and yours!

    xoxo laurie

  21. oh I can't get this skirt out of my mind Rosemary, is there any way :-) that you can show how you made this? pretty please? :D

  22. Your decorating looks amazing, Rosemary. So happy you shared with us. I think of you often and hope you are creating away. Your blog header is amazing.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and so glad you are back!! xo Rhonda

  23. Oh Rosemary...you have created a magical wonderland for the holidays!
    What a way to make a come back!
    Merry Christmas!!

  24. It was wonderful to stop by and find that you had posted for Christmas. Everything is so charming, love the lost doll and of course your tree. Can't wait to see how you did the swan, I collect swans and find them to be magical. Merry Christmas to you and yours....Lu

  25. did you ever wear this gorgeous outfit with the cut off gloves? how did you feel? did you feel gorgeous :D ??


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